Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

By Mindy Kaling


Seriously, I’m going to start by saying that I just learned who Mindy Kaling was about a month ago. I was reading some random article about how there was this show that was hitting a no no topic on Fox. Of course the perv in me perked up and looked up the show: The Mindy Project. I’d seen the listing on my Hulu account but with a lengthy list of regular shows I usually only start new one’s in the off seasons. However, now I was interested. What is this show that was causing such a buzz? I have never laughed so much at TV as when I watch The Mindy Project. I’m talking out loud guttural laughing. I tend to be the chuckle on the inside type of person, but not when I’m watching this show. That being said, when I came across the book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)  by Mindy Kaling I picked it up right away.

On a whole, I enjoy autobiographies. I enjoy people and I enjoy hearing about the parts of their lives that brought them to the place they are today. Some people are better at telling their stories then others. Mindy is in the former group. I found myself laughing and nodding my head along with her as she talks about the various parts of her life.

The first “chapter” (although it is really broken down into several essays, don’t roll your eyes, trust me it’s worth the read.) Mindy paints a story of a little chubster girl who learned the hard way “bullies have no code of conduct.” More then her humiliating diving board incident or the secret friend she had in high school, what I love about this book is that Mindy isn’t afraid to be honest. Her chapter titled Failing at Everything in the Greatest City on Earth pretty much sums this point up. Life is hard, and no one who has made it in his or her careers got there blindly. They worked their asses off and sometimes took a few detours before making it.

Do you remember hearing about the one hour comedy sketch Matt and Ben? I do, but I of course never saw it. Guess what, that was Mindy! I know I was just as shocked to find out myself. Mindy delights the reader with her tales of one hour writing sessions that eventually turned into Matt and Ben, later her flop move to LA and her eventual small writing gig on a mid season filler show called The Office. I’m going to say up front, I’ve never watched The Office. But after reading her book littered with witty observations on life, film, and shopping, I’m almost willing to give it a shot.

 Mindy isn’t afraid to go there and by there I mean there. Yes any there that could apply. She seemingly touches all topics and does so in voice that had me laughing out loud (need I say it again).

 Jennifer Weiner wrote this about the book and I couldn’t’ have said it better myself, so thank you for letting me steal it: “By the end of this book, you will want Mindy Kaling to be your best friend, and you will want her parents to adopt you. Since neither of these events is likely, or even possible, buy her book instead.” – Truth….