Jennifer Ung.

This girl. <3 I’ve known her since like first grade. That’s a looong time. We didn’t really talk all that much until like sixth grade then we stopped. Then at like the end of eighth grade we started talking all the time. Checking out dem guys. (: HAHAHAHA! Omg I love this girl to death. Always making me laugh and doing crazy things. We’ve gone through a lot together. She creates the strangest code names ever. Starfish, doggy, popcorn, uno. Bwahahaha! I swear I have no idea where you get these names from. Only starfish. That made sense. Lucky girl is catching attention of these cute tumblr guys. Ahaha! I miss you so mucho. At least I get to see you soon and the rest of the derps. Just the five of us. Don’t forget I’m always here for you! (:

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   +      =  Friends since first grade forever and ever. (:

You’re special because you get pictures. Hahah! I wanted to put a recent picture of us but we don’t have one! You know what we’re doing Tuesday! (: