I think we all know what 'NZT' really is...



NetSol almost made me a serial killer




It must be obvious by now that I zero idea how to title things. 


Of course there is a larger manifesto coming, and no, in case you were wondering - it isn’t written yet. I mean… ahem… of course it is! I just left it in my other hard drive. Which… is… in my other pants… 


This week has been a fairly large week for releases. (For me anyway.) There are tons of things that escape me on a minutely basis and frankly I used to have panic attacks about it. I’m trying to find my zen with the simple fact - “There will be things I will miss.” Period. End of story. I am ashamed to admit that there was a hipster phase in my life where I dumped hundreds and thousands of dollars into music and movies I either a.) absolutely abhorred or b.) never even bothered to intellectually consume once they were in my possession. Frankly, I have no idea how the hipsters do it. This behavior is exhausting. 


As I’ll later go into depth about: I am a geek. That is to say that there are nerds, dorks, geeks and probably many more sub-genres that I have yet to hear about. Actually if you want to hear a fairly decent break down of it, I heartily recommend subscribing to “The Nerdist” podcast. Its hosted by Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. I believe the actual conversation takes place in Nerdist episode #99: Geekdad. As I’ll explain later, I am geek. I still have the scars on the back of my head from the nickels that were hurled at my skull whilst I walked to my locker after lunch in seventh grade. (Fear not friends - the divots from multiple five cent pieces were not enough for me to retire my SeaQuest DSV shirt.)


Onto more interesting things!


  1. Apple’s “Lion” upgrade to the mac OS. I am an Apple whore. There is no doubt in my mind. No matter what product they release I will find a way to justify owning it. I’ve come to terms with it. No, I’m not getting paid to say any of these things. Mr. Jobs doesn’t like to dish out cash for these mentions. Wouldn’t matter if he did anyway, I’d want compensation in the form of iTunes store credits. I digress (this will happen ALOT),  last week there were rumors of Lion’s release being Thursday. No. Friday? Nope. A weekend launch perhaps? HA. Long story short it was made available today (Wednesday July 20, 2011) for a meager $30 in the App store. Weighing in a bit less than three and a half gigs the download wasn’t that painful and install was fast (enough). Do I recommend it? Yes. They modified “Spaces” into “Mission Control”. (Although from what I can tell they just gave it cooler name in hopes of justifying that lonely key at the top of Apple brand keyboards.) The full screen viewing is worth cost of upgrade alone as well as the multi-touch gestures. Again, haven’t deconstructed it completely, but for $30 - I give it 3.7 frontal lobes out of 4. 
  2. Limitless” directed by Neil Burger, starring Bradley Cooper. Very watchable movie. I enjoy Mr. Cooper quite a bit. He has great comedic sensibilities and doesn’t make me question if he knows that there is actually a spoon, even though the script says differently. The ending… well… the quickest way to lose you as a reader is to throw spoilers at you, right? Ha. It’s a decent rent. 2.9 frontal lobes out of 4. By the by, was it not painfully obvious to EVERYONE else that NZT is Adderall? Please, they didn’t even bother to disguise that. 
  3. Old World Blues” DLC for Fallout: New Vegas (xbox 360 version). I cannot say enough good things about the Fallout franchise. Despite being a relatively new inductee, I eat, breathe and lose sleep over this game (and it’s predecessor - Fallout 3.) When I’m not trying to keep Boone from shooting every Legion member in a 9 trillion mile radius (hint - I give up and just let him now) or looking for those effin’ snow globes - I’m working up strategies to infiltrate a Deathclaw nest. I’m not far into this DLC at all, so I won’t rate something I haven’t experienced yet - but check out the trailer: . The trailer alone was well worth me parting with 800 Microsoft credits ($10). 


A couple more mentions until next time:


Check out Team UnicornFTW’s latest release: Alien Beach Crashers (It’s got Zachary Levi otherwise known as Chuck! Well done ladies.) 


I can’t recommend the Nerdist heartily enough. Nerdist industries also has a new video game-centric podcast known as “The Indoor Kids”. Not bad thus far, only two episodes in, but they have enough to keep me coming back. 


Oh and check the trailer for “Good Neighbors”! Jay Baruchel never disappoints. 


Season 5 of The Guild featuring, nerd goddess: Felicia Day premieres July 26th! 


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