Mon Fucking Mothma

How come nobody talks about Mon Mothma

As far as badass women in Star Wars go, this lady is one of the most

Everybody remembers Padme’s involvement in the founding of the Rebellion, and Leia’s dad Bail Organa’s, but nobody seems to remember Mon Mothma, who was seriously fucking critical to the founding of both the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic, both in the EU and now in the new canon, maybe even to a GREATER degree than either of the two mentioned.

After Alderaan was destroyed and Organa killed with it, she became the sole leader of the Rebellion. This is the lady you see breaking down the assault on the second Death Star in ROTJ–she has SPEAKING LINES in both trilogies–and I NEVER see her mentioned at all when she’s just, she’s fucking huge in this galaxy, SO fucking important. Mon Mothma may not have been the one behind the scenes with the guns and the lightsabers but she’s responsible in a huge way for so much of what we see in the orig trig–from the end of ANH on, she was basically Head Bitch In Charge of all our favorite good guys and that amounted to, like, a minute of screen time in the movies which is pretty tragic.

You think that’s the only thing about her that’s a big deal???

After Padme died and Leia was adopted by the Organa family, Mon Mothma came in and was her political tutor, and basically taught her how to be badass through politics. Leia may have inherited the inner fire of Anakin and the grace and intelligence of her mother, but it remains that Mon Mothma was essentially Leia’s Obi-Wan. This is even more clear to me in watching The Force Awakens because when I see General Leia leading the Resistence in traditional Leia fashion, I see her leading off the example of one of the Rebellion’s greatest champions, walking in her footsteps, rising above war and strife to protect peace in the galaxy. Leia never knew Padme Amidala, but she fucking had Mon Mothma, and the galaxy fucking knows it

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