If you would like to be her owner, or know anyone who wants a great dog, please let me know.

  • Name: Lola
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Beagle
  • Age: 6 months
  • Does not have her shots yet
  • Very friendly
  • Minimal barking

Because she does not have her shots yet, the pound will not take her in. So my friend’s mom is thinking about leaving the gate open so she can run away to be picked up on the street. But neither me nor my friend want that to happen. She might get hit by a car or taken in by a bad person and abused. My friend’s sister is highly allergic to her so she can’t keep her and my mom does not want another dog. Please help us find her a nice home to live in. She is such a sweet dog that deserves a loving family.





Anyone near the Alta Loma/Rancho Cucamonga or 909/San Bernardino County, please REBLOG.

Note to self:

Everyone makes mistakes. The ones you care about most will probably hurt you in some way at one point. But don’t be too hard on them if they mess up. Because if you were in their position, you’d probably want a chance to fix things too.


There’s always going to be someone you’re willing to go the extra mile for. When you’re with that certain someone, nothing else really matters. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you are as long as that person is right beside you. Okay, so there’s going to be some bumps in the road, but if you have enough trust in that person, everything will be fine.

I forget how much I have to be thankful for.

I try to thank God for what I have everyday. For the people he surrounds me with and the roof over my head. I feel bad when I realize how much of an inconsiderate and ungrateful person I am sometimes. At times, you just have to sit in silence and remember to thank God for what he has given you and tell the people he put around you how thankful you are for them too. Even the littlest things in life should be acknowledged at one point. It’s hard to do that with all of life’s distractions following you everywhere you go. But try it. Sit in a quiet place and just think. Don’t even put any music on. Turn off your phone. And just sit in silence remembering all the good things in life, all of the lessons learned, and be thankful for everything that’s happened to you and everything you have. Even if you have a billion struggles to deal with and a billion obstacles to push through, you have to remember: God doesn’t face you with anything you cannot overcome. I’m thankful for those obstacles because that’s what makes me stronger.

What are you thankful for?

Lesson on dating

At confirmation class yesterday, the lesson was about dating. The speaker told us that you should not be dating people to see how far you can get with them or to raise your self esteem; but to find out what you like in a person. To find out what characteristics you would like in your husband or wife. And to really think, “Am I going to marry this person?” Dating isn’t about just having a boyfriend or girlfriend and having fun all the time, but thinking about your future and if you see yourself having the person you are dating as a spouse, thinking about what’s good in the opposite sex other than physical qualities. Are they religious? Do they respect you? Do they truly care about you? Does this person get along with your family? Can you turn to him or her for anything? Do they love you the way you are? Will you enjoy spending the rest of your life with them? Do you trust that person with all your heart? That’s what you should really be thinking about. (:

I don't talk to as many people as I used to.

I’ve drifted away from almost everyone. The people I used to talk to every day are now the people that don’t even say hi to me in the hallways at school. The people I used to hang out with regularly are now the people that only hit me up when they need something. I’m finding out who my true friends are and I’m tightening my circle. I don’t trust people as easily anymore. Because the people I thought were the ones who would be in my life for a while were the ones who walked away the fastest after stabbing a knife in my back. I hope you’re happy without me because I’m doing perfectly fine on my own as well.