So I love my Josh

We get into a small discussion about things we like and this is what I get from him:

1 He loves Blue, like a lot. Esper is his go-to set of colors. Sometimes Red, but only plays Green if it has blue. Seriously he hates Green.

2. Despite him introducing me to Magic, and even going on about Yawgmoth and all about how evil he is, he is very much Pro-Mirrodin. What it summed down to was “This is Satan” and I said “I’m gonna go meet him k bye”

3.  Have I mentioned he loves Blue? So much, he makes White play like Blue, in a deck that is all white.

4. He loves the Izzet, yet he loves Samurai’s, so, again, white and blue with some red. Overall he likes going about killing you without actually directly touching you, or just make everything you do or have useless.

5. He hates Infect. Just. No. Wither, fine. Poison, all good, combined and he can’t deal with it so it makes him mad. It is like getting him to touch a rusty bail attached to a viper. He won’t deal with it.

6. If it is broken and explodes into mayhem, he’ll buy it. He is a sadist.

7. He looks like Ral Zarek. He hates that thought. I can’t think of anyone else and the next one in line is dead on Dominaria.

8. Dimir would be his home despite liking Izzet. Seriously mill is his prime.

9. The entire time I am writing this he is just sitting beside me giving me funny looks and snorts.

Then here’s me:

1. Grixis, loves Red, Blue, and Black, doesn’t like White or Green much. Seriously just no
2. Glory to Yawgmoth, no Mirrodin.
3. I love Dragons, and make Dragons do things dragons shouldn’t do
4. I love the Izzet, yet I love really dark nasty things. I like to play with my food before I eat it. Regardless, I will kill you with either a fist of lightning or a fist of nails.
5. I love Infect. I do have a Grixis Infect deck. Needs work, but I love it.
6. I want something that works, and if it explodes, I’ll take it so long as it takes you with me
7. I swear on my life he looks like Ral Zarek and it is a compliment but he sees it otherwise.
8. Dimir is bleh I can’t deal with Dimir
9. I am sitting here starving and getting annoyed by the amount of mispellings he’s pointed out…like just now.

Post of the day


‘The Crew’ will consist of Black Panther, Luke Cage, Storm, Misty Knight, and Manifold and be set in Harlem. The original Crew series debuted in the 90′s and took on issues facing the black community at that time. The series will now return with a new roster and will open with shades of the Black Lives Matter movement as the new team investigates the mysterious death of a political activist in police custody. The series will be written by ‘Black Panther’ writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and debut in April!