I loved writting this one for some reason, I’m sorry for the wait. Hope you like it xx

“Fuck, we’re late.” Jack said, getting up from the bed as Y/N was adjusting her top back on. “Yes, we are so hurry the fuck up, they’re gonna be suspicious.” Y/N exclaimed, checking herself out in the mirror quickly as she adjusted her makeup, seeing Jack quickly picking up an outfit from the corner of her eyes.

They hadn’t expected for it to happen when it did because now they were late and they were the only ones to blame. But they couldn’t help it, it had been happening way too much lately and they weren’t sure on how to define their relationship yet. They weren’t seeing anyone else but qualified each other as friends but friends didn’t hook up together. Y/N was terrified that she would fall for him but it was hard not to. Jack was an absolute sweetheart to her. And she couldn’t deny the fact that she was attached to him, a lot. And as Y/N had showed up at his flat, dressed in an outfit that was a bit tight and had caught Jack’s eyes, probably too much as an hour later, after they had both tear off each other’s clothes, they were now late for their night out with friends and they had to hurry up.

They were now climbing out of the Uber, hurrying inside of the restaurant to quickly catch up with their friends. Y/N noticed Conor waving at them from a table and she smiled as she waved back, her eyes falling on her friend that she bad been dying to see. As they walked over to them, she didn’t even notice that Jack’s hand was placed on the small of her back and it felt so usual to the both of them that they didn’t pay attention to the looks that the others gave them. “Sorry, we’re late. Traffic was awful.” Jack said, sitting down next to his brother as Y/N sat in front of him, next to her friend, Jordyn and her boyfriend, James. “Traffic? On a Tuesday night?” Conor smirked, eyebrows narrowed as he was surprised by his younger brother’s words. Jack sent him a nervous look, knowing what he was insinuating. 

“Shit, Y/N look.” Jordyn suddenly exclaimed, pointing towards a table opposite them. And when Y/N snapped her head to the side, she felt her heart shrink. In the thousands of restaurants that are situated in London, he had to be in this one. And he wasn’t alone. When she met his glance, she could see the smirk on his his face as he reached for the girls hand. He was doing it on purpose. Y/N was over him and had been for a while but she did not expect to see him with someone else tonight. Y/N looked away from him and back to her friend. Everyone was looking at her, confusion itched across their faces. “Is everything alright?” Jack asked, concern in his voice as he secretly put a hand on her knee under the table. “Yeah, just an ex.” She shrugged, smiling over at him as he gave her a small squeeze. “We can go somewhere else if you want.” Jordyn offered, but Y/N immediately shook her head, grabbing the menu in her hands. “We’re not going anywhere. Anyway, let’s eat.” Y/N said, eyes darting over the different plates. The friends all exchanged a look before repeating her actions and starting a new conversation.

Ever since she had laid her eyes on him, she had been quiet. She was trying to act as if it wasn’t bothering her but in fact, it was because she hated him for breaking her heart and she knew how much of a jerk he was.

The group was now out of the restaurant, hanging around in the dark streets, searching for a club to go to. Jack and Y/N were walking next to each other, their bare arm brushing as she was finally relaxing after they had consumed a few beverages. She suddenly felt someone brush part her harshly and her hands turned into fists as she watched her ex smiling proudly at her, his arm around the girl he had pulled for the night as he leaned in to kiss her cheek, eyes locked with Y/N’s. He was definitely trying to show off in front of her but all that it was doing was getting her mad. And so she stopped walking as Jack gave her a confused look. Jack looked over to the guy and felt his own anger filling and he smiled as an idea come to his head. 

He grabbed Y/N’s arm carefully as she sent him a confused look. “What are you doing?” She scoffed as our friends had stopped walking to wait for us. “Hey!” Jack called out to the guy who turned around, his look hard and threatening but Jack was in fact amused by the situation. “Play along!” He yelled out, smirking as he turned back to Y/N, crashing their lips together. Y/N was surprised, not because they hadn’t kissed before but because he had never kissed like that. It was full of passion, and not lust and she was now melting onto him. They both smiled, hearing their friends cheering as they watched the scene. As they pulled away, Jack looked over to the guy who sighed and walked away. “What was that for?” Y/N asked as Jack was still holding her close to him. “Showing him what he’s missing out on.” He shrugged before they both laughed. “And I also really wanted to.” He added, pecking her lips quickly as he slipped his hand through hers, interlacing their fingers together. 

The lovers smiled as they kept walking down the London streets, followed by their friends who were tempted to ask what was happening between but deep down, they all knew.

