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If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Love You Goodbye
What is life to you? What A Feeling
Relationship status? Walking in the Wind
Your fear? Little White Lies
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Saint Mom

I like @kellyoxford which does not necessarily put me in the minority. But if she never writes another word I will still like her. This post is 90% about my mom, but it does inform why I like Mrs. Oxford.

When I was 8 years old my mom began her career as a licensed practical nurse, which she has been for the last 26 years. In her job she looks after people with severely debilitating diseases such as Parkinson, severe ALS, Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s disease, sever stroke, cerebral palsy and so on. Needless to say, at 8 years old my bogey men weren’t gigantic Cyclopes’ with hair all over, and fanged teeth and clawed fingers, instead, they were men in wheel chairs with their hands knotted into fists mumbling and grunting at me… I’m 34 and it still terrifies me. I think she knew that it always upset me, but we rarely talked about it.

On nights when I pick her up from work, I’m willing to talk about almost anything, other than the patients. One of the greatest fears of mine is winding up in a place like where my mom works. She does try and talk about them, patients who are nice and not so nice and so on,. Guys who are ‘good men’ who haven’t been able to speak a word or communicate for decades.

She has always known that it makes me uncomfortable, so last night when she asked me if i could come and give a hand with a patients television I was reticent, after all it’s just a fucking TV. Instead of going at 9:30 when she called, we agreed that instead I would arrive 15 minutes early and lend a hand, and in staying true to myself I dreaded it.

When I arrived I called her up, she let me in and lead me to his room.

His name is Roger. He looks younger than me, and other than the fact that he is wearing glasses, he looks completely fine. He has a broken neck and is not in a wheelchair, but he is stuck in bed staring straight up at the ceiling. On the ceiling is his TV.

They elevate him slightly to feed him, and move him with a hoist to change him and ensure he is as comfortable as possible.

The only thing that gives him pause, or release, or escape, is 6 feet over his bed. Later on that night, my mom would confess that he is prone to terribly dark fits of depression without it. His television can take him to other planets, inform him of the world outside, thrill him, scare him, excite him, make him laugh, and basically help him forget, as much as is possible, where he is and the state he’s in.

They had disconnected the cable from his TV, and when they reconnected it, they had not bothered to twist the coupling. It took about 5 minutes to find a good angle and screw it together properly. He said thank you, and I left. I kept my head down as much as I could and tried not to talk to anybody.

When I finally got home I felt like such a piece of shit for not going earlier, it was much more important to do nothing for an hour and a half while Roger lay motionless and staring at a flickering, static-y TV, unable to loose his mind from where it’s held 24/7.

It takes a lot of balls to be like Roger.

It takes a bigger set than the one I’m equipped with.

I told my mom what she already knew on the way home, if I’m ever like that I hope someone pulls a 'one flew over the cuckoos nest’ on me. You need balls to go on like that, not the opposite way around. But it also helped me remember why my mom rules. She helps Roger every day, and hundreds of other Rogers.

25 years in, she might be up to a thousand Rogers and Johns (John is her favorite patient)

I’ve always felt guilty about the way I get around people with severe disabilities, When I was too young to know better I had to deal with it, and that was not a good start. When I was old enough to understand and deal with it, it was already one of my greatest fears.

Which bring me to Kelly Oxford. She wrote this http://kellyoxford.tumblr.com/post/397104629/the-clutch-and-the-gas and it made me like her. It does take something special to care for others  like that. She has written other posts that touch me but i can’t be bothered to do all the work for you linking them. I look forward to reading her book next year and whether I like the book or not, I will still like Her, reading that post and the others, she reminds me of my mom… but younger… and cuter :). Because of that likeness to my moms, I think her husband and her kids are in pretty amazing hands. Even if she never tweets again.


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