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Wanted to do a Style-Challenge for a long time now and here it is!

I drew Arthur Kirkland/aph England in the styles of my friends and of some other artists I admire! (I hope it’s okay for everyone owo)

I tried my very best to imitate their beautiful art styles:

1) @captainjellyroll

2) @mi-chan4649

3) @flowermochii

4) @stephyhime

5) @raincoffeetea

6) @pen-tanic

7) @usuccc

8) @lily-clare

9) @ennui160

10) Hetalia Anime (first few seasons)

11) Hetalia Anime (World Twinkle)

12) @glassparty (my style)

This challenge was really fun and I think I learned a lot while doing these: It was interesting to color and draw in different ways! ^^ should I make more?

Allies Kissing Gifs

England: He kisses like a damn gentleman and nobody can tell me otherwise.

America: A little fast and sloppy but still good as hell.

France: Even his casual kisses are freaky, c’mon.

Russia: Slow with just a hint of tongue~

China: He knows exactly what he’s doing, really sensual.

Canada: A little awkward at first but once he gets into it, super cute.

Normally I wouldn’t do more than five characters but since this is a gif imagine, I don’t mind. These kisses to me represent regular day-to-day kisses, not in the throes of passion kisses. Those would be even sexier. ;D

-Mod Lily

anonymous asked:

Excuse me if this is random, but how would Prussia, America, England, and Romano react if their s/o out if nowhere said "Trust fall!" and then started falling. Would any of them actually catch their s/o? 😂 (I tried this with my significant other, and he tried to catch me but I ended up knocking over and we both fell)

Hello my fellow Hetalia lover~! Sorry for the slow response, like I said things at home have been a bit crazy. This is a super cute ask though and it was fun to imagine these guys reactions. :D Thanks a bunches for sending this in doll, and I hope my reply makes you smile~! 

Prussia: Gilbert would react immediately, making sure that he grabs his s/o before they can even come close to hitting the ground. He’s got great instincts so it would be easy for him. He’d keep them in his arms, looking down  at them with a big grin. He’d probably tease them a little by pretending he’s going to drop them before he pulls them up into a hug. He’d be insistent on trying this trust fall for himself but would do it at some time his s/o wasn’t expecting and they’d both end up falling over.

England: You startled him! Arthur drops whatever he’s holding to immediately catch his s/o. He almost wasn’t able to catch his s/o because of his surprise but at the last moment, he manages to grab them before they hit the ground. He stares at his s/o for a moment before he leans down and gives them a kiss. Then he’d pull them back up and scold them for doing that out of the blue. What if you had gotten hurt?!

South Italy: This poor guy. Romano would loose his cool and not be sure what to do, so he’d up just falling to the ground under his s/o, so that they don’t get hurt. He was just too shocked to catch them, but now they’re laying on top of him and well, it’s not all that bad. It’s pretty nice actually … He’d definitely be annoyed with his s/o for doing that randomly and nearly giving him a heart attack. But he’d enjoy holding them close for a little longer than necessary.

America: He’d catch his s/o so fast, they barely had a chance to fall at all! Alfred would laugh at the look on his s/o’s face before lifting them up into his arms bridal style. He’d just be very amused that they tried to pull a stunt like that, but he’d also be pleased that his s/o trusts him to catch them. He’d spin around in a circle a couple of times until both him and his s/o are dizzy and then they’d lay down on the ground together. You’re so silly s/o!

-Mod Lily

anonymous asked:

Can you do some boyfriend headcanons for Prussia and America?

Hello, hello darling~! :D How are you this lovely morning, hmm~? I love this request hehe but I’ve never done general boyfriend headcanons before so I really hope that this is alright?? D: I decided to go a very light and kind of silly SFW approach for this, so maybe it’ll make you smile a little regardless. :) Thanks for sending it in. <3 


  • BEER!! Lots of beer and drinking in general together. Sometimes this means drinking contests that end in you both passing out (which is why these are usually done at home). The mornings afterwards are always interesting …
  • Sneaking around with him to play pranks on his brother, Austria and Hungary. Laughing your butts off when the pranks are successful, because of course they are when they’re done by two awesome people like you. ;P

  • Attending to him after he gets smacked in the face with Hungary’s frying pan. Also running from Germany when he inevitably becomes angry. 
  • Playing with Gilbird a lot and helping to take care of him, the cute little birdie~ Buying the birdie stuff because you start considering him your pet too after a while. 

  • Gilbert wanting to train you to make sure that you can take care of yourself. Feeling like you’re going to die afterwards because he’s a tough teacher, but you do improve. ;P

  • Falling asleep at night with him, cuddled together. <3 Waking up the next morning in the weirdest positions because Gilbert moves so much in his sleep.  You’re gonna get accidentally kicked off the bed at least once, fair warning. 

  • Going over to his brothers place to hang out, especially when Gilbert is bored. This can go so many ways, honestly. Playing with his dogs and having Germany questioning your sanity because you’re dating his brother (but he’s actually quite happy for you two). Being the referee for the brothers when they inevitably end up in some competition of sorts with each other. 