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Q&A Confessions // Conor Maynard

Word Count: 1808

Summary- You and your best friends film a Q&A, and it doesn’t exactly go as originally planned.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; School is starting soon, ugh! I’m trying to finish all these imagines by Tuesday, because once school starts it’s going to be hard to write. I’ll do my best to keep uploading, though. Feel free to keep sending requests as well, they just won’t be posted as frequently.

Requested; Yes.

req; Sorry I accidentally sent it before finishing it 😂 Can you write an imagine where the fans ship the character and Connor, and they secretly like each other but Connor thinks she has a crush on Joe because they’re inseparable, so he gets surprised and becomes speechless when she turns to him and asks him “When are you going to ask me out?” in a Q&A video they film with the squad after reading a fan’s question about that.


You laughed as Joe reminisced with you a childhood memory of the two of you back in primary school, and entered his flat, where the boys were already situated. You’d planned a night in with all the boys, but Caspar, being the klutz he was, managed to drop the case of beers you’d bought for the boys and smashed all the bottles. To say everyone was mad at Caspar was an understatement, You and Joe, being the ‘heroes’ of the group, had volunteered to run out to get last minute replacements, and you’d just returned.

You and Joe had known each other since birth, your mother being old friends with his. You were quite close with Zoe as well, the three of you considered yourselves as siblings, even if you were in no form related to the Suggs, you may as well have been, because you and Joe were basically twins in everything you did. From starting school together, to starting your YouTube channels together, and everything in between. You had common interests, talents, and overall were the same people, but opposite gender.

The fans knew this, and despite shipping you and Joe for some time, and being shut down by the two of you saying how you considered each other siblings in a Q&A, had finally moved on. Joe was returned to be considered for his previous ships, Jaspar and Joeck, while you hadn’t been shipped with anyone for awhile. Until recently, that was. Conor had asked you to sing a song with him for his channel, and to say the fans enjoyed it was an understatement. The new ‘buttercream’ ship was created, Y/N & Conor. Even the other boys shipped the two of you, and you didn’t mind at all.

You liked Conor, you really did. His voice was incredible, his sense of humor endless, his protective nature with Jack and Anna was heartwarming, not to mention he was really damn hot. The problem was, he seemed very uninterested or unwilling to be in a relationship. More often than not, you’d find yourself and him shooting flirty comments back and forth, but it never became much more than that. It was unfortunate, but it was life.

“Alrighty boys, now that we’ve got some refreshments, we have a video to film!” You announced, holding up your beer. Cheers were passed around, and the group situated around the couch. Conor, Joe, You, Jack, and Josh were sitting on the couch, while Mikey, Oli, and Caspar were sat in the front of the couch, on pillows, in between the gaps between your legs. Byron didn’t want to be in the video, but he said he would pop in occasionally. He started the camera for you, and with a wave, left the room. You all bid him goodbye, and you smiled as you were surrounded with your best friends, doing what you all loved to do.

“Alright, everyone! Welcome back to my channel!” You started, smiling brightly and waving, doing your typical intro. “Today I’m joined with a few losers, you might know them.” A bunch of “heys!” followed, and you smirked. “Just kidding. You may know these boys; Conor, Josh, Joe, Jack, Mikey, Oli, and Caspar!” You said, pointing to each one as you introduced them. “Byron couldn’t make it today, but he’s here somewhere. Anyways!” You said, clapping your hands together, making Joe and Jack, who were both next to you, jump. “Jeez, Y/N!” Joe said, putting a hand over his heart dramatically.

“Anyways!” You repeated, ignoring them. “We’ve all tweeted, snapchatted, and posted on our Instagrams, telling you guys to ask us questions using the hashtag askthebuttercreams, and today we’re going to be doing a big Q&A!” You said, proudly. “Let’s get right into the video, because this one is probably going to be very long because there are so many of us, but I’ll probably spend at least 3 hours editing so it’s a reasonable video.” You did a quick transition, and began the questions.

So far it had been going smooth, you all took turns asking and answering, you only being asked little questions like how you met, and little questions for certain buttercreams. Nothing terrible. “Alright, I’ve got the next one!” Jack announced, smirking. He scrolled through his twitter and picked a random tweet. You looked at him with raised eyebrows, waiting. “Lovingthebuttercreams96 asked, Why haven’t Joe and Y/N began dating yet? Come on, their chemistry is undeniable!” He read, frowning. You sighed, Jack said “Sorry, should’ve read it first.” “It’s fine, we should’ve just assumed it would be here. I’ll just edit this in between stuff out.” You said, repositioning yourself to prepare to answer. You failed to notice Conor’s immediate frown and discomfort, as he sent a glare Jack’s way, but recomposed himself when you began to answer.

