so here’s my tail getting cut off. so here’s my voice. so here’s my filipno mom. LOl. enjoy.


Behind the scenes.

Photoshoot photos going up soon.

Praise base god.

Ironic how him and I haven’t had a “couple photo shoot” ever since we weren’t even officially together, let alone in the talking phase. Now that we’re boyfriend and girlfriend, we rarely post/have pictures together.


This is the 2nd day we performed. My memory got full so it got cut off half way through the choreo. I have another video I’ll upload later tonight. So enjoy this one(: Hope you guys like it.





Presents: KOKrew.

May Production “Collabor8” - Van Nuys High School  May 14, 2011

Since anon asked, here's the story,

Anonymous asked you:

How did you and Kris meet/become boyfriend and girlfriend?

 Once upon a time, two summers ago, I met this fine young lad at this summer festivity called Le Farmer’s Market at Northridge Mall. From there, it was just a hi-and-bye type of relationship. I didn’t even have eyes on him that year, to be honest, LOL. He had a girlfriend at the time. But they broke up months after.

Months later around September, my best friend and I wanted to go to this tumblr meetup(when they were still legit) in Downtown Disney, so we asked if people on here, who wanted to go. And that was the start of something called BFAM– my kuya Jayr, Danilo, Kris, and his friend Tony came along. It was really random and kinda awkward because no one really knew each other. But along this wonderful journey of bus routes and subways, we all clicked :) So after that, Kris and I were comfortable seeing each other and started talking more often. Went to about 3 more missions with him. And the fake couple pictures started (he told me this was when he started to actually think about it/“us” happening). He developed a small crush on me, before I had.

AND THENNNN– Las Vegas came. It was New Year’s 2011 weekend and we agreed to meet up. It was still somewhat awkward for me because I didn’t really know the kid all that well, but I went with it since he was the only one I knew that was in the area at the time. Unintentionally, we ended up spending the last day of 2010 together. We met up and walked the entire Las Vegas Strip, going every where to random ass places. He even took me out to eat in Paris– also unplanned, lol. One thing that I find ironic/funny is how I told him that I’ve never been taken out on a legit date and asked him, “Omg, does this count as one? This is awkward bc I don’t really know you and this was unplanned, HAHAHA.” He said it counted. And that was what marked the beginning, he tells me. 

After Vegas, he started to like me even more, and at my birthday party in January ‘11 he finally showed it to me– and that’s when I got the hints. Basically the whole year of 2011, he was trying to get at me on and off. Even though he was the sweetest guy and all, he was also being a decisive little asshole to me. He actually fucked me over twice. But that was only because he’s never really been good with girls either, and only one past “legit” relationship he’s put effort in. 

But then, after twice of screwing up with me, the long text messages and late night calls started up between him and I again, over summer. It was quite unpleasant and confusing for me, because I didn’t know whether or not he actually knew what he was doing the third time around. And then on July 4th, at around 6AM on the phone, he asked me for his third chance, and I thought about it. After 5mins of silence, I asked him “Why”. “Why should I take you back after two times fucking me over, how do I know you’re not going to do the same this time? How do I know you’re telling the truth?” A girl can only take so much. And he then replied “Because I finally know what I want.” And so, it just took that and I told him “Yes, you may have another chance”.

Now at first I was kind of iffy and regretting this, feeling that I was going to get fucked over once again, because of how fast I went to take him back. But, Kris quickly overcame that doubt in the back of my mind, because he actually showed me that he did really want me this time. Finally. He was more sincere with me. And I felt reassured. I started liking him back once again. We were in that “talking phase.”

Then August 20th, 2011 came and we spent a whole day in both Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure, only us two. And that night, watching Disney’s World of Color, as he was hugging me from behind:

Hey Babe?


I’m sorry this isn’t the fancy, special way you were expecting, but you’re someone really important to me.

Then he held this lit up rose right in front of me and said, Will you be my girlfriend?

And ever since, I haven’t regretted that one day I took him back for the third time.

Yaaaaay, the end~