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the weirdest thing you can call a native person is exotic like????? where do you think i came from?? and further, where did you come from?? because chances are, you’re living on my stolen land.

Whites with Tans

Does anyone else have this problem? In the summer, white people with tans run up to me and press their arms/bodies against mine and compare color, and when they are obviously darker, they loudly declare themselves to be “blacker than” me. Like seriously, no. Stop. Not okay.

“Blah blah blah nigga bl–”
“Don’t say that word.”
“I’m not using it offensively.”
“The fact that you’re using it at all is offensive. You don’t get to decide that you’re not being offensive.”
“You’re not even that black. I’m blacker than you.”
I’m black enough to want to whoop your ass for disrespecting me, my siblings, my father, my grandparents, and every person in my family that’s been deemed “less than” because they’re black. Stupid bitch.

  • White person: so, like, what <i>are</i> you?
  • Me: i am a corporeal manifestion of the universe observing itself, only on the surface am i bound by physical space and time
  • White person: but no like, where are you from?
  • Me: i come from both nothing and everything simultaneously
  • White person: no, like, where are your parents from?
  • Me: i encompass all that was and is and ever will be, i am my own maker and provider
  • White person: ohhhh okay, so you're basically white then, right??
  • Me: ......no.

When mixed people talk about their problems or the racism they experience, don’t respond with “well you benefit from colorism” or “well your skin is light, you have so much privilege”.

Please. We know that we benefit from colorism, which puts the lighter skinned people at the top of the pyramid. Some of us do have white passing privilege.

That does not mean we don’t face racism. That doesn’t mean we don’t have the struggles that are associate with being mixed race. And most importantly, it doesn’t mean that we don’t get a voice in our own communities.

So the next time when we talk about people deciding our ethnicity for us, or how we feel like we don’t belong in our communities, don’t dismiss our concerns by saying that we don’t have it as bad as people with darker skin. Let us talk. Let us describe our experiences without silencing us.


I think weareallmixedup‘s followers will appreciate this (The Mexican/Scottish sums up what I’ve been saying for years) (via x)

I’ve been thinking about how my biracial status has effected my relationship with my body and food. Growing up my Kenyan grandfather always cherished me and told me bout how fat was was beautiful. How my Afro-Mestizo Mexican Grandmother would always called me Gordita . Then I would always go home to my white mum and she would say “How the hell did you gain 10 lbs over the weekend?” To her my fatness was a thing to be ashamed of. So over time as my grandparents got older and passed on. I found that my love for my fatness died with them. Under the magnifying glass that was my white mothers sizeist and racist eyes I slowly found myself hating my Browness, my Fatness and food. It wasn’t until Mod A and I started this blog did I start to love my fatness again.That with the start of this here I no longer thought of the word Gordita as bad and those memories of being cherished for not only my Browness but my fatness came back to me. It makes me wonder if other biracial people have experienced something similar or if it was just my family. Feel free to share with me your experiences. If you submit an experience and want to keep it private either say don’t post this or ask to keep it anon at the top of the post. 

-Mod M 


Honesty I’m tired of these mixed girl confessions. How many times do we have to do this woe is me tragic mulatto stories of “I’m black and white and don’t feel like I belong in either worlds” rhetoric. The majority of the time the black community welcomes you, and usually props you up on a pedestal (especially if you’re a woman). It’s usually used to derail conversations that mono racial black women are having. Not only that, but from what I’ve seen on social media, it’s “I’m light skinned” and “team foreign” when it comes to getting attention and/or sexual exploits. A lot of mixed people have problem fetishizing their “otherness”/“exoticness” when it comes to shitting on black women or getting attention but will then turn around play that same card when they want to be included. Tbh it all comes down to mixed people wanting to be the centre of attention at all time.

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So I've been reading the fandom's reviews on RTTE, and everyone's reviews seems really mixed. Some people acknowledge the problems, but like it over all, but a lot of people seem to really hate it. What do you think? Is it worth the watch?




While I understand nothing is perfect, that doesn’t mean the show is bad or that you’re going to hate it. Sometimes griping just makes people too hyperaware of faults when there’s so much good to be enjoyed. For frankly, I ***LOVED*** Race to the Edge’s first thirteen episodes. Best all-nighter I’ve done in my life.