“Okay guys, We’ve said this a bunch of times. We love you all, but please, Joe and I will never be in a relationship. I do not fancy him in any way shape or form, nor does he for me. We’ve discussed this personally, and we are basically siblings. I’ve grown up with both the Suggs, and they’re my second family. I could never see myself in a relationship romantically with Joe.” You said, side-hugging Joe and leaning your head on his shoulder. “It’s true, Y/N and I are basically the same person, everyone, including ourselves, think we’re twins. We may come from different families, but the way we grew up, we may as well have been twins. We appreciate your support, but it’s not happening.” Joe added, wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

While this was being explained, Conor instantly felt guilty. He’d always had a massive crush on you; he could easily say he’d never felt anything for anyone like the way he felt when he laid eyes on you. Every time felt like the first. He got butterflies just watching you do simple things like vlogging or talking to him. He always thought he never had a chance, though, because of the undeniable chemistry with Joe. He’d known you said multiple times how it wouldn’t happen, but he couldn’t help but believe you fancied Joe. Now, he just felt stupid.

“Okay, I guess it’s my turn, and we’ll end the video after because this is already going to take me hours to edit.” You said, and the boys nodded in agreement. “Let’s see..” you muttered, scrolling and tapping on a random tweet. You smirked when you read the name of the twitter account, and locked eyes with Conor, a mischievous grin on your face. Jack and Joe both, in sync muttered a quick “ooooh.” “Oh god.” Conor said, pulling a terrified face and showing the camera. He sat up straight, with perfect posture. “I’m ready for my closeup!” He said, in one of his weird voices.

You laughed, and shook your head. “Alright, Conor. This question is from ccoonoorrmaynard. Wow thats some good spelling. Anyways, they ask, “Why haven’t you asked out Y/N yet?”” You froze, your cheeks flaring, you were not expecting that. Clearly, none of the other boys were expecting it either. Jack’s jaw almost hit the floor, Mikey was sweating (but then again, he always was), Josh looked like he had to pick a side, Caspar looked oblivious (as per usual), Oli had wide eyes, Joe looked at you worried as he knew about your crush on Conor, and Conor, you didn’t know how to describe him. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

You were bright red, and you wanted to cry. Obviously Conor didn’t like you; he’d never shown any interest, and you’d just humiliated yourself. “Nevermind.” You muttered, standing up to leave. “I’ll film an outro later.” You said, tears blurring your eyes as you ran out of the room. “Good going, Conor.” Joe said, standing up angrily. “What?” Conor squeaked, shaking his head. He’d zoned out, and now you were gone. “Conor, what the hell? That was your chance!” Jack said, stunned at his brother. “She doesn’t like me back, she was just reading a question.” He said, defeated. “You’re a bloody idiot, you know that? She’s liked you since you met!” Joe exclaimed, slapping a hand over his mouth after. He knew you were going to kill him when you found out he’d told. “Really?” Conor asked, surprised.

“GO!” All the boys yelled in sync, pointing to the balcony where you were crying. He sighed, and did as instructed. “Y/N?” He asked, warily stepping out. “Go away.” You said, but your voice cracked, and Conor instantly knew you were crying. He ran over, and spun you around so you were facing him. His heart broke at the tears running down your cheeks. “It’s nothing.” You muttered, mortified. Conor frowned at the heartbroken look on your face. “You know, I haven’t got the chance to answer that question, yet.” He said, unsure of himself. You looked at him, confused. “What?”

“I haven’t asked you out yet because I’ve been nervous.” He blurted, mentally cursing himself. He probably sounded like an idiot. “You? Nervous? You perform in front of hundreds and thousands of fans while you sing, you post videos online and you’re scared to ask me out?” You asked, ludicrously. “Yeah?” He said, suddenly very confused at your reaction. “Conor, I’ve liked you forever, and we’ve been flirting since day 1. How could I reject you?” You said, amused at how oblivious this boy was.

“You weren’t THAT obvious..” Conor defended, but as he looked back on his conversations with you, he realized it was quite obvious. “Oh.” He said, as he realized how stupid he must’ve looked. “Well, um, Y/N, this wasn’t quite how I was planning to ask, but..” He started, and you shook your head with a smile. You grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him down into a sudden kiss. He was surprised, but wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer, kissing you back passionately. You pulled away, leaning your forehead against his. “Yes, I’ll go on a date with you.”

