NEWS: “The Black Parade/Living With Ghosts : The 10th Anniversary Edition” 


1. The Five of Us Are Dying (rough mix)

2. Kill All Your Friends (live demo)

3. Party At The End Of The World (live demo)

4. Mama (live demo)

5. My Way Home Is Through You (live demo)

6. Not That Kind Of Girl (live demo)

7. House of Wolves, Version 1 (live demo)

8. House of Wolves, Version 2 (live demo)

9. Emily (rough mix)

10. Disenchanted (live demo)

11. All The Angels (live demo)

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because a lot of people were asking–this is the thing that happened and I found it on a ‘funny mcr tweets’ thing. I’m not mad about it and you should’t be either because frank is in his fullest right to defend himself and call people out when they’re talking shit.

the only thing that occurred to me was that only a few months ago, gerard was being severely harassed on twitter when he stated he didn’t want anything to do with the mcrofficial twitter account. he wanted a distance between himself and all the shit that happened on that account. and isn’t that okay? 

according to a few thousand “fans”, that was not okay. so gerard was being harassed, and eventually he answered a fan, saying something like 'do you really think it’s okay to send me shit?’ (that’s not a direct quote I don’t know where those tweets are and I’m too lazy to go look for them tbh) and yea, he wasn’t even rude, he just said he had the right to defend himself and seriously, the whole fanbase just exploded and he has a bunch of haters because of that right now.

so when frank calls someone out on their bullshit it’s okay. when gerard calls someone out on their bullshit it’s not okay.

it’s so hypocritical I could vomit


ok but actually tho what is going on?

in a post Gerard made he says “My Chem will never be back. That is long gone. But perhaps a new project will arise that is not just us as individuals, but us as a group. However, IF we do get back together, Bob will probably be back, and Mikey probably will not. My brother not returning is the main reason for the name change. He came up with the name and without him, we never would have been called My Chemical Romance. And without him, we won’t be. But again it’s all been talk so far. I don’t want you to get your hopes too high.”

and then there’s two tweets from May where Gerard says “@ MCRofficial will be back.” and Frank also tweets “@ MCRofficial is getting back together in 2016. Heads up!”



While I applaud Gerard for being the “bigger person” here, does anyone else find it a little heartbreaking that he’s the one being harassed, and yet he feels like he should change his behavior? Poor guy. I’ve never seen Gerard like this, and it makes me sad. People need to tone it down. A couple of simple tweets about @MCROfficial being deleted and Gerard removing mychemicalromance.com from his bio (which he didn’t have to announce, but I think he was trying to reduce the upset and panic) shouldn’t have led to all this.

Jeez. It’s fine to disagree with something he does, but sometimes I step back and look at this situation and think “…really?” Gerard shouldn’t be getting bullied online by hundreds of teenagers, especially ones that call themselves fans. I talked to a girl the other day who had been out of the fandom for a while, and she honestly didn’t understand when I told her about this behavior. She said something like “surely you don’t mean the MCRmy, who has always loved the guys, but the trolls?” She couldn’t believe that people who claim to be fans would do this to the guys. It’s scary what parts of the MCRmy have become. (Not all of it, there are still plenty of great fans, but…what the hell happened here? I remember when the biggest problem was fangirls who blindly worshipped Gerard, not “fans” who dedicated time and effort to making him miserable.)

I like his final tweet on the subject, though. Good that he won’t let the hate keep him from doing what he loves.

Gerard Way To Distance Himself From My Chemical Romance Due Irrational Fans

My Chemical Romance have been gone for over a year now and frontman Gerard Way has decided to distance himself from nearly everything related to the band. Way is citing irrational fan interaction as the reason for the move to focus more on his future career in music and art. Check out a string of tweets from Way below after the jump.

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