  • Following along when he does any of his crazy antics and trying to keep him out of too much trouble. Alternatively, getting into trouble with him because it’s fun~ ;D


  • Having eating contests for just about any food and being in a bit of pain afterwards because you can never beat Alfred … but it’s amusing to try anyway. X’D

  • Playing video games with him and doing victory dances if you manage to beat him!! If not, laughing & rolling your eyes as he brags and gloats about his ~unbreakable winning streak~.

  • Random dance offs because yes that is absolutely essential for this relationship. Or being around Alfred at all really. :P

  • Cuddle attack! Being practically pile driven onto the couch or bed because your boyfriend wants to snuggle with you but doesn’t realize his own strength sometimes. Miraculously, you’re never hurt? 

  • Being dragged to the country meetings which you’re not even allowed to go to but somehow your boyfriend annoys everyone into letting you stay. Just get him to stop stuffing his mouth with hamburgers when he tries to talk!!

  • Feeling bad that Canada is left out so often and trying to include him. Sometimes he turns down the offer because Alfred is secretly giving him the evil eye, sometimes he hangs out with you two and actually manages to enjoy himself thanks to you. Everybody bonding!!

  • Having England constantly wanting the two of you to come over for dinner and being upset when both of you are hesitant to do so (because of his cooking). Maybe he could just come visit you two instead … ? 

  • Watching super scary movies with Alfred because he wants to hold you when you get scared. But you both end up terrified and clutching onto each other. Alternatively, you being the one that’s not scared and has to comfort him. ;P

-Mod Lily

You Sneeze Like A Cat?!

Hey hey anon, this is for you~! This is how Lithuania, Iceland, Norway, America, England, Greece and Belarus would react if their s/o sneezed like a cat. :D Hope you all enjoy~!

England: He’s highly amused but tries to hide his laughter behind a cup of tea.

America: He just outright laughs at his s/o.

Iceland: How is that possible?! What the heck?!

Greece: His s/o sneezes like a cat! He loves them even more now. 

Belarus: She pretends to be a cat for a while after hearing how cute her s/o was.

Lithuania: His s/o is super cute! Aww <3

Norway: He kind of thinks it’s cute but is mostly confused.

-Mod Lily

anonymous asked:

Which one out of Hetalia siblings would slam the doors and open the curtains on purpose while , the other one was having a hangover just to teach them a lesson about drinking too much for the first time?

Lmao, I love this request but it took me forever to do. There are a lot of characters in Hetalia and quite a few siblings. So I tried my best and if I’m missing any or got any wrong, please don’t come to my house and kill me.  Btw, I did some research on the micronations and whatnot to make sure I was getting it right. It was a bit difficult at times because there are a lot of relationships where they act like brother and sister, maybe even call each other that, but are not canonically related. That’s what I used for siblings on this list, canon siblings. So if there are characters not on here that you’re like, uhh wait, it’s probably because they’re fan characters (like Scotland) or not actually related. Or because I’m human.

It was fun to do though I took it way too seriously. X’D

Belarus and Ukraine:

The One Hungover- Ukraine
Teaches Them A Lesson- Belarus

Belarus and Russia:
The One Hungover- Russia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Belarus

Russia and Ukraine:
The One Hungover- Russia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Ukraine

England and America:
The One Hungover- England
Teaches Them A Lesson- America

America and Canada:
The One Hungover- America
Teaches Them A Lesson- Canada

Germany and Prussia:

The One Hungover- Prussia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Germany

South Italy and North Italy:
The One Hungover- North Italy
Teaches Them A Lesson- South Italy

Japan and China:
The One Hungover- Japan
Teaches Them A Lesson- China

England and Sealand:
The One Hungover- Sealand
Teaches Them A Lesson- England

France and Monaco:
The One Hungover- France
Teaches Them A Lesson- Monaco

Liechtenstein and Switzerland:
The One Hungover- Liechtenstein
Teaches Them A Lesson- Switzerland

Iceland and Norway:
The One Hungover- Iceland
Teaches Them A Lesson- Norway

Belgium and Netherlands:
The One Hungover-Netherlands
Teaches Them A Lesson-Belgium

Belgium and Luxembourg:

The One Hungover- Belgium
Teaches Them A Lesson- Luxembourg

Luxembourg and Netherlands:
The One Hungover- Netherlands
Teaches Them A Lesson- Luxembourg

Moldova and Romania:
The One Hungover- Moldova
Teaches Them A Lesson- Romania

South Italy and Seborga:
The One Hungover- Seborga
Teaches Them A Lesson-South Italy

North Italy and Seborga:
The One Hungover- Seborga
Teaches Them A Lesson- North Italy

Wy and Australia:
The One Hungover- Australia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Wy

Wy and Hutt River:
The One Hungover- Hutt River
Teaches Them A Lesson- Wy

Hutt River and Australia:
The One Hungover- Australia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Hutt River

-Mod Lily