“Yes mate!” “Go Conor!” “How do we always manage to save his sorry ass?” You laughed at the boys, especially Jack’s last comment. “Now that that’s settled…” Joe said, winking at you. “C’mon boys, we have a video to finish, and I have a feeling it’s a Nando’s and football night?” You suggested, earning more cheers. As you all re-situated yourselves, Jack and Conor switched positions on the couch and Conor had an arm around your waist, while Joe had one around your arm. You finished the video, and spent the night leaning against Conor’s chest, watching football with Nando’s, with your favorite boys in the world, and you wouldn’t change any of it for anything.

Wrong Maynard // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 1358
Summary- Your (EX) boyfriend cheats on you, and when you go to your best friend for comfort, you get comforted by someone you wouldn’t expect.
Warnings; N/A
A/n; Will be offline for a week upcoming, so sorry, I’ll be at camp and post when I get back x
Requested; Yes, thanks for requesting anon ❤️
81 with jack; 81. Excuse me for falling in love with you.

“How could you?!” You said, pure anger running through you as you saw your boyfriend in bed with another girl. Deep down, you knew he wasn’t into your relationship anymore. It had been 2 years, and these past few months he’s just been gone lately. Not showing up until early hours of the morning, always sleeping or drinking around you. It wasn’t like that to start, he was always so sweet around you. It occurred to you that he might break up with you, but cheat on you? That’s something you never expected.

“Y/N!” Conor said, horrified. “It isn’t what it looks like, I-” “Save it, Conor.” You said, your broken heart could practically be heard through your words as you held back tears. “Goodbye, Conor.” You said, closing the bedroom door and leaving the flat immediately. You faintly heard Conor call after you, but it stopped quite fast, he probably knew you two were over a long time ago anyway.

Devastated, you got in your car and drove to your best friend, Joe’s house. You didn’t know if he was home, but frankly you didn’t care. You’d wait outside if you had to, you simply needed your best friend.. Even if he was one of Conor’s best friends as well. You knocked on the door, you heard a faint “I’ll get it.” and loud footsteps. You were choking on sobs, hugging yourself to attempt a bit of warmth against the cold London breeze.

The door opened, and a concerned Jack stood at the door. “Oh my god, Y/N? Come here!” He said, pulling you inside and in a hug, which you clung onto him for dear life. You and Jack weren’t necessarily close, in fact, you hardly talked unless you were with Conor. Jack never really took a liking to you, but right now, he was the closest person to you, and willing to let you cry on him.

“JOE!” Jack called over your sobs, rubbing your back soothingly, yet trying to get your best friend’s attention. “Yeah? Who was it?” Joe called from the other room, oblivious. “GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!” Jack yelled, clearly frustrated. Joe came in, confused, until he saw you and instantly ran over, looking at your with wide eyes. “Bloody Hell, Y/N! What happened?”

You could barely pause for breath, so Jack and Joe simply gave each other worried glances. Jack picked you up by your thighs, as you refused to let go, and brought you over to the couch, letting you down lightly. You somehow ended up laying across the two boy’s laps, Your head in Jack’s lap and your legs spread across Joe. You really couldn’t tell.

Finally, you felt like you’d run dry of tears and were now simply sniffling and trying to catch your breath. “C-Conor cheated.” You managed, your voice hoarse from the crying. Jack and Joe both tensed under you, Joe was deadly calm, but the expression on his face said it all. He looked ready to kill Conor. “He WHAT?” Jack yelled, making you jump from his lap, looking at him shocked. “I-it’s okay though! I knew we were over anyway-” You tried to argue but both boys gave you looks to say ‘shut up, it’s not okay.’

You sighed. “Can’t we just get Ice cream and watch a movie, like we used to Joe?” You asked, giving your best pleading face. Joe sighed. “I’ll go pick some up. You stay here with Jack, Y/N, if I let you come out with me, you’ll kill me later for letting you go out “looking like that.”” He finished, mocking you. You scoffed and pouted, but had a smile on your face. Joe always knew how to cheer you up. Joe’s face lightened when he saw your smile as well. “I’ll be back shortly. Choose a movie.” He said, grabbing his coat and slipping out the door.

You and Jack sat down, turning on Netflix and going through, settling on a movie. It was quiet for a minute, you both were unsure of what to say. “I’m sorry. You don’t deserve that, my brother’s an idiot.” Jack said, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. “It’s not your fault.” You said, trying not to cry again. You were done crying over him.

