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Drunk Confession — Maknae Line

I posted this on my blog, but I know your trash for the Maknae line too so I’ll submit it to you too! I hope you like it :D

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Dudeee this sounds super weird but you know that gif where Jackson puts his hand on Youngjae's waist? Weell if you look closely at his expression, he kinda has this 'oh' moment and he stops singing for like a sec, it's cute just thought to let u know

Hello, my lovely!

Don’t worry! That doesn’t sound weird at all! At least not to me. I’m sorry it took me so many hours to see this, but you’re absolutely right about Youngjae’ adorable expression when Jackson’s hand slides doooown his waist… I may be internally screaming right now, ahaha!!!

[GIF by jackseunie]

Have you seen the full video though?? If not, you should go watch it immediately because the amount of hugging and touching throughout the entire thing is ridiculously beautiful! And it’s not only in the Jackjae moment where Youngjae was being so incredibly touchy though that little moment you pointed out is rather special!! There wasn’t much 2jae or Markjae because Markbum were off doing their own thing on the other side of Jinyoung for the most part, but we had some major 2young, some adorable Yugjae, the Jackjae you mentioned, and some cute maknae line! 

I am absolutely awful at screenshots, but! There are just so many cute moments, and those are only some of the Youngjae centric ones without even touching on everything else! Ahh, but thank you for pointing that moment out and giving me some Jackjae (and also Jack2jae, ahaha) feels… and I’m sorry I just turned into such trash! At least now you needn’t feel any shame compared to me, haha! But all Youngjae pairings are cute af so I cannot be blamed!

Bless you for sharing, lovely!!

[Bonus Trash Time: When you’re trying to screenshot 2young moments and you catch Jaebum staring at Youngjae… JB won’t let me escape the 2jae trash can!]

someone breaks into your house (hyung line)

a/n- ahh i know this probably wasn’t what you wanted but this is what came out haha (i tried doing it when they were all on tour, but it wasn’t good, so i hope you don’t mind that i switched it up.) i’ll do the maknae line as soon as i can!

Seokjin- Seokjin had went out to get groceries, letting you sleep in a bit longer. Though, you woke up when you heard a crashing sound downstairs. “Jin, honey, what did you break?” you called out in a sleepy voice. All noises ceased and you heard some cursing coming from not one, but two different people and you realize that it wasn’t your boyfriend downstairs at all. “Oh my God,” you mumbled and instantly grabbed your phone, not believing that someone would have the guts to rob you in broad daylight. You shot up from your bed and into your closet, doing your best to hide behind the long coats and dresses. You quickly call the police, whispering into the phone your situation as quietly as possible. They tell you to stay where you are and that they were on their way, so you hang up and text Seokjin. Tears roll of your cheeks and onto your phone screen as you quickly try to explain what is going on. As soon as he gets your text, he’s in a frenzy to get back home, leaving the shopping cart- full of groceries- in the middle of the aisle as he runs out the door. When he arrives, the police are already there but you’re nowhere in sight. He acts quickly, telling the police that it’s his house and he knows where you’d be hiding. So, he sprints up the stairs and into your bedroom, throwing open the door to the closet and only relaxing when he sees your perfectly unharmed body. You practically launch yourself into his arms, letting him hold you close until the shock of what had happened died down. 

“It’s all over. They'e gone now, and they aren’t ever coming back.”

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Yoongi- It was a late night for him at the studio, as usual. You were used to him coming home in the middle of the night, so when you head the front door open and shut, you didn’t think anything of it. That is, until you heard the mumbling of very unfamiliar and rough voices. Your eyes widen in fear as you drop to the floor and shimmy underneath the bed, hiding yourself from the intruders. You dial 911 on your phone, hands shaking, and tell them what’s wrong. They inform you that they’re on their way, so you end the call and instantly dial Yoongi’s number. He won’t answer texts in the studio, but he knew to answer calls. “Hello? This isn’t really a good time, Y/N,” he tells you from the other end, background music blaring. You’re crying now, but trying to be as silent as possible. “Yoongi, people are in our house. They broke in,” you’d whisper back. The music instantly shuts off. “Stay hidden, do you hear me? I’m leaving right now. Don’t hang up and don’t say another word,” he says in a rush and you can hear him go out into the streets. He doesn’t get into a car, instead he chooses to sprint the short distance instead of waste time trying to hail a cab at this hour. He listens intently to you on the other line, the muted sounds of your whimpers only pushing him to go faster until he spots your house. Police are surrounding it already, and after a quick explanation, Yoongi runs in and up to your bedroom. You let out a loud sob as you see his feet from your spot beneath the bed, finally emerging and letting Yoongi wrap you up in a hug that’s so tight you can barely breathe. 

“It’s okay now, it’s okay." 

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Hoseok- When Hoseok saw your contact light up his phone screen, excitement grew in his chest. He loved getting calls from you while he was on tour. "Y/N! How are you doing today?” he greeted in a cheerful voice. When he didn’t immediately hear you reply back in your usually happy manner, he knew something was wrong. “H-Hobi, somebody broke in today while I was at work. They t-took so much,” you stuttered between gushes of tears. His heart dropped into his stomach. “Are you alright?” he asked, first and foremost. “I’m f-fine, but all of our things…” you hiccuped, trying to calm yourself down. Hoseok breathed a sigh of relief. “I don’t care about any of our stuff. I just care that you’re okay. I have a lot of things, but only one you,” he told you softly. You nodded, but he couldn’t see you. “I miss you,” you muttered, clutching the phone tightly, looking at your half-empty living room. “You won’t have to miss me for long. I’m coming home, even if it’s just for tonight. Then, when I have to leave, I want you to either stay with my family or one of your friends, just until the tour is over. I…I really don’t want anything to happen to you while you’re home,” he said with tears welling in his own eyes. After your call ended, he sprung into action. He needed to get home. 

