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Good day my fandom queen *bows* I'm so disappointed about the turn Pol and Ivan's mum story has taken. I mean, yes it was obvious and predictable, but so unnecessary. I even haven't watch the episode but from what I get here on Tumblr, many people don't see the point behind their hook up. And me neither. Should I be optimistic? Or should I run for cover for the umpteenth destruction of a beautiful (and queer) ship?

Awwwww Martina! why are you so sweet? Thank you so much hun <3 

Yes, I am disappointed too but at least it was something we saw coming and didn’t take us by surprise.

What annoys me the most is that as you say, is pointless and a waste of time that could be use to develop brunol.

Of course hun, we have to be optimistic. They just hook up, Pol didn’t declare his eternal love for her. I am pretty sure this is just a one time thing. It’s too soon to give up on brunol <3 Let’s stay positive :)


Photographer Martina Bisaz’s Journey Through Switzerland 

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a few OC drawings I had lying around

I’ve barely been active on this blog in the past 2 years yet it’s somehow approaching 40k followers ‘’’8′’( I don’t know how I deserve this, thank you so much for sticking around, I’ll try to be brave and post things  (ง ;-;)ง