“My brother is such a dick, honestly, how could he cheat?” Jack said, making you feel a bit uncomfortable. You wanted to get your mind off of Conor, not remember it. “Can we just not talk about it?” “I just can’t believe he would do something like that. Be so lucky as to find a girl as amazing and as beautiful as you and let her go so easily. What an idiot.” Jack continued, making you snap.

“Can you just stop? I thought you were going to try and help me get over and forget Conor, not remember him! I know he cheated on me, thanks for reminding me I’m not good enough for him!” You said, your eyes filling with tears yet again. Jack looked at you, guilt in his eyes. “Y/N, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean..”

“Of course you didn’t mean it! No one ever does, yet they do it anyway! Why do you care so much Jack? We aren’t even friends! We only talk when we have to, we’ve never even gotten along! Why are you all of a sudden being so nice to me?” You asked, more so in a demanding tone. “Excuse me for trying to make up for my brothers mistake. Excuse me for trying to be a better person! Excuse me for falling in love with you!” Jack yelled, quickly covering his mouth as the last sentence left his mouth, eyes wide.

You stared at him blankly. You were speechless. “Y-you’re in love with me?” You asked, your voice cracking. You were not expecting that; especially not today, when your boyfriend just cheated on you. “Jack, I..” You looked at him properly, seeing the vulnerable look in his eyes, he looked really cute. It was certainly something you wouldn’t mind getting used to. “It’s fine.” Jack said sternly, trying to stay collected. “I just got out of a relationship, with your brother no less-” you tried to say, but he cut you off. “No, Y/N, I don’t need your pity. It’s fine.”

“Jack. Shut up and let me talk.” You said sternly, he nodded, hanging his head to hide his face. “I just got out of a relationship, with your brother no less, BUT, if you give me a bit of time to move on, and Conor’s okay with it, I’d be willing to give us a chance.” You said, smiling at him. He looked up at you, unsure. “I don’t want to force you into anything, Y/N.” “You aren’t, Jack.” You assured him, giving him a quick hug. “Well then. I’ll wait as long as it takes. As for Conor, I really don’t think he’ll care. He’s known I had a crush on you since he introduced you to me.” Jack said, sheepishly.

“Really? That long?” You asked, and he nodded. “And to think, I thought you hated me.” You laughed along with Jack. “Yeah, no. I was maybe just a tiny little bit jealous of Conor.” Jack said, refusing to meet your gaze. “Well I think it’s cute.” You said cheekily. Jack grinned, and went to reply, when the door swung open and Joe re entered.

He was surprised to see you and Jack, sitting on the couches with big smiles on your faces. “I’m not even going to ask.” Joe said, holding up the grocery bags containing the ice cream. “Movies and ice cream still?” He asked, grinning as you nodded furiously.

The rest of the night you, Joe and Jack all sat watching movies and cracking jokes, generally having a good time. One Maynard may have broken your heart, but the other would do a fine job of mending it. You barely knew it, but it turns out after all that time, you were with the wrong brother, when the right one was here all along.

Hurt // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 1306

Summary- At home and on camera, Jack is the sweetest boy ever. Off camera, and in a club? Not so much.

Warnings; Language

A/n; Oh my gosh.. I posted? wow. Not gonna lie, this was forced, and I’m kinda losing inspiration to write for these boys, ugh. I’m not quitting the blog, but I’ll take longer to write requests. So sorry. ):

Requested; Yup!

req; i was wondering if you could write an imagine about jack constantly flirting with the reader when they’re alone or with friends, but totally ignores her whenever they’re at the club and makes out with girls in front of her, has one night stands, so she gets tired of that and confronts him about his fuckboy-ish moves.

req; Hi! Could you make a Jack imagine where the boys vlog Y/N and him being all cute :)


“Ugh, you two need to get a room!” Josh groaned playfully, vlogging you two sitting on the couch, your head on Jack’s chest, you quietly drawing random shapes and lines on his stomach, as his fingers gently ran through your hair. You payed no attention to Josh, it wasn’t unusual for the boys to tease you two about a relationship, it was normal; you were all just friends, after all. Even you and Jack. Much to your distaste.

“Fuck off, Josh.” You muttered, grabbing the hem of Jack’s shirt and twirling the fabric in your fingers gently. Jack just hummed, continuing to watch football while his hand was raking through your hair. Josh only chuckled, turning back to his camera. “These two are so cute together, it’s almost sickening.” He told the camera, smirking slightly. “You’re jealous, Josh.” You said, Josh sticking his tongue out at you in response.

