So, yesterday, I headed off to a Department of Revenue (DOR) hearing. I don’t practice family law, so I never attend those hearings or deal with those attorneys. I was simply there to determine how much the DOR would accept from one of my client’s personal injury settlements toward his child support obligation. He owed more child support than he had in settlement funds.

Much to my nightmarish shock, the entire court room was full. My first thought was, there goes the rest of the day. Before proceedings began, the DOR attorney called my name, and I went up to speak with her. She said, “Oh, I didn’t know that was you.” I said, “I don’t believe we have ever met.” She then said…now get this, “You are too pretty!” Well, I did have on some crazy blue eye shadow that sorta matched my blouse! Tasteful, not tacky, of course!

Anyway, back to her statement….Too pretty? Too pretty for what? To be lawyer? To be stuck in that court room full of angry baby mamas? To be working for a living? Okay, I agree with several of those!

That is the craziest statement I have heard…well, one of the craziest! However, I can’t complain, because in her swooning, she was super agreeable and said she would make sure I didn’t have to wait long. True to her word, she called my case second, and I was out of there. Just a day in the life folks!

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New blog post! Our law office poodle, Bentley, hard at work! This dog absolutely loves to go to work with me, and the clients love him. As crazy as it may sound, I include him in our yearly professional photographs…why not, I mean, he is part of the law office family.

He also sits in on new staff interviews. Yes, people are a little taken aback by this, but if they don’t like it; they don’t have to work for me. If Bentley doesn’t like a potential new hire, then they are not right for the job. Bentley is an excellent judge of character.  For instance, we had a receptionist (he wasn’t involved in her hiring…big mistake) that he never liked. After a year and a half, he still barked at her every day.  Needless to say, she wasn’t right for the job. Crazy, I realize, but that’s just how we roll at Nix & Kirkland!