I found this Malcolm Ross fact sheet in @mosteverybody’s copy of the Aztec Camera 7" single, Oblivious. It’s very Smash Hits in tone and includes all sorts of allegedly fun things about the guitarist’s height and favourite food, alongside the more obvious items such as his favourite music and a brief bio. Well done, the early eighties, when no matter how impeccable one’s post-punk credentials might be, the only defence against promotional cheese was a wee bit of a tongue-in-cheek attitude to your answers.

Also included in this communiqué from “Rainhill House: The Official Aztec Camera Information Service” is a letter that mentions “Niel Young” (sic) (twice) and a sheet of tour dates. No year, though. I’m guessing 1984, since Ross joined Aztec Camera that year and all the Rossism is to celebrate that. 

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