I have been receiving more and more questions lately regarding my work which is great! I love answering all of your questions and giving the best advise I can. Recently, I received a message on flickr with someone who asked me these following questions and I thought I would share them with you guys in hopes it answers some more questions!

Q :How do you tend to shoot your work? And what equipment and processes do you use?

I shoot my work as simple and natural as possible. Keeping my subject, setting, angle, and light all as my eye sees it. I know that might sound cliche, but I don’t like manipulating anything and try keeping everything as is. Also, I am really big on using my subject’s to portray a feeling I am having. I often think of visuals in my head like a movie and go from there. But, I also always have a camera on me and try to shoot thing’s throughout my day that also turn into a majority of my work.

As for equipment and processing:

For my digital work I shoot with a Canon 5D Markii and 50mm f/1.8. For my film work I use a Minolta X-370 with 50mm f/1.4 as well as a Canon AE-1 with a 28mm f/2 and as of recently a Mamiya RB67. My processing is extremely simple, I dabble between photoshop and lightroom and for almost all my work I use photoshop and two actions i created which can be purchased.

Q: What are your influences and passions to do with your work?

A: My influences and passions are nature, light, and feeling. If I don’t think there is any feeling to be given off in my photo’s then I won’t post it. My hope is for my viewers to experience a feeling as they look through my photos, weather it reminds them of good times they have had before or it gives them  a calm, collected, and free feeling. I want people to relate to my work in a way that they could have very easily taken that picture themselves it’s just a matter of going out and finding or experiencing it.

As for photographic influences I love Theo Gosseling, Elizabeth Weinberg, Jack Belli, and Aaron Smith. 

Q: How do you promote your work.

A: Promoting my work is still something I am learning and working on. Mostly I write a lot of emails to people trying to get my work featured or published. As well as getting out and meeting people is a huge part of being a creative. Showcasing your work on internet platforms isn’t the only way your work is going to get attention. I find that meeting people and making that connection first will lead to them actually taking the time to look at your work and possibly hire you for jobs.

Q: Is there anything you can suggest for ideas or anything for me brief?

A: I can’t give you ideas because those are what make work original. If you have an image in your head go and capture it no matter what lengths it takes too. It’s all about the ideas you have and how you express them that makes you grow your style and what gets you noticed. As cliche as it may be you just have to keep shooting and eventually your work will morph into your own original body of work.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions!!