I need one of those “days since” calendars but for spilled coffee. Cause I am pretty sure I would never get past 3-4 days. 

At least the only thing destroyed this time were some plain post-its.

Adventures in Retail

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Summary: Working in retail is a nightmare. When you meet Namjoon, you come to appreciate the stock room a little more, though.

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader

Genre: Smut and a little fluff

Warnings: Daddy kink, slight choking

“Thank you for shopping with us. Have a wonderful day.“ You tried to put as much enthusiasm as you possibly could into your voice. It got to be harder and harder to do as the day went on and you repeated the same phrase every five minutes. The midday rush had finally died down, so you had decided to walk around and straighten some clothes that had been mindlessly placed by some customers.

As you were folding some shirts you felt eyes on you. You looked around until you saw a group of guys standing a few feet away glancing at you. You walked up to them, knowing that most of the time when men came into the store, they were usually too prideful to ask for help.

“Are you gentleman finding everything all right?” They all smiled brightly and nodded.

“We were just browsing. Do you work here?”

“I do. My name is Y/N, so if you have any questions, just let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help.” They thanked you, and you noticed the taller one of the bunch kept staring at you with a look that you couldn’t quite figure out. You smiled, then went back to folding the pile of shirts that had been messed up earlier. A few moments later, you heard someone clearing their throat behind you.

“Excuse me. Would you mind helping me?”

You turned around, seeing the tall one from the group you had talked to before.

“That’s what they pay me for. What can I do for you?” He smiled, looking at the ground for a second before looking back up at you.

“Do you happen to have any red Converse shoes here? You smiled as you started to walk towards the shoe section, motioning him to follow you.

“You have good taste. All our shoes are over here. The Converse section is my favorite.” He chuckled behind you, and your heart skipped a little at the sound.

“Thank you. My name is Namjoon, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Namjoon. Like I said earlier, my name is Y/N. If you have any more questions-”

“I’ll be sure to let you know.” You gave him a small smile as you turned to walk back to your shirts.

“These clothes will be folded whether they like it or not.”

When you finally finished folding your pile, you felt a presence behind you again.

“Hey Y/N? Do you mind helping me again?” You laughed, turning around to see Namjoon smiling sweetly at you.

“Sure. What do you need?”

“Well, I was wondering what kind of shirt to wear with my new shoes. You cocked your eyebrow, smirking at him.

“Do you just want me to help you pick out an entire outfit?”

“Actually, that sounds wonderful. If you don’t mind, of course.”

You helped Namjoon pick out an entire ensemble, including some bracelets and rings. You talked a lot and learned about each other. The more you got to know about him, the harder your heart started to pound in your chest. You brought him to the register and smiled.

“My coworker will ring you up.”

“Thank you for everything Y/N. Maybe I should shop here more often and get you to help me.” You blushed a little as you smiled sweetly at him.

“I’d like that. I don’t mind helping you. You’re a lot nicer to deal with then some of the people we get that come through here.” You waved at him and went to do some cleaning around the store to occupy yourself for the remainder of your shift.

“Y/N. Do you mind going to the stock room to do a quick inventory check? We forgot to do it yesterday.” You agreed and made your way to the back where the stock room was. You started to check the inventory, humming to yourself because it was too quiet back there. You heard the door close, which confused you since it was policy to keep that door open while there was someone in the stock room. A customer must have snuck in, thinking that there was no one in the room.

“I’m sorry, but there are no customers allowed back here” As you rounded the corner, you saw Namjoon standing there.

“Namjoon? What are you doing back here? You shouldn’t be here.”

He didn’t say anything as he slowly walked over to where you were standing. You felt your heart pounding in your chest when he got close enough for you to smell his cologne. His hand slowly reached out to touch the velvet choker you had decided to wear that day.

“Namjoon?” He stayed silent still, his finger slowly running back and forth across the choker. His hand moved up a little until his fingers were completely around your throat.

“Do you wear this because you like to be choked Kitten?” You closed your eyes as you bit your lip to keep from moaning at the pet name he gave you. You felt his hold on your throat get a little tighter.

“I believe I asked you a question.”

“Please Daddy!” Your eyes snapped open as soon as you realized what had just come out of your mouth. Namjoon’s eyes darkened as he stared at you.

“On your knees. Now.” You quickly obeyed and got onto your knees, staring up at him as you waited for you next command.

“I think you know what to do Kitten.” You shakily reached out and undid the button of his pants, pulling the zipper down before pulling his pants and boxers down. He was bigger than you had expected, which sent a wave of heat right to your core.

“Don’t just sit there. Suck.”

You started to slowly stroke his cock. While keeping your eyes on his, you wrapped your lips around his tip and sucked. He inhaled sharply and grabbed the back of your head.

“Don’t even think about teasing.” You quickly took as much of him as you could into your mouth while your hand stroked what was left. The groan that left his mouth urged you to suck a little harder as you bobbed your head. His fingers tightened in your hair and his hips thrust a little when you added your tongue to the mix.

“Fuck. You’re better at this than I thought you would be.” You smiled to yourself, your ego blowing up. You hollowed your cheeks, moving your mouth lower until you felt his tip hit the back of your throat. He groaned and roughly pulled you off him.

