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Yah lets drop the lala talk. Its kinda old story now. Same old same old. Lets move on to more relavent stuff like cp n kl. Gg's life wit his gf is kinda getting on my nerves actually. His life his problem. Lets keep it cute guys.😘

FR, i love GG with all my heart but i don’t know lala and from what i’ve seen im not a fan either so whats the point in talking bout her on my account??… but instead





Not everything I plan ends just as I want them to, even when they do. Damian, true to his word (probably a first for him), went straight to Rosalia’s apartment and proposed. My idiot sister accepted - now I have to see him at Sunday dinners and pretend I don’t know what his dick looks like while he has to pretend that I didn’t break into his other apartment and blackmail him to coming back. He’ll never be faithful; once I destroy those messages it will be business as usual to him. I had hoped Lala would have told him to fuck off.

Geoff went to the dance with Westmore. I offered to ‘help’ him change his mind, but Roman didn’t want me interfering. I may or may not have had his boyfriend’s rental tux dipped in fireleaf oil. Roman will suspect me, but considering I didn’t personally do it, I can convince him I don’t know anything. Possibly.

I felt restless. I was being strung along both with my training and with Gene. Of course, I continued to go because I didn’t want him to think that I was affected by that night in Willow Creek. To his credit, he kept training me. The mood was different though, a tension existed that had been delicious at first but aggravated me as the months passed. His hands would linger on my hips when he would show me positions and my traitorous body would ache.

“Don’t go work for Fermin,” his voice was low as he pinned my arm behind my back, trailing hot kisses down my neck and shoulders. “Promise me.” And there it was, my frustration with my whole stagnation coming to a head. He wanted me to accept the legit position in Luke’s company. Instead of agreeing and continuing with him, a white-hot anger grew in me. Who the fuck did he think he was? I wanted to do this before I even knew who he was! I wasn’t going to be his cutesy girlfriend, following his lead. I would work for Fermin, and he’d have to deal with that whether he liked it or not.

My fist connecting with his face was all the release I needed.  

Pirate again!  \( ̄▽ ̄)/
Hope I can upload soon the progress or something about the new cosplay I’m working on! Can’t wait and actually spending my evenings sewing by hand lala ~ 

… Looks like I spent too much time with Kanji… (?)

i keep going back and forth on the new basic lala because i love her outfit but her bangs are weird… like i think her face needs to have bangs but they just…stick out too much

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She hasn't visited him since he claimed her over a month ago so she had to have taken that pic of Nora a while ago. Does she really expect ppl to think she's actually with him? And lmao @ her still using NotRationalNora.

on the real tho 

send me asks about GG, CP or grandice i just don’t wanna talk about lala no more

nem tudjuk, de így van

konkrétam megijeszt, hogy kósa lala a nemzetbiztonsagi bizottsag tagja. nem valami krumplihamozo szakallamtitkarsag vagy valami, hanem a nemzet biztonsaga.

gyanitom, hogy miutan belatta, hogy azt a korrupt gatlastalansagot, amit a fidesz nyom, o mar keptelen maganak is megmagyarazni, inkabb ugy dontott, hogy ledobja az agya a lancot es fullba nyomja a kretent.

es akkor ez az ember hoz donteseket nemzetbiztonsagi kerdesekben.

Yung gusto ko nang magpadala sa ospital sa sobrang sama ng pakiramdam ko. Pero lagnat/sipon/ubo lang naman ito. Jusko ang lala naman neto. Nakakapanhina ng pangangatawan.


Solange, Julez, Alex Ferguson, Kelly Rowland, Tim Witherspoon, Usher, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Cassie, P. Diddy, Kendrick Lamar, Whitney Alford, Janelle Monae, Carmelo Anthony, LaLa Anthony, Serena Williams & Jourdan Dunn in New York heading to Beyoncé’s 35th Soul Train themed Birthday Party 05/09