See how CUTE when he feels guilty!😂
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🚫This boy.. no matter how hard he tries to build his ABS or to look as a “BABE”.. He’s still a “BABY” to all BABYz! Just.. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE OVERLOAD!😊
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Millionaire/City Boy AU: 
Kris | Sehun | Tao | Suho | ChenLay | D.O | Xiumin | Luhan | Chanyeol | Baekhyun | Kai

jimin first date
  • going to a cafe together
  • him running up to the doors to open them for you
  • pulling out your chairs for you and being extremely proud with you thank him for it 
  • “anything for my lady” 
  • him being sorta shy but u wanting to listen to him ramble on for hours because its just so darn adorable 
  • “and then he was like..’I can’t believe you did that’ but I was like ‘I just did.’ Aren’t I so cool? everyone should wish to be like me.” 
  • u nodding and him deflating “im sorry im only talking about myself” “nO ITS FINE I LOVE LISTENING TO YOU TALK” “really?? ohh you’re so cute”
  • u laughing and covering your face with your hands shyly
  • him taking you out later for a walk 
  • “wah its cold” “is it?”
  • him taking off his jacket for you and putting it over your shoulders
  • “arent u cold” “not when im with you” 
  • him smiling adorably at you and looking as proud as ever
Moonlit Nights | jungkook drabble

description: “tell me how it feels to fall in love with no one to catch you”

a/n: i was feeling a bit down, and when im down my emotions go wild and this happened

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anonymous asked:

Maknae like reaction to finding out that their girlfriend is scared of the loud noises that come from TVs, Radios, Computers etc. the error message with the blaring siren sounds or something like that.

Park Jimin/Jimin,Kim

He would love being your hero, your saving your ears hero. He would try to distract you from the sound or just hug you whenever you jumped because of a loud sound. He would want you to feel protected and of course make sure his precious baby was ok.

Kim Taehyung/V:  

He would put his hands on your ears as he kissed your nose to calm you down and make you laugh. He would do this all the time he knew that a loud sound would come or he would see you react on it. He would take care of his precious ball of fluff.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

Since Jungkook is such a man, he would find you cute at first and then “man up” and hold around you while humming on your favorite song of all time. He would make sure that the volume was down on most things so his precious princess would not be scared. Also hold your hand whenever you got scared.

BTS maknae line:

Sorry for not writing a long reaction thing for them. But I wrote more what the would do when you would jump from a loud sound. Hope it was ok! <3