You got off Jack’s lap, Jack pouting slightly in response. “Where’re you going?” He whined, reaching his arms out like a child, feebly attempting to grab you and pull you back into his chest. “To get ready, dumbass. We’re supposed to go out with the guys tonight, remember? I’m 80% sure it was your idea in the first place.” You said, rolling your eyes. “What if I change my mind? Let’s stay in!” Jack whined, and you shook your head.

“No can do, Jackie-Boy. I have to get ready, heaven knows I’m not going out like this.” You said, gesturing to your sweat pants and cropped tank top you wore for pyjamas, and your messy bun atop your head. “You look great.” Jack said, grabbing you and pulling you into a hug. “I look like I rolled out of bed and got hit by a dump truck, and smell like it too. You groaned, hugging him briefly before wiggling out of his grip, and running to your bathroom to begin getting ready.

“Told you they were too cute.” Josh whispered to his camera, winking. Jack only groaned, “Turn it off, Josh. I know you need the clickbait and views, but..” Jack said, only to be cut off by Josh tackling him on the couch, and playfully hitting him. “Okay, okay, I was kidding!” He said, and you chuckled from your bathroom. Sometimes these boys were a handful, but you were glad to call them your friends. Except for one, but you were grateful to be at least allowed to call him your friend.

You took a quick shower, washing yourself briefly before drying and styling your hair. You simply left it in loose curls, unbothered to do anything too special. You did your regular ‘going out’ makeup. You had no one to impress; the one you wanted to pay attention to you, never did when you were out. Though it made no sense to you, it happened every time, and you let it.

See, you and Jack flirted constantly, and did the basics of a couple. During the day, that was. After a drink, it all seemed to slip his mind.  Hence where you were now, standing with Conor and Josh, who were talking about who knows what, you not listening. You were in a club, two hours later, drink in hand, watching Jack flirt with a very clearly spray-tanned tall blonde, very obviously raking his eyes up and down her body, his gaze lingering in certain areas, much longer than necessary.

You sighed. At home, with the boys, and when you were sober, Jack was your dream guy. He tended to you hand and foot, even if you insisted you didn’t need it. He wouldn’t have it. He’d argue you must need something, and when you’d finally give in, he’d run to get it; whether it was at the shops, or in the cupboard. He didn’t care. In a club, with other hot girls, alcohol, and blaring music, he was different. He was the player everyone mistook him for. You didn’t understand, and tonight, after having a few more drinks than usual, you were going to ask him about it.

With the thought, you zoned out, shaking your head back into reality. With a new found confidence, you strode over to Jack, only to see him grab the blonde girl, and roughly pull her towards him, smashing their lips together in a heated kiss. You gasped, anger flooding you. You grabbed his arm roughly, pulling him apart from her. “What the hell?!” He said, glaring at you. His eyes showed a bit of surprise when he realized it was you, but he was still angry, nonetheless.

The blonde girl was standing there, confusion etched on her face. “Fuck off.” You spat, and she put her hands up in surrender. “Sorry.” She squeaked, and she disappeared back into the sea of moving bodies. “What’s your problem, Y/N? You totally cock-blocked me!” Jack screamed, his breath smelling very strongly of alcohol. Not that you cared right now, you were pissed.

“My problem? You flirt with me all day, lead me on, and then as soon as the alcohol comes out and the music is on, it’s like you don’t know I exist! Tell me now, Jack! What do you want with me? I’m so tired of sitting here all night, watching you dance with other girls and then leaving with them! Seriously, what do you want? I don’t think I can stand watching you with them any longer!” You said, tears running down your face. You weren’t yelled, despite wanting to, your voice was only loud enough for Jack to hear over the blaring music.

Josh popped up, hearing the conversation. “Let’s take this outside.” He said, gently grabbing you, while Conor grabbed Jack. They pulled you two outside, much to your (and Jack’s) distaste. “We’ll leave you two alone. If you need anything, you know where we are.” Conor said, earning a grumble from Jack and a grateful look from you. With that, the two had disappeared back into the club doors.

“Alright Jack, get talking. I want to know, do you have fun toying with my emotions? Do you like seeing me like this?” You said, gesturing to yourself, shaking with your arms crossed over your chest, tears streaming down your face. Jack’s face softened and he let out a deep sigh. “I’ve been hurt before, Y/N..” He started, and you cut him off. “Stop right there Jack. You don’t think I know? I’ve been here for years. You’ve hurt me a hell of a lot too, you know. I don’t want to play these stupid games, because they hurt more than a breakup.” You said, straightforwardly.