“I won’t last if you keep doing that Kitten. Stand up.” Your legs wobbled a little as you slowly stood. He quickly picked you up and slammed you against the nearest wall. Your legs were quick to wrap around his waist, the feel of his hard cock against your clothed pussy under your skirt making you wetter than you already were.

“I’ll have to repay the favor next time. I need to be inside of you now or I may just lose my damn mind.”

He quickly pushed your panties to the side and ran his cock along your slit a few times.

“Already so wet for me. You like sucking Daddy’s cock, don’t you?” You moaned loudly, throwing your head back. His hand wrapped around your throat.

You have to be quiet this time Kitten. As much as I’d love to hear your moans, we don’t want to get caught before the main event.” You bit down on your lip and nodded. Your nails dug into his shoulder as he wasted no more time, slamming his cock straight into you.

“Holy shit. You’re so tight Kitten. Just for me.” He quickly built up his thrusts to a brutally rough and fast pace. You tried to meet his thrusts at first, but the pleasure got to be too much, so you focused on keeping quiet instead. His mouth met yours in a heated kiss, allowing you to finally release the noises building up inside you. His thumb pressed hard on your clit, and his kisses moved to your neck.

“Cum for me baby. I want you to cum all over my cock. Now.” You bit your hand to hold back your screams as your walls contracted around him. You saw flashes of white as you came all over his cock. He was somehow able to go faster, groaning at how you looked coming down from your high. He stilled as he released inside of you. The only sound in the room was heavy breathing for a moment. He looked up at you and smiled shyly.

“Would it be weird to ask you out-”

“Y/N? Are you still back here? Why is this door closed?” You quickly jumped down and fixed yourself before kissing Namjoon on the cheek.

“I get off in an hour.” You winked at him and walked out to distract your manager so that Namjoon could sneak out. Maybe you should wear your choker more often.

bulletpoints of Royal!Shawn

so as if, I have wondered about how would s/o dating with Prince Shawn would be:

• every morning starts with butlers checking out that everything is alright with them both

• security!!! SECURITY!!! EVERYWHERE!!!

• having work trips to different countries and dividing work categories between them two like idk Shawn does more economics and general things and S/O does communication and media

• every Tuesday midday Shawn has to meet with MPs and brings his s/o with him to feel more comfortable and opened

• corgis!!! corgi dogs!!! EVERYWHERE IN THE PALACE!! which means also children fooling and playing around

• as it comes to children, Shawn would name his first baby princess Skylar Aaliyah Victoria Karen because Skylar is the name he likes a lot and Aaliyah is for his sister, Karen for his mother. Of course, Shawn’s s/o would make generous jokes about these names but they (S/O) would never ever want to put something else more because these names mean a lot to him. When baby prince would born, the royal highness’ name would be Louis Albert George. For the great kings in the past

• there couldn’t be privacy left but they would wear incognitos

• eyes on them all the time to make sure they don’t do naughty things or go out and drink themselves to death

• visiting hospitals and giving good reputation for the great royalty

• languages changing everytime! imagine if Shawn’s S/O was from somewhere, not Canadia, they would honestly be laughing and mocking themselves until they were on the floor, holding on tightly not to die

• also drama because that’s what media wants but actually there’s nothing wrong between them

• going to rest from daily work to somewhere in Canada or England

• also, tea!!! as drinking and spilling one, doesn’t matter. Shawn and his S/O would backlash about other royalty members and some celebrities privately and buzz about how hard it is to be a royal member sometimes

i haven’t started reading Call Me By Your Name yet but it arrived today and already my favourite thing is that you can’t tell it’s a gay lovestory (with erotica elements i’m guessing) bc all that’s on the back and on the first few pages are excerpts vom reviews that drop some “sudden and powerful romance” on you, with some “beautiful novel”s, “purity of his passion”s, “great romantic lovestory”s, “richly, sensuously detailed [story]”s and talk about “emotional depths” and “brave, acute, elated, naked, brutal, tender, humane and beautiful prose”. one says it’s “about an adolescent boy that falls in love with a summer guest at his parents […] mansion” but it could literally be anyone from an older man, older woman, young boy, young girl, anything you can think of. i love it. it’s gonna be good holiday literature. can’t wait to cry in my midday cocktail.

The Signs as Egypt Goddesses

Bastet - Aries, Capricorn 

moon goddess, associated with ctas, protector against contagious diseases and evil spirits, also regarded as the goddess of perfumes, caring mother figure

Sachmet - Gemini, Pisces 

goddess of healing, her breath formed the desert, “the powerful one”, respresented by the searing heat of the midday sun, patron of physicians and doctors

Maat - Taurus, Libra

goddess of truth and justice, represents the primal laws of the universe, associated with balance and harmony, she decides whether a person would succesfully reach the afterlife by weighing their soul against her feather of truth

Nut - Cancer, Aquarius 

goddess of the sky, mother of the gods, barrier between the order of creation and chaos, “she who holds a thousand souls”, passionate lover, Milky Way is viewed as the celestial image of Nut

Neith - Leo, Scorpio 

goddess of war and hunting, powerful and popular, depicted as woman wearing the Red Crown of Lower Egypt, patron of weaving, wise, protector of woman 

Hathor - Virgo, Sagittarius 

fertility goddess, joyful and fun loving, associated with music and dance and alongside with Nut associated with the Milky Way, protector of desert regions, she greets the souls of the dead