For people who want to know the good, the bad, and the beautiful without spoilers, here you go:

The Bad:

  • Essentially no Hiccstrid (but there will be, believe me, they’re leading up to it. Art and Doug KNOW and explicitly have said all the fans want Hiccstrid and that they’re writing the story of their romance developing; it’s just not in the first 13 episodes).
  • Not a lot of butt-kicking Astrid moments.
  • About the same amount of sexism you see in Riders and Defenders of Berk.
  • Some very minor continuity/canon errors (Changewings disappearing in the sky or Hiccup saying Berk has no official crest, things like that).
  • Not all the episodes are dramatic conflicts with Dagur; some episodes are more low-key.
  • You don’t get to meet Adelaide Kane’s character or tribe yet.
  • You don’t get to see Inferno yet.
  • Toothless is not centric to the story at all.
  • Stormfly does almost nothing.
  • There are three strange scientific anachronisms that shouldn’t be known for about another thousand years.

The Good:

  • The humor. Race to the Edge is completely and utterly hysterical.
  • A LOT of great character moments, development, and dialogue with Snotlout, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and Fishlegs. I mean you get all of them a lot and they are not skimped at all. It’s really awesome to get so much of everyone interacting with each other.
  • Snotfang moments galore. An entire Snotfang episode!!!
  • Dialogue is well-written and the plots have a huge step forward from Defenders of Berk.
  • There are some reeeeeeally fun plot twists.
  • The new dragons are awesome.
  • The return of Heather, Trader Johann, Dagur, Savage, Gustav, Gothi, and David Tennant voicing Spitelout. 
  • Gothi. has. some. great. moments.
  • Dagur’s off to a great start, too!
  • Amazing Heatstrid. I didn’t even like Heatstrid but then RTTE happened and wow. It is my jam now.
  • The animation is great! There are some interesting water effects, some fun cinematographic moments, and everyone’s model has improvements over the previous Dragons series. I was especially impressed with Stoick and Gustav. People who complain “it’s not as good as movies” need to please remember that Toy Story and many other animated movies that went into theatres during our lifetimes have waaaaay worse effects than Race to the Edge. RTTE is really quite amazing for an animated television series.

The Beautiful:

  • The opening two episodes are basically perfect.
  • Have I said that RTTE is hysterical yet? I can’t decide if “Big Man on Berk” or “Reign of Fireworms” is better.
  • They basically let TJ Miller run wild with his mouth.
  • You get to see Hiccup yell, bow, and dance.
  • This might be a little spoiler-y, but incidences in one episode have me believe one of the teenagers is canonically bisexual.
  • Heather is developed into a really fascinating, complex character.
  • There will be one plot moment that will probably have you screaming into your pillow. I on my own part stopped the stream and shouted profanities at four o’clock in the morning, running around my bedroom and hallway and hoping I wouldn’t wake anyone else in the house.

Nothing is perfect. I’m not going to say Race to the Edge is perfect. I’m not going to discredit people who gripe, either (even though I personally believe that we humans should do our best to show gratitude and thankfulness for the good people have done rather than create in ourselves a personality of unsatisfiability). But I am going to encourage people to watch Race to the Edge, to support the DreamWorks Dragons franchise, to look at the good things in the tv series rather than create a community of unsatisfiable criticism (and frankly I find waaaay more good than bad in RTTE!), to speak considerately and respectfully, and to thank everyone on the team who made this awesome television series possible.

I really love what RTTE has done so far. Two big happy thumbs up from Haddock here. Me likey. Me very much likey.

If you decide to watch (and I encourage you do), go have fun!

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Wait so people are mad that light skin/white passing biracial people are submitting?! How fucking dare we share our problems and stories on a blog that includes our type of people!! Why the fuck are we being scolded in a place that's supposed to be safe and comfortable for us? I get that darker mixed people have problems but we all do!! Don't shun us for speaking up JFC!

No one was “scolding” you jfc how far is your head up your ass?

People who ALSO belong here don’t feel like this is a place for them.

Not everything is about your feelings.

Here I am, a light skin person, telling you that this message is entirely unnecessary.

If you are uncomfortable with how unheard voices(darker skin people) are getting a say in how a blog is run so it better suits them TOO, then you need to get out and examine your light skin or white passing privilege and don’t say a word until you realize how ridiculous you’re acting.

As you clearly did not read, we get tons of messages that are basically the same “I’m white passing or light skin and am I mixed?” “No one accepts me because of my white or light skin am I mixed?” “ I really hate my white or light skin” (that last one is the worst) who the hell wants to read that over and over again but never read anything that relates to them? When something is repeated and something else is never said it seems like one exists and is truth and the other just isn’t there. No one wants to feel like that.

THIS is me scolding you. You are whining because something is not about you. We’re not making you the priority. I don’t want to hear it and I’m sure others don’t either.

Don’t send us messages like this. You will not be coddled and honestly I’m sick of this shit so I’ll probably delete it.

Seriously unfollow or stick around and listen to the other mixed people with darker skin and learn from them. Try to problem solve instead of crying about something we never said.

– Jay