Faking It by TheCellarDoor

Summary: A uni AU in which Louis has been Harry’s best friend since he offered him cubed fruit on the playground, and they spend more time cuddling in their dorm beds than they do apart, but it’s not like that. Or is it?

Aka Harry pretends to date his best friend to escape unwanted attention from a too insistent classmate and hopes it won’t blow up in his face. Featuring embarrassing dildo accidents, awkward boners, longing, first times, late night conversations, emotional discoveries and Niall as the exasperated friend with bad advice.

Rating: Mature

Pairing: H/L

Warnings: Explicit language/content, brief mentions of alcohol and weed

Word count: 46k

Fanart will be linked additionally

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First Look: 'Mob Psycho 100' Teaser From 'One-Punch Man' Creator

“Japanese animation studio Bones debuted a teaser yesterday for Mob Psycho 100, a series adaptation of the manga by Japanese indie artist, One.

The concept revolves around a shy boy, nicknamed Mob, with psychic abilities who must keep his emotions under control, because when he reaches 100% of his emotional capacity, he explodes.

The talent involved with the show is considerable: director is Yuzuru Tachikawa (Death Parade), scripts by Hiroshi Seko (Ajin), character design by Yoshimichi Kameda (One-Punch Man animation director), sound direction by Kazuhiro Wakabayashi (Eureka Seven, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Soul Eater) and music by Kenji Kawai (Ghost in the Shell, Hana Moyu, Patlabor).”


this one is up for preorder on my storenvy :DD and I’ll also be selling it at Tekko this spring (the only con i can get to,,,, ;v;)

please do preorder this if you want it! that lets me know how many I’ll need to order to begin with! preorders close on February 25th, you’ve got a little over two weeks for that, but I will be ordering extras because Tekko so don’t worry if you miss the preorder deadline!

stay tuned for more prints and stuff soon, imma try and yknow. actually draw stuff I like this semester haha

How a Little Company Called GKIDS Keeps Crashing the Oscar Animation Category

“Over the last seven years, Disney/Pixar has ruled the Oscar animation field with nine nominations and five wins. But you’d probably be surprised to learn who comes in second: Not DreamWorks Animation or Illumination or Blue Sky or Laika, but a small, eight-year-old New York-based company called GKIDS.

Since it launched in 2008, the company has landed a startling eight nominations with the kind of films that fly under the radar right up until the moment they’re announced as nominees.

‘Every year it’s amusing to me that our films get nominated and people say, ‘What a surprise!“ GKIDS president Eric Beckman told TheWrap. 'If you watch the movies, it shouldn’t be a surprise.’

'Our whole reason for being as a company is to help expand and elevate the notion of what animation can be,’ Beckman said. 'As wonderful as the Hollywood animated films can be, they’re sort of narrow in their range: They’re mostly CG, PG-rated comedies with big budgets aiming for four-quadrant audiences. And there’s so much more the art form can be.’”

25 Reasons I Hate Your Main Character
It’s possible I hate your main character. Now, that might be on me. The list below? Entirely personal. And, as always, in the hands of a master, none of this shit applies. A masterful storyteller can break all the rules and make the breaking of the rules seem like that should’ve been the rule all along. Your Mileage May Vary, but just the same I thought it an interesting exercise to list those things that make me want to punt your main character into a pterodactyl nest. Where he will be promptly ripped into ribbons and gobbets of man-meat.
By chuck wendig



FBI Arrests Cliven Bundy As Pressure Mounts On 4 Remaining Wildlife Refuge Occupiers
The FBI said it arrested Bundy in Portland late Wednesday night. Charges will be made public Thursday.

Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher prominent in protests to end federal control of western lands, is being held in the Multnomah County Detention Center. His sons Ammon and Ryan were arrested Jan. 27 and are there as well.


My buddy Elliot went ahead and sent me one of his “Support the Journey” shirts. I spent the whole day reflecting on it. 

In the last few years, my life has completely turned around. From feelings of hopelessness and fear, to this incredible sense of comfort and safety. And, while I did a lot of personal work and introspection to make it to this point, I couldn’t have made it this far without my community. 

You have all supported me every step of the way and there aren’t words for the difference that has made in my life. You have supported my journey when there wasn’t a soul elsewhere doing the same. 

I want to extend that help, that community, and all of that love to Elliot, too. His Top Surgery Shop will be open until the 19th of this month. Every sale will bring him closer to being able to change his life forever. 

Check it out and give a little support to his journey, too. 
(Submit some pictures of you in it to me, too!)