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:O that music box music is lovely, could we have a bigger view of that cute piece of art you did for it? <3 love all your artwork btw keep it going man you're the best

AHhhhh thank you!! I wanted to challenge myself like : can I make this schmaltzy and brusque tune into something suuuper sentimental?

Apparently the answer is YES.

Also here u go. The picture is a redraw of That Scene.

Because a number of people asked for it, this is a mini compilation of JK speaking to Jimin in banmal (informal speech).

The exact parts where he speaks informally:

  1. First clip, when he said: Jimin-ah!! Happy Birthday!
  2. Second clip, the whole time JK was speaking [뭐/모 are homophones “mo.” (Slightly different pronunciations tho) ] Bonus satoori.
  3. At the very end of the clip where he said: Mmm, I cried at that time too.
  4. When he said Yeah.

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