design/concept drawings for a bunch of my thajir characters. the thajir is a species of birb-y people that me and my gf @erokubi created for one of our RP universes; they’re shapeshifters but this is their “default” humanoid form. 

// art + characters © me (yes i have A Lot of characters …)

to be a king beside you

by anonymous

Harry scrambled to his feet quickly and bowed. “Your majesty” Harry mumbled, not making eye contact but instead staring at the ground. “Please forgive me- I was just- um-I’m sorry”. Harry guiltily tried to hide the half made flower crown behind his back.

”H-Harry?“ Louis eyes widened in shock.

”Hi” Harry gave a small wave.

“Oh my goodness!” Louis rushed forward, smashing his body against Harry’s, wrapping his arms around him and holding him close. “I haven’t seen you in years. What are you doing here?” he said pulling back, noticing that Harry wasn’t hugging him back.

“I applied and well” Harry shrugged. “Here I am…”

Something we’ve always admired about [Zayn] Malik is his ability to always stay true to his creative self. He’s honed a style that is his own, combining high fashion with street cool. His eccentric yet quirky style is definitely worthy of note.
—  Dean and Dan Cate (fashion designers, Dsquared²) about Zayn.

ziam shippers are that one part of the fandom that are lowkey but highkey and just love supporting all the boys. :)