“Just hang tight. I’m on my way." 

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Namjoon- Namjoon had went out to pick up a movie for you two to watch tonight, while you were making snacks to eat. Just as you pulled the cookies out of the oven, you heard a crashing sound that immediately sped your heart up. "Namjoon?” you called out, and when there was no answer, just the sound of footsteps, you reacted quickly, grabbing your phone and a knife, tucking yourself away in the pantry as quietly as possible. Your heart raced as your trembling fingers typed out a quick message to Namjoon, telling him that somebody had broken into your house and he needed to call the police. He responded almost immediately, telling you to call him but also to not say anything, just keep him on the line. You obeyed his request, pressing the phone tightly to your ear as you heard the sounds of the intruder come closer. You held the knife tightly in your grasp, afraid you’d have to use it, but when you heard the sounds of sirens, you quickly figured out that that wouldn’t be the case. You stayed completely silent until you heard Namjoon on the line, telling you he was home and the police had caught the guy. You were still too shocked and afraid to move, so you told him your location and waited until you heard his footsteps approach. He opened the door to reveal your shaking- but unharmed- body and quickly kneeled down to take you into his arms. You clung onto him for dear life as he did his best to calm you down. 

“Just breathe, I’m here now. You’re safe.”

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Meg, big problem here or tall depending how you see it. I'm a fervent supporter of our beloved whiny sass machine since day 1, because everything, but, there is a but, I have a huge aesthetic fascination for our giant maknae's body. Sehun body is pure lines perfection. Only Bowie before him had such a strong visual impact on me. Sehun was made to be photographed, to be seen, to be exposed yet very few managed to capture him as I believe he deserve to be and it frustrates me so much! Send help 제발

oh dear, anony
I think you’re coming down with a rarely documented illness, known as Dangerous Noodle Disorder, or DND for short. it’s unknown how many people in the fandom are afflicted with this disorder, although medical journals say that DND is spreading more than ever. no bias list is safe, no blog is immune, no vaccinations have been shown to have any effect. victims report getting lost in the chiseled planes of his stomach, muttering in their sleep about “shoulders more broad than any horizon”, and having headaches induced by dat booty. 
if you or someone you love is being affected by DND, please talk to someone you trust before you do something drastic, like change your phone wallpaper to this most dangerous of noodles. and whatever you do, don’t look at pictures like this:

i mean whoops who put those there 


boyfriend! jimin moodboard ♡

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Meet Oh Heejun
~ Maknae, vocalist & comedian


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BTS Reacting To Seeing You Without Makeup...

Request: Nope, I just thought this would be cute ^.^

Hobi: This little ray of sunshine always goes on and on about how cute you are…like you could be setting someone on fire and he’d still be like aww ^.^…so when he saw you without makeup he wouldn’t be able to help himself … Hoseok would walk towards you, pinch your cheeks and kiss your face  “Jagiya, you’re so So cute” ^.^  *you’re jimin*

Jin: Omma Jin and you would have decided to have a  a night in and eat Chinese takeout in your PJ’s… *You:”Stop looking at me*” ….”I can’t help it Jagiya ,you’re just so pretty”^.^ *eats food without breaking eye contact*… XD

Jungkook: Jungkock I mean the Golden Maknae would arrive at your place half an hour before your date… “Jagiya? Sorry I’m early for our date, I just really wanted to see you! ^.^” *you:Oh ummm *hides face* I’ll be out in a few just let me do my makeup”… “But you look good like this. Plus I’m barefaced too!” (high key feel like Kook is into matching couple things)….

Suga: Yoongi would be working until like 4 in the morning as usual… you would show up in the middle of the night to try and get him into bed *You Groggy af: Yoongi it’s 4 in the morning! Come to bed right now… *pouts**… Mean Yoongi would think it’s adorable….*smirks* “ Jagiya look so cute when you’re sleepy” …he would give you a gummy smile and follow you half carry you to bed… 

Tae: This little pineapple would just decide to surprise you at like 6 in the morning *Knock* *You:WHAT!* “It’s me Jagiya!* *You:*opens the door* “What are you doing here at 6 in the Morning!” … unfazed AF “OMG MY JAGIYA  LOOKS SO CUTE IN THE MORNING!! *does aegyo*…*You:blushing af …ain’t even mad*… Bc like how could you be mad at that face! ?^.^

Rapmonster: Joonie and you would be getting ready for bed … you would come out of the bathroom after a shower wrapped in your towel..  Namjoon would stop what he’s doing and look at you mouth agape… “Wow, if you look this good barefaced, I can’t even begin to imagine what you look like naked”….*wink wink* 

Jimin: Mr. Eyesmiles would be sitting on the couch after a long practice and decide to face time you bc he wanted to see your face ^.^… You would have just gotten out of bath so you’re barefaced …*You:”Jimin!”*… Jimin:“Jagyia!” *you: shy shy* “You look so much better without makeup than I do!” *eye smiles and giggles*



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