• I’m so happy and thrilled that I get to meet him in real life!!
  • AHHHH!
  • If would have been better to snap a picture with him but it’s ok! I’ll take this!
  • Oh and the fan event was overcrowded!!
  • Some local MUFC fans are complaining…
  • Thank goodness I didn’t go! Haha
  • More pictures

  • with an SAF lookalike.. LOL

  • Oh and that VDS article is from this magazine!

  • I actually bought it a couple of weeks before we won the EPL but never got to upload it here! Haha

  • CREYS ↓


  • YOU SEE!! ↑
  • THE 07/09 KIT IS THE BEST!!!!

  • STUPID ABU (Anything But United) fans! ↑
  • nothing personal
  • Anyways, the posters are like SUPER HUGE!

  • LOL
  • OK
  • That’s all!


I’m jealous of fans who were born into a club. Those who support the club because their dads/grandfathers supported them. Like the club runs in their blood; supporting the cub since they were children! It’s really their life and passion and everything. And it’s always so beautiful to read about their passion and love for the club.

Then I think to myself that my love for a club can never be compared to these fans. Sometimes I don’t think I’m a good enough fan, and that my thoughts and opinions are not so valid :| 

  • So my mom finally saw my handphone background which is ↓
  • She asked who he is, so I said he’s a footballer and he’s Muslim
  • and she said “Ask him to come to Singapore and I’ll arrange barang-barang hantaran”!

*barang-barang hantaran: sets of decorated gift items that sometimes include a ring, fruits, cakes, biscuits, clothings etc which are exchanged between the two families during (engagement and) akad nikah

About Me

First off, I would like to thank my beautiful and wonderful followers!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really L♥VE all of you!

I really appreciate that y'all follow me. I try to be as koality as possible ;)

Right. So. Here it goes.

  • My actual name is Lizah
  • This is me
  • Lizzy is my nickname
  • No, Lizah isn’t my full name
  • Born 15 Nov 1988
  • From Singapore
  • I speak English and Malay and Singlish
  • I’ve actually learnt French for 6 months but that’s that

At first, I made a personal Tumblr but after secretly following some of you, I decided to make a football-related Tumblr. I mean “Why not?”, right?

So on 12th August 2010, I made it happen and since making this blog, my personal Tumblr isn’t as updated often as it used to be. But I’m trying. Multitasking is hard.


  • Spend time with my family and friends. My family is very important to me.
  • Movies; especially romantic comedies. I’m such a sucker for them!
  • TV; I call myself a couch potato and even my sister and friends know that
  • Music; it really does help me to relax
  • Shopping
  • Reading
  • I always state Travelling as a hobby but I’ve never really travel so much. So I wish that I do get to travel the world.


  • Movie: Inception - Mind fucked. 500 Days of Summer - ♥. I have too many favourite movies to remember. I enjoy any genre of movies as long as the storyline doesn’t suck. And, of course I’m most excited about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (I)!!
  • TV: These are the TV shows that I’m currently watching - Glee, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Chuck, Grey’s Anatomy, Leverage, White Collar, Burn Notice, Lie To Me, Drop Dead Diva.
  • Song: (currently) Heartbeat by Enrique Iglesias ft Nicole Scherzinger. I mostly listen any genre except heavy/metallic/hard rock and techno. 
  • Book: All Harry Potter books. I also have the whole Twilight book set but I’m kinda over that right now. 

Fun Facts:

  • During WC 2010, I pretty much live tweeted all of the matches because I was on holiday and had all the time in the world. Then after the matches, I would post the match review on Facebook and my friends would comment their thoughts and it became a place where we discussed World Cup.
  • None of my IRL friends know that I have this Tumblr. I’m not sure if I wanna tell them because I don’t think they care. Idk.
  • I have not seen Fight Club and The Notebook. I’m such a loser, I know but I just simply forget to watch!
  • I don’t really use so much vulgarity IRL as I do on Tumblr/online
  • If I dislike someone just by meeting them for the first time, something’s wrong and something bad’s gonna happen. Idk how to explain it but it has been proven!
  • I used to play Netball, Hockey and Floorball.
  • I can’t swim or ride a bike but I’m determined to learn.
  • And if I think about something; something I daydream about or wish to happen, it would never become true! So I always tell myself to stop thinking, if I want it to happen. Make sense?
  • I have some football items/collections that I cherish and love every much.
  • I’m very happy and proud of my football wall

Right. So ya. That’s all. I guess.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

xo xo


Excuse me for my blabbering!



I’m just blabbering really! Hehe