“Look, last time I fell in love, she broke my heart into pieces! I get I’ve hurt you, I know! I’ve been killing myself every time I do it! I go out with other girls because I can’t get my mind off of you! You’re constantly flooding my mind, the guilt eating me away. Instead of stopping, though, the idiotic voice in my head tells me to go get laid, and stop thinking about you for once! But I can’t, because I’m so in love with you, it hurts!” He said, grabbing you and smashing his lips against yours.

After all this time, you finally got to kiss Jack Maynard. It felt amazing, but you couldn’t help but hold onto his words. You pulled away slightly, just enough to speak with your lips brushing his, ever so slightly. “I promise, Jack. I’ll never hurt you. I love you too.” He didn’t answer, placing his lips on yours again, much slower this time, and more passionately. Even after everything he put you through, you couldn’t have been happier he hurt you, because it got you to where you were now, and this is where you wanted to be.


So I combined two request for this one, I hope you will enjoy! I just let this write itself as it came out of my mind, maybe you won’t like my humour but I think it is quite funny! 

WARNING : I know that waist of food isn’t something to laugh about and to make it really clear, it’s not what I’m doing here! And I have nothing against any girls named Emma here, I just had to came up with a name you know haha!

Y/N was worried. Worried because it had been about an hour since Jack had came home without even looking at her of their friends. He just walked past the living room, straight up to his bedroom. She wanted to go and see what was wrong with her twin immediately but if he was mad, she knew she had to wait. So she did. But still an hour later, he wasn’t here. And she was worried.

As Conor, Josh and Oli were all gathered on the couch with her, randomly talking about anything and everything. Y/N was staring at the ground, hesitant about knocking on his door and her older brother must have noticed. “What’s so fascinating about that floor?” He joked and everyone laughed. She looked up to him, an amused smile on her face by this comment. “Should I check out on him?” She asked and Conor glanced over his shoulder before looking back to her. “I think you should.” Conor replied, smiling and she instantly got up, almost running up towards the hallway and in front of the closed door of his room.

She knocked softly and she heard the muffled voices of him moving. “Can I come in?” Y/N asked and heard some sniffs which made her frown grew. “Go away.” Jack said, his voice barely audible and she sighed before pushing the door open slowly? She was surprised by what she saw, not that it had been the first time she has ever seen him like that but because she wasn’t expecting it. He was crying. As soon as he saw her, he turned his head, wiping his eyes because of course, it wasn’t manly to cry in front of others. Y/N didn’t know what to do so she stepped closer, sitting on the bed, facing him. Jack was looking down to his lap, avoiding her glance. She put a hand on his knee and this time, he looked up, eyes rimmed red. She hated this. And she gave him  a comforting smile as he opened his arms out for her to hug him, like an upset child would do towards his mother. She leaned in closer, wrapping her arms around her twin brother, letting all of his emotions out. Y/N simply rubbed his back, soothing him. “Tell me everything.” She ordered gently as she pulled away to look at him, wiping a few tears on his cheeks. He sighed and he looked down to his lap. “I was going out over to Emma’s and as I walked in, she was..” He stopped, looking up to his sister for her reaction, because he knew she would be pissed. “She what?” Y/N frowned, waiting for the rest of the explanation. “She was making out with someone else.” Jack blurred out and Y/N flinched. “She cheated on you?” She questioned but it sounded more like an affirmation, her voice growing slightly as the anger started to build up inside of her. Jack nodded shyly and Y/N instantly got up, tugging at his hand for him to follow which he did. 

He followed her through the hallway and the living room. The boys all snapped their heads to them as Y/N was putting a jacket and shoes on, leaving them confused. “Josh, Oli, you take care of him, without any teasing.” She ordered, pointing at the two and they exchanged a look. “Conor, you are coming with me.” She said as she grabbed the keys to their car, Conor looked a bit lost but he did so because he knew she had a plan. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right back with ice cream to play a game of Fifa.” She winked as she looked at Jack who smiled widely as he knew what she would do. “I’m waiting for you in the car.” She told Conor as she walked towards the front door. “And grab some eggs!” She yelled loud enough for him to hear. Conor laughed as he heard the crazy words coming from his sister’s mouth but still grabbed the eggs before climbing up in the car with her.

