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a/n: okay so I’ve returned! I wrote this in a few hours and haven’t really heavily proofread it so I apologise for any mistakes you find! I hope you enjoy nonetheless and keep the requests flooding in. I may get round to actually doing them all. Love you all x

Rage. That’s the only emotion I could express whilst looking at his most recent post. My room was plunged into darkness but the light from my phone illuminated my face, straining my eyes slightly. I stared at his page for what felt like hours, my mind trying to calculate how this was happening to me. Picture after picture confirmed my worst suspicions and the final caption ripped my heart into two.

I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people I like.

He’s seeing someone else? I knew we were never an exclusive item but he told me I was the only one. Wait, no. Don’t overreact. I locked my phone and placed it on my bedside table, groaning in frustration whilst I shoved my hair back into a messy bun. There was no use of staying up worrying about Justin’s feelings for me when I’m obviously the last thing on his mind.

It was 1:57am. I tossed and turned between the sheets, my mind racing with a million and one thoughts, delaying the sweet bliss of a dreamless night’s sleep. I figured if I fidgeted enough I would finally get comfortable and be able to sleep, but after another 10 minutes of aggravation I decided I wasn’t going to reach that point. With a heavy sigh I pulled myself out of bed, grabbed my phone and made my way outside onto the small balcony that’s attached to my room.

The moon illuminated the sky, and the stars glistened in its light. I smiled up at the stars, marvelling their beauty. I search up his page once more, unsure as to why. I’m only overcome with anger again and I begin to wonder why I torture myself like this. Why do I fall so easily? Why do I become so invested into a person who has no intentions to love me?

New Text Message:

Jay: I can’t get you off my mind, are you awake? Can I come over?

I scoffed. The lies continue.

New Text Message:

Jay: Hey (Y/N). I know you saw my IG post. I need to explain. Are you awake so I can come over?

My thumbs danced across my screen, typing out a short reply of ‘Ok’. I looked up at the sky once more before making my way back inside to wait for Justin to arrive.


There’s a knock at the door after a ten minute wait. My heart was about to break out of my chest and my hands were extremely clammy, with the nerves that forced their way through every inch of my body. I was torn between lust and rage when I opened the door and was greeted by Justin’s appearance.

I smiled at him meekly whilst inviting inside my home, he responded with a curt nod of the head and he brushed past me, lingering a little when our hands made contact. I nudged him forward slightly, prompting him to make his way into my living room.

“Would you like a drink?” My voice came out a lot quieter than I was expecting, causing me to clear my throat. I waited for his response, hoping he heard my whisper.

“Oh no. I’m okay. Thank you though.” He smiled up at me, seating himself on the couch. I nodded, sitting down at the opposite end. I kept my head down, not wanting to look at him. The air was tense and there was an extremely long, awkward pause.

It felt like we were sitting in silence for years, until his husky voice cut through the air like a knife to my senses. “(Y/N).”

I hummed, turning to look at him as coldly as I could but I couldn’t help but soften under his gaze.

“You hate me don’t you?” He winced.

I hummed again, earning a frustrated sigh from Justin.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). I’m really fucking sorry.”

I hummed once more.

“Will you just fucking say something?” He spat, his hands were clenched and he began to grind his teeth.

“I thought I was the only one?” I studied his face, looking for any sign of remorse and I was met with a sympathetic stare. “Why did you play me?”

“It was a holiday fling. I thought it would be okay because we never made anything official.” He holds his hand out in the hopes I will take it but I folded my arms into my chest. “(Y/N). Babe, please. I thought it was going to be a fling, but Sophia made it into something more and before I could take any of it back I was swept into a social media storm of bullshit. I was trying to protect her, she’s only 17 for chrissake!”

“17?! Justin, she’s a child!” I was exasperated. He ruined our 6 month rendezvous to have a small albeit very public fling with a minor? “Fuck! I have real feelings for you Justin and you take a crap on my heart for a child?”

“She’s 18 in a week!” He claimed, shutting his mouth instantly. He obviously regretted his outburst. Good, it hasn’t helped his case.

“Well, it’s good to know you only have to wait another 5 to 7 days so you can legally fuck her!” I lifted myself off the couch, distancing myself from Justin. I tore my stare from him, afraid he would see the tears that are threatening to cascade down my cheeks. I didn’t want him to see how much of an affect he had on me.

“Wait! No!” He stood up alongside me, grabbing my hand and pulling me close to him. He smelt like cinnamon and cotton, the scent making me feel so at home in his arms. I tried so hard to resist leaning into him but he was so irresistible and enticing to me that I couldn’t stand to not fawn over every fibre of his being. “I came here to talk to you, not argue princess. I want you. I only want you, not her.” He hooked his index finger under my chin and I melted into his touch, following his movements and looking into his beautiful brown pools. “I’ve fallen for you.” He whispered.

I stopped breathing for a moment, his stare was so intense I lost myself. I exhale softly, my chest slowly presses against his. A ghost of a smile etched on my lips. “I’m so in love with you Justin, but I’m so hurt. I’ve watched you change and its destroying me.” I let more tears fall and he frowned down at me.

“God I know baby girl but-“. He placed his hand on my cheek gently, and he softly stroked it with his thumb, his eyes searching my face for any signs of forgiveness.

“But what Jay?”

“Make me humble again. Change me (Y/N). I’ll delete my Instagram, I’ll start fresh. I’ll do anything for you.” He pleaded with me.

“Justin, I can’t change you. Only you can do that.”

“Then help me! Please.” His free hand wrapped itself firmly around my waist, pulling me closer. I sighed into his touch, wanting to give in to him. “Please princess.”

My head is ambushed with thoughts and feelings that I desperately tried to mute, but to no avail. I look up at Justin and I let out a barely audible whine. I’m weak. “Okay.” I whisper.

The look on his face is something I want to wake up to every day. His eyes lit up, and he became animated, like a giddy child in a sweet shop. He crashes his lips on mine in a passionate kiss, all our feelings are forced into this gesture and I swear in that moment my stomach exploded with butterflies. His lips were soft and this kiss was like no other we had experienced. Justin reluctantly pulled away, obviously wanting to savour every second of it.

“You won’t regret this.” He whispered, whilst placing a forehead against mine. A shit eating grin plastered on his face.

I’m going to regret this.