@johnny depp

Black and White is understood to be laid out in the
simplest of terms.
I Look upon this man dressed in Black and White I
see clearly simple does not fit into any definition
used to describe him.
Black and White is a stunning sharp look which
accentuates his appeal and charm neither which
are simple in definition, not if you are truly looking
at the depth of Depp.
Simple Black & White doesn’t come close to
revealing all I see when my gaze turns towards him.
Soul to Soul…Heart to Heart…Face to Face…
Eye to Eye the truth can not be denied nor disguised

~ ladyprefersclassis.tumblr


93 Million miles from the sun. People get ready, get ready. Cause here it comes, it’s a light, a beautiful light, over the horizon, Into our eyes…

I hope you like it, my first video! ❤