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Nelsan Ellis describing his crush on #LucyLiu. ;)

Instagram post by Media 66 • Jul 24, 2017 at 2:51pm UTC
10 Likes, 1 Comments - Media 66 (@media_66) on Instagram: “Here at Media66 we just had the pleasure of interviewing Lucy Liu on directing Luke Cage! Check…”

“Check it out : Lucy Liu said: “I’m a creative person and I always need something new to challenge me and push me to the next level. I was given the opportunity to direct a short film and I knew instantly I wanted to experience more of the process. It was a challenging experience but afterwards I knew directing had pressed my creative button and I’ve had the bug ever since.” #postproduction#marvel #edit #lukecage #lucyliu #directing

hhikarusulu  asked:

top shitty b knight quotes

this was difficult bc i had to stop myself from listing every single thing shitty ever says to jack as chronicled on bittys twitter (DONT GIVE ME THAT ZIMMERMANN DONT KISS DONT TELL BULLSHIT etc) but here u go

  • this one only half counts but “and we would’ve found one for shitty if he wasn’t holding out for lardo” “fuck you guys”
  • how he fucking says “COOL BRO” & then “thanks for trusting me with that moment man” when bitty comes out to him i WEEP & then this is the same convo so its the same bullet point but “BITS. i thought i had a goddam sign taped to my back that said “will affirm all sexual identities.” 
  • “im justa brah tryna tell a brah about his day”
  • “BULLSHIT. you were in town, zimmermann. DWEEB TOWN.”
  • “or you could roll over so i can put my head on your GIANT BUTT” (waves my flag)
  • & a bonus because its technically in huddle & therefore not technically a quote: “trust me brah i’d be saying a helluva lot more if your external obliques weren’t making me forget basic english syntax” shitty’s bi & its fine