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fuck ok so u kno that fucking choker thing mikey wears right

im talkin bout that fucking thing.

right so like mikey starts wearin that fuckin thing because that lil bitch peter lewis kingston wentz iii fucking used his vampire fuckin teeth and fuckin bit him

also once ‘pon a time, mikey here, was makin fun of pete’s height and pete gets fuckin pissed off and he pulls mikeyway to his eyelevel with that fuckin choker of his and fucking i ccant even continue this im scramssign

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  • gerard:welajuradyraj?
  • ray:yoha!
  • gerard:howboutjufrank?
  • frank:oh, imtherbabe.
  • gerard:howboutju, miKEY?
  • mikey:imfuckING READEY.
  • gerard:ithin amallrei.. 1-2-3-4!
  • Dad:You spend all day in your room, what could you possibly be doing?
  • What I Think:I have discussions with my internet friends about Frank Iero's height, cry over My Chemical Romance, binge watch TV shows, cry over My Chemical Romance, listen to My Chemical Romance, cry over My Chemical Romance, I read Frerard smut, and I also cry over My Chemical Romance
  • What I say:I um... I read.
the signs as songs that are obviously about michael james way

aries:  miss missing you (aka mikey pls come back)
taurus: i’ve got all this ringing in my ears and none on my fingers
gemini: the calendar (that brought the end to our relationship) 
cancer: thnks fr th mmrs (the mmrs were very great)
leo: eternal summer (i wish)
virgo: fourth of july (pete can you be any more obvious)
libra:  “the take over, the breaks over”
scorpio: G.I.N.A.S.F.S (but i’ll totally be gay with you, mikeyway)
sagittarius: bang the doldrums (or mikeyway)
capricorn: twin skeleton’s (hotel in nyc)
aquarius: don’t you know who i think i am?
pisces:  irresitable (moN CHERIE)

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:mikey way has suffered tremendously with his mental health for his whole life and that's probably why he turned to that sara-em girl and she was so bad for him and it worries me that he was struggling to stay alive and people were sending him horrible messages which would have made him feel worse and to numb the pain he would have turned to drugs and alcohol and we didn't know but everyone still kept saying horrible stuff and he probably read it and got so hurt and i just want him to know that he is so unbelievably loved but like does he know????