with every partnered queer good omens fan I know whose partner I know to be also a fan I’ve had a conversation that runs “so which one of you is aziraphale and which is crowley”

my deductions are
- a) good omens is queer culture
- b) meme: asking straight couples “which one of you is the complacent not-that-angelic angel and which one is the anxious not-that-demonic demon”

Alex Kingston, portrait by Jason Marck

On a fairly regular basis, well-known actors come to the station for an interview. Because it’s radio, they’re often dressed down-they’re expecting an audio treatment, not photos (except maybe some fan selfies with my colleagues). Sometimes they politely decline when I ask if I can make a portrait of them. I understand because they’re so dependent on their face and their image for their livelihood. When they have studio shots done, there’s a whole team for makeup and hair, plus an army of people assisting the photog, all trying to make this person look their best. But once in a while, you get someone so unpretentious, they just go for it and trust you. Exhibit A: Alex Kingston. In a t-shirt, no makeup, and her trademark mane of red curls piled on top of her head, she kindly gave me this photo, which shows off her incredible multi-colored eyes framed by those aforementioned locks. Trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, she’s a versatile and hard-working actor active on stage, screen, and television since the early 1980’s, but in Britain and the U.S. She’s most famous for her title roll in The Fortune and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders, as River Song in Dr. Who, and as Elizabeth Corday for 12 seasons of E.R.