“Woah be careful!” Jeremey said as Justin almost body slammed Jaxon. “Justin you’re gonna hurt him!” I said worriedly. “He’s fine Y/N.” Justin rolled his eyes. “He’s a tough guy.” He finished, smiling and hitting Jaxon with a pillow. Justin was so preoccupied with Jaxon, he didn’t notice the girls planning a surprise attack on him. “One, two, three!” The two small girls yelled. They quickly rushed Justin, causing him to fall onto the bed.
“Oh no you got me!” He yelled laughing. He began tickling the two young girls and they immediately erupted in giggles. Jaxon decided to get revenge by jumping on Justin’s back. “What is this?! I thought we were on the same team!” Justin yelled. Quickly Jazzy and Allie began to tickle their older brother. I jumped up and ran over to them and began to tickle Justin too. “Hey!” He said pushing me down and rolling on top of me and pinning my arms above my head. “You won’t get away that easy.” He said kissing my lips. “I think I will.” I smirked as the three kids all attacked Justin at once.


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