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This here is Midday, the boss of the dungeon my party just finished. She and her ‘brother Midnight are the last remaining assets of a cult that worshiped Miss Dawn and Mister Dusk. The Cult of Twilight quickly dissolved after realizing how much of a nuisance their deities actually were, though.

Midday and Midnight, while very dangerous creatures, are not nearly as devastating as their archetypes nor are they as cognizant.  They can be taught to do tasks and convinced to work towards goals and have a considerable intellect if they are considered simple beasts . Both of the non-Twilights can understand abyssal, however, despite an inability to speak it.

As a creature though, Midday functions with pretty much the same toolset as a Wyvern (5e), with a few exceptions. Her tail strike is considered bludgeoning, rather than piercing; and there is no poison application.

Instead, she has a 15 foot cloud that can charm foes. The DC to resist is a dc 14 against the Wisdom saves of the players. The cloud has a 3-4 turn cooldown, with a maximum use limit of 4/day. After using it charm up-close units, Midday will then use her flight movement to attack the nearest unaffected enemy (or in Kiev’s case, the nearest charmed enemy that is trying to stab away the feelings)

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confused anon here :) I've always learned 朝 昼 晩 夜 as morning, noon, evening, night respectively. When wanting to say afternoon I would just use 午後 with a time, like the other anon suggested (no idea either if it's ok to use it standing alone without a time?) or use 昼過ぎ.

Yea I’ve never seen 午後 used on its own without a time, but every dictionary I’ve checked has had it mean P.M. and afternoon–which really makes no sense to me, I mean P.M. isn’t just afternoon time? And I’ve never seen 昼  translated as noon (12:00) specifically, I’ve always learned that it’s the period of time between 朝 and 晩 (so midday/afternoon, which encompasses noon). And I’ve never actually seen 昼過ぎ before, but that makes sense and seems like a much less ambiguous term for afternoon, especially if I’m wrong and 昼 is just specifically noon.  

I couldn’t see the forest through all of the trees,
I thought I’d find God if I got on my knees.
They say it’s darkest just before dawn,
but even midday is dark since you’ve been gone.

And I know now there’s a difference
between falling and flying.
And I know now there’s a difference
between sleeping and dying.

A pen to paper, gas on the fire;
a song bird sitting on a thin phone wire–
all that I see means so much more
now that my life’s turned into a metaphor.

And I know now there’s a difference
between falling and flying.
And I know now there’s a difference
between truth telling and lying.

Come Calling

It was midday at the Practical Healings clinic and business had been pretty light so far. Only two customers had been in that morning, and both were visiting for minor ailments that were easily treated. As the 12 bell approached, Curlaina offered to go out and pick up some lunch for everyone. The priestess had only been gone about ten minutes when the door opened again. Standing in the entranceway was a young man, obviously in his early twenties. His light brown hair was just long enough to tuck behind his ears, but not long enough to tie back. Wearing a bright blue, silk tunic over light grey pants, the young man stepped into the clinic and looked around as the door closed behind him.

Timory looked up at the man as he stepped in the door, briefly looking him over while he glanced around the room.  She plastered on a smile as his eyes finally settled on her.

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Louis Tomlinson flies Doncaster teacher to One Direction concert in Madrid
Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson’s former teacher is set to reveal how the popstar flew him to watch One Direction perform in Madrid as part of a BBC Radio Sheffield documentary.

The People’s History of Pop documentary is set to be broadcast tomorrow (Sunday February 7) at 12 midday.

The documentary will feature One Direction star Louis Tomlinson’s former teacher Simon Cartlidge from Doncaster, talking about his friendship with the celebrity.

In the programme Simon tells how last year Louis flew him and his girlfriend to see One Direction in Madrid, then took them out for a meal afterwards.

Simon explains: “ I was Louis’s tutor at Hayfield School in Doncaster, and taught him Psychology to AS level. He was full of beans and had bags of personality. He was very good at Psychology but dropped it after the exam as that was the time he started getting involved with the X Factor and the rest his history!”

He continues “He is a very, very polite boy, I think he gets that from his Mum who is a wonderful lady… He always loved music, he is the kind of person if you are in a room with him who exudes energy and is fun to be around.

“I like to keep in touch with my former students, I guess it’s because I’m nosey. Some of them turn into professional stilt walkers, others become members of the greatest band in history!”

The full interview with Simon can be heard on The People’s History of Pop on BBC Radio Sheffield this Sunday at noon.

President Obama visited a mosque today. Which of course, led some people to make comments like this:

The conspiracy goes Obama is a secret devout Muslim. Well if he is, he’s not very good at it:

This was his first trip to a mosque as president.

He’s not praying before dawn.

He named his 2006 book and one of his most famous speeches after a phrase from a Christian pastor.

He’s not praying at midday, either.

He’s constantly touting the Christian Bible everywhere.

Late afternoon, you won’t find him praying.

Even after the sun sets, he’d rather speak to the American people than pray.

Michelle Obama doesn’t wear a hijab or niqab — even when she visits countries like Saudi Arabia.

At night time, it’s on-the-go time, not prayer time.

Maybe it’s the these private meetings on Air Force One, wait, nope.

Don’t think about the day Sherlock woke up from an unplanned, slightly disorienting midday nap, aching, blurry dreams of warm lips and fingers in his hair replaced with an empty flat and a stark epiphany carved into his heart: This is it. Hopeless, unrequited love is now my lot in life. 

He saw how he was doomed to pine, eternally, for his best friend, and even more than that, he saw that the worst part of it all, the worst most beautiful part of it all, was this: as painful as it was, as horrendously sharp and deep this hopeless pointless love pierced his soul, Sherlock wouldn’t give back the knowledge of it, not for anything, not even for the blissful empty peace of the before, of the three-plus decades of his life before he knew the exquisite agony of love. 

He would never–could never–go back to not being in love, because loving John Watson this way, desperately, pathetically, from afar…if it’s all he can have, well, then he will take it, won’t he, because it’s still something, it’s still his, his to cradle and hold and keep in his heart, and loving John from afar, from the secret space in his heart, is still better than not loving John at all.

Helios as Personification of Midday. (ca. 1765)

Hesperus as Personification of the Evening. (ca. 1765)

Anton Raphael Mengs. German 1728-1779. oil/canvas.


Israel demolishes 23 homes in Hebron area to make way for IDF training zones - Israel News
Latest development in multiyear battle leaves 60 children, 18 adults without dwellings.

The Civil Administration in the West Bank on Tuesday demolished 23 homes and three outhouses in the southern Hebron hills villages of Jinba and Halawa. According to Israeli activists who reached Jinba by midday, shortly after the demolitions, 78 people had been living in the newly-built homes, including 60 children.
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Daily Monster 153: Psipolnitsa

Region of origin: Eastern Europe and Russia

Known as “Lady Midday,” this demon will take the form of a young woman (or on occasion a small child or aged crone) in a white dress and appear to laborers working in fields on hot days. She will begin asking them questions and if they answer incorrectly, or the conversation generally falls outside of her favor, she will decapitate them with her scythe. She is also said to cause heatstroke or madness.

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