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seeing young teenagers embracing 2007 internet culture/aesthetic/speak in the kidcore/rainbowcore/kiddycore communities is such a beautiful thing. i think its beautiful because ive been around since 2007, and those years were golden for kids having fun and being themselves. the growth of the internet in the last ten years has provided lots of things, some of it being positive, but a lot unfortunately has become a cesspool of hatred.

between teenagers and adults alike on social media, nowadays kids are introduced to this hatred and darkness of the world early on with such easy access to it and it drives them into unhealthy behaviors and mindsets, such as suicide baiting/callout culture (NOT referring to calling out people who actually do very bad harmful things- such as pedophiles, suicide baiters, racist/neo-nazis/etc- making people aware of when they do bad things is good- but i mean the sorts who send hate and suicide bait to innocent 13 year olds over saying something wrong once and stalk them down repeatedly and bully them into suicide and self-harm etc.)

this is what kids are exposed to nowadays, and in these safe communities, people are embracing what redditors/4channers make fun of and call “cringey” and being themselves because it makes them happy. not only this, but kids in these communities moderate themselves and keep out NSFW/kink bloggers that sexualize children and create boundaries to keep their internet exposure safe, because theyre mature enough to do so. these kids embrace this time because its nostalgic and comforting, and has no super bad associations other than those who called it cringey and edgy all these years. the only bad people in these spaces are those who try to invade them.

let people use scene/l33t speak, use XD unironically, and make bright eyebleeding dog OCs. let them love nightcore. just let them enjoy this while they still can, for the love of god. and if they dont grow out of it (like i didnt) leave them be. a majority of these kids are lgbt, autistic, and trauma victims just trying to cope, and then there are just other kids who do it because it makes them happy. they arent harming anyone. if you bully them, you are.

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Some Guzma Headcanons
  • Guzma loves piercings and has his nose and tongue pierced 
  • He tends to be really clingy and needy with the person he likes
  • He really likes the color purple (its probably his fav)
  • He likes to sleep in a bed that’s as big as possible because he rolls around a lot at night time
  • Guzma has really bad taste in music and likes super cheesy hip hop songs that he unironically jams out to at loud volume
  • He loves video games. He likes shooter games and Overwatch would probably be one of his favs. He likes good characters too
  • He’s into horror films but he likes to watch them with others (as a group of as a date) because he secretly gets a bit creeped out sometimes
  • He just… He just wants to be a bug type trial captain… Let Guzma be a trial captain 2kforever
  • He watches YouTube lets plays
  • He loves memes. Even the dumb ones
  • Guzma gets really paranoid when h sees chain posts and usually passes them on to everyone and people get so mad at him for it
  • He has a really loud obnoxious laugh. But its kinda cute
  • His voice is naturally very loud and booming, and he’s kind of tone deaf
  • He wears makeup, specifically eyeshadow and eyeliner. Plumeria and him share makeup tips sometimes
  • He’s incredibly ticklish and he hates being tickled because he starts crying from it

Cleopatcha and her boyfriend sitting on the jeep

It’s really funny, Cleo’s boyfriend we call Stripey boy and Cleo’s dad we call Fluffyface come by every morning at 10 o clock like they live here and will sit on our car and meow until Cleo and Gizmo are let outside and the four of em go everywhere together. Stripey and Fluffyface will follow and protect Mellow (Fluffyface’s son probably) too when he manages to get outside, so every cat in our neighborhood protects each other and it’s insane when they all get together, sometimes it’s up to 10 cats hanging out on our street because it’s a dead end and there’s never any traffic

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i h8 when i see mutuals saying smth abt someone and i go to check out the person they were talking abt and theres like.. an anon saying so and so namedropped u.. like………. who are u. why u snitching