Small preview for the Voltron Calendar! This piece was so fun to do~ And pretty different from my normal stuff I draw so it was really a good challenge for me~ ^^ I’m really excited for this project! So many cute swimsuit pics!

Mermaids and Sirens are similar creatures, appearance and personality wise. But they just don’t seem to get a long.
A young mermaid was swimming near the border of the two lands, when they meet a beautiful siren. They both end up dancing together to the siren’s son at the bottom of the sea.
Maybe this is just what the two races need to get along.

“Mermaid and Narwhal” collab with @camilladerricoart

When Camilla asked us to paint this illustration we practically FREAKED OUT because this is one of the most beautiful pieces of art to ever walk the internet 💚😱

It was such a responsibility and so much fun, we hope you guys like the result! Camilla is selling prints for this at SDCC 🙌