This my ultra sick, hella tired & so fungry af face on a Friday. Why am I still smiling? Cos I have to. I need to. I must smile. I need to keep going & hope that tomorrow will be better. 🙏 I have no choice but to be positive. It’s the weekend so..hello, long sleeping hours! 💜 Btw, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. To those who’ll celebrate it, have fun & stay in love. To those who are single…whether by choice or by chance, don’t worry…that day will pass. Haha! JK! 😂 You’ll find your partner in God’s perfect time. Believe in Him. His plans will always be better than ours. 😊 Take care guys! And…cheers for the freakin’ weekend! 🍻 #selfie #memyselfandi #proudtobeme #personal #message #thoughtfromwithin


G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I

En el centro de atención nuevamente,ellos no lo entienden.
Después encima tratáis de decidir por mí quién soy.
Si quieres una imagen perfecta en la que creer, entonces no soy lo que buscas. No necesito vivir de las reglas de nadie, no quiero que me controlen.
Aunque hayas caminado a mi lado incluso caminado en mis zapatos, no me conoces.
Ellos piensan que me conocen, pero hay mucho más que ver amores.
Estoy cansada de los mismos argumentos una y otra vez, así que si alguien quiere conocerme que los tire a la basura.
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The view from up here

Friends of mine ambushed me after office hours and kidnapped me. They took me on a long ass drive and didn’t tell me where we were heading, I was still in my office attire and in 3 inch heels! I practically begged them to take me home just so i could change out of my office rags. While on the road I kept asking my friends where we were going and they just tell me “shush! Kidnappers never tell their victims anything! Play the part will you?!” LOL 

Little did I know that they would take me to this beautiful mountain top with a bad ass view of the ocean. We arrived at the location at the break of dawn. When we reached the top, the view just took my breath away. My friends hugged me and told me to let go of the pain, the fear, the anger…to let go of the lies, the deceit, the fabrication of love that I was made to believe for the last 3 years and 4 months… they hugged me and whispered to let go of the past. What my friends didn’t know was that I already did let go of the past, weeks before the new year even started. But I hugged them back and said “thank you my loves, I will treasure this forever.”

As I sat on the sharp rock, taking in all the fresh air my lungs could engulf, I shared my Shaka to the world. At that moment, I reflected on my mistakes and how lost I became when I was in the process of loving someone. I forgot to love myself. I’m only human and to love someone is the most potent kind of drug, or so I thought. It took me a while to understand that to love myself was more important than to give love to someone, I would have not realized this if I had not been mistreated and cheated on (he cheated on me with his personal gym client who’s 5/6 years younger than he is, not sure really) He fell out of love and fell in love with someone else while we were still together. I only had his older brother, his older brother’s girlfriend, and his mom to thank for telling me the truth of what kind of person he really is. I was the 3rd woman he had done this to, the second woman he did this to is a Jiu Jitsu teammate of ours and is a lawyer, and the 1st woman he did this to…was…well, too long ago to explain. Anyway, I confirmed with his mom that the 1st girlfriend he had for 4 years (he cheated on with our teammate who’s a lawyer), and his 2nd girlfriend (the lawyer & our teammate) he cheated on her with me, and Me (the 3rd girlfriend for 3years and 4months) he cheated on with his personal gym client. See the pattern? 

My lawyer teammate (his former 2nd girlfriend) and I got a chance to sit down and talk while waiting for the Rousey VS Holm UFC fight to start. I broke down in tears right in front her for I used to take so much pride of being the girlfriend and her being his former partner, but she only confirmed to me that day that they had not broken up when he and I started dating. Yup, the pattern. As painful as the truth was being laid out in front me, me and my teammate just laughed it off. She then told me that things will only get better from here on, and at that moment I trusted her. She’s a very classy woman. 

Apologies for all the drama. Haven’t vented this much in quite a long time and I don’t vent out stuff like this on facebook ever (I don’t like facebook) :) But now that I’ve got that out of my system, you’ll be happy to know that all is well…extremely well. Still standing and moving forward. OSS!

Thankful for crazy ass friends. Shaka to the world! 

“Thus I am free from the chains of love and onward to the journey of constructing a better version of myself”