They drove for about 10 minutes before parking in front of a big house. “What the hell are you planning?” Conor asked, looking at her like she was nuts. “My revenge.” She smirked at him as she eyed Emma’s car and front door. “You don’t break my brother’s heart like that.” She smiled over at him again and his smile grew. Y/N took a few eggs and put them in her pockets as she let the rest down to Conor. “This family is absolutely mental.” Conor whispered to himself but it amused him so much to see her so determined. “Hey, you’re a part of it too.” The siblings both chuckled before Conor put the rest of the eggs in his own pockets. “Just let me do my thing but when I’ll talk to her, each time I’ll look over at you, you’ll throw an egg on her car.” She explained, pointing at the car facing their parked one. “And then what?” Conor laughed, shaking his head in amusement. “And then we drive off.” Y/N laughed with him. “Understood?” She asked, holding her fist to him. He looked at it first and then connected hers with his, high-fiving each other. “Hell yes.” Conor said before they both got out of the car, Conor simply facing the other car and waiting. Y/N walked up to the house, looking up to her bedroom window. The thing is that Emma used to be a friend of hers so she knew exactly the structure of her house. She took an egg out and threw it to the window where it shattered to pieces, leaving the liquid to stick onto it. And she threw another one. And another one. Y/N was actually good at throwing things. It didn’t took long for the girl to open her window. “Y/N? What the hell?” She yelled, throwing her hands up in the air.  “Get down here, you bitch!” Y/N snapped back, the anger floating back as soon as she saw her face. 

She watched as Emma pushed the window down and she walked towards the front door. Emma angrily opened the door and Y/N was trying her best to remain calm and not punch her in the face. “Oh, it’s been so long! How have you been?” Y/N said, faking the words coming out of her month and smirking proudly. Emma blinked up at her, confused. And then it was on. Y/N looked towards Conor and gave him a small nod. Conor quickly understood the message and threw an egg on the car. “Hey, stop!” Emma yelled, watching him. Y/N snapped her fingers in front of face and she looked back to her. “Okay so what’s his name?” Y/N asked and she looked so confident that it was actually impressive. “What are you talking about?” Emma said, crossing her arms. “The guy you cheated on Jack with. Come on, tell me.” Y/N replied, crossing her own arms. Emma opened her month to say something but it shut close. And Y/N nodded at Conor, who did the same action as before, admiring his sister’s confidence. “Now let me be clear.” Y/N started, taking a step closer and felt proud when Emma stepped back. “If I ever see you in a street or a club or whatever, you better not meet my glance because I swear to god, I will punch you so hard that your heard will fall down to the floor.” She continued, the hard stare still directed towards her as she looked into her eyes. “I warned you, Emma. I told you to not break his heart and twins have promises. Do not mess with my brother. And you did. You’re a defined bitch, I always thought that about you anyway.” She finished, smirking as she watched Conor threw the last ones on the car, smashing them everywhere. Y/N turned on her heels, walking back to her car as Emma was speechless. Conor snapped a picture of he had just done to her and climbed up into the car with his younger sister as they drove off.

The siblings entered the flat, laughing their heads off as they talked about what had just happened, a few shopping bags in their hands. They stepped into the living room to see Oli, Josh and Jack talking and laughing on the couch, watching some sports on the tv. She smiled as she watched her twin threw his head back in laughter at something that Oli had said. She really could count on Josh and Oli to make him feel better. She took a few things out of a bag and handed it to Jack who frowned. “Ice cream. Snacks. A good ol’ horror movie as we all like them.” She said as she put everything single thing down on the table one by one. “And last but not least, a memory card that you desperately needed to buy for tomorrow.” She finished and Jack had no words. She really knew him well. Jack got up and hugged her tight. “I love you so much.” He whispered in her ear. The ‘I love you’s from Jack were quite rare and it warmed Y/N’s heart when she heard him. “I know, I’m amazing.” She said, pulling away and he laughed. “Don’t go too far.” Jack joked and she hit his arm playfully. “Hey, I’ve helped too!” Conor exclaimed watching the both of them and Jack laughed before walking up to his brother and hugging him quickly. “Thank you, bro.” Jack said and Conor simply smiled at him. “Now, who’s ready to get their asses kicked?” The ginger tree exclaimed and Y/N ran up to the couch after taking her jacket off and sat between Oli and Jack. Conor, Jack, Y/N and Josh took the four controllers and left Oli with nothing as they turned the Xbox on. “Wait, why aren’t I playing?” Oli exclaimed, looking between the four of them. “Because you suck.” The four others replied all in sync and Oli protested, the boys starting to tease him about it. Jack leaned in close to her ear to speak. “What were you doing with eggs though?” He asked, frowning and Y/N smirked before exchanging a look with Conor. “Oh, that’s between Conor and I.” She admitted and ignored her twin’s rambling questions about it. It was only fair to say that Y/N was good at kicking asses and not only at Fifa.