My God how gentle you are with me in spite of my great ignorance and how merciful You are with me in spite of my ugly deeds.

Ibn ‘Ata Allah al-Iskandari

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Book Balancing Challenge

So, Candi aka reads-alot tagged me to take on this challenge and first, I’d like to say thank you for tagging me! Basically, you have to balance books on your head and take a selfie.

BEWARE. This may look easy but HELL. It took several tries for me to get this two pictures right. I swear. I was supposed to pile the first books in my favorite fantasy series on my head. There were 10 books in total but it was so difficult that I knocked down 3 books. My sister kept laughing at me every time the books fall on my head. Oh, don’t believe me? Take a look at these failed attempts:

P.S. No harm was done to any of the books during the process.

I’m going to tag abitlovely littlebooklings bookmad lorienkittybooks readthebloodybook amberthebooklion caffeinatedchapters negative-pessimist tilly-and-her-books buttermybooks j-k-reading newtsbookblog and staybookish 

If any of you guys already did the challenge, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to double tag you! 

Good news! Someone just died for you!“

Wait… What? I was puzzled. Is it not a bit sarcastic? How is that even a good news?

He continued smiling, “Because now, you have the chance to truly live. You should have been the one who died but you didn’t, somebody else took your place and He rescued you from your sins. Nobody else can die for you like how my Son Jesus did. So embrace my grace, my mercy and the gift of my Salvation through my Son Jesus. Repent and turn away from your evil ways and be ready for my Son’s second coming”.
No other person can save you, only Jesus saves!
Been a while since I've done this

Okay if you like any of the bands in the tags like this and/or follow me and I’ll check out your blog and most likely follow you!! I draw a lot of tattoo flash/lyric artwork as well so if you’re into that stuff check out my art page (:

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im not sure if you're aware but that post where steven says connie's the most beautiful girl ever is meant to be a racist caricature making fun of middle eastern hook noses. idk if you knew so i just thought i'd send a message!!

nnhhheee… jeez i knew id get something like this if i reblogged it. oh god i really hope people dont send me hate shit after saying this. 

i actually really like hotdiggitydemons art a lot.

his fucking animations n shit are so good tho. ive been a fan of his for a pretty long time actually, like when i was like 12ish?? i dunno. I used to go on newgrounds to watch animations a lot when i was 12ish. im pretty biased towards him since i watched and liked a lotta animations so i dont really have a definite opinion on him. I LIKE HIM LIKE ON AND OFF.

but i understand that he can be a total fucking dick sometimes. He’s pretty funny but mostly a dick. i honestly thought that drawing i reblogged from him was super fucking offensive but i thought it was a little funny? kinda? i just sorta reblogged it without thinking just cause i like his art.

he rude af sometimes, shit. ughh sorry if i too sound like a dick omg for liking his art. I JUST LIKE HIS ANIMATIONS AND STUFF I SWEAR.

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I dont understand what happened with mad clown?? Who ruined whos chances of debuting?

OMFG THIS FUCKER CALLED MAD CLOWN WHERE TO START??? Basically mad clown was a judge on no mercy and ruined #gun’s chances of debuting with monsta x. Like the shit fucked with me hard. Im just now getting to a point where i can talk about it openly ok. This is the first time i fucking cried over some shit like this ok.

mad clown really brought down #gun with his comments. i feel some of the judges really did judge based off of personal reasons. I recall k.will even saying “I want him out!” and picking up a blurred name tag/face and tossing it aside. All the judges liked #gun and his performances. He got many complements and even was deemed the best of his group by the just music boys (nochang & vasco) who said that everyone else sucked (which i agree bc they had a really hard time in the studio with them lol). #gun’s only downfall is that he couldnt dance, yet he performed really well throughout their dance stages!

So back to the mad c thing. Well basically he told #gun to his face that he doesnt think he can rap and basically expressed this opinion whenever he could. #gun is the ONLY person of the show that was told that he wasnt talented by a judge. Even with all the bad, terrible performances the trainees were never told, “you can’t dance”, “you cant sing”, “you cant rap”, “youre unattractive”. HOWEVER #gun was told ALL of that TO HIS FACE at some point or another. Even if it wasnt meant to do any harm, literally no one was put down for their talent or lack of with the exception of gun. Even Vasco, Nochang, and Junggigo seemed confused and appalled (maybe a bit angry lmfao nochang said that he should diss him in the song lmfao) to hear that mad clown said that to him. Anyway, mad clown said gun isnt good bc his style is very “old school”. which lets be honest that really isnt a problem at all. I think mad clown just doesnt like #gun for his own personal reasons. someone even suggested that its bc their flow is someone similar and mad clown could feel a bet defensive about that… idk. But because of his comment it seemed to get pretty tense, even though a lot of ppl really enjoyed gun, mad clown never really said much to contradict his beliefs of gun being bad. Even when I.M was introduced the one thing that mad clown said after hearing I.M rap FOR THE FIRST TIME is “i think you rap better than #gun.”

#gun is someone that we all was routing for, not because he is jooheon’s best friend but bc he was super talented and always doing his best and working hard. He was forced to always walk in other ppl’s shadow and was often compared to jooheon. NO ONE ON THE SHOW WAS COMPARED TO OTHERS BUT #GUN! Jooheon vs. #gun was always the mentality. Even with other rappers on the show, even with the introduction of I.M none of them were compared with others. And sure as hell were not compared to jooheon. So when mad clown started to single out #gun it was apparent that something wasn’t right. Everyone knew gun was good so why would mad c say that he isnt? Just man FUCK MAD CLOWN OMG

edit: AND I FOR-FUCKING-GOT THE PART WHEN THE CEO OF BRAND NEW OFFERED #GUN A POSITION ON HIS LABEL IF HE DIDNT MAKE IT TO DEBUT!!!! i was like why would he even suggest that gun wouldnt make it??? but like low-and-behold, gun didnt make it! fucking scandalous

What I want from Monsta X
  • For I.M to say ‘wait a minute’ in every song where the beat drops 
  • Shownu and Wonho to mirror each other body rolling in the choreo
  • Jooheon to krump while biting his lip
  • I need a soul song from Kihyun like take me back to the 90s style
  • Hyungwon to actually fight someone in the MV (coswhenhehadthatfakeargumentwithgunheelorddidilovehim)
  • Longer solo parts for Minhyuk (My baby can kill it when he wants to)
  • For all of them have a part in production and writing the lyrics
  • I love vocal line harmonising pls (Like they did in team Segyero the oooos)
  • Also can all the member’s have equal camera time and try to have a fair amount of lines 
  • Can I have at least one slow jam song too please, not just turn up songs 
3-para ficlet #2

mercy-misrule asked: n and minhyuk, ‘how many kids do you want? I’m thinking maybe 10 or so’

Hakyeon side-eyed Minhyuk. “If that was a proposal, it was a terrible one,” he said, laughingly severe. He waggled his fingers in Minhyuk’s hold. Minhyuk had Hakyeon’s hand in his lap, and he was bending his attention to gently scissoring Hakyeon’s fingers up and down. He’d addressed the words, in a contemplative tone, to Hakyeon’s knuckles.

As Hakyeon watched, the part of Minhyuk’s cheek he could see began to go pink and warm, and “… wait,” Hakyeon said. He swallowed, suddenly lost. “Wait, it w-was?”

Minhyuk ducked his head, dropping a kiss onto the heel of Hakyeon’s hand before he lifted his face. He looked half anxious and half offended. “I can do better,” he said quickly.