Adele - Rolling In The Deep COVER by Brandon Vera.

no, not the UFC fighter.. lol. but this guy has mad talent. him being handicapped and playing the piano the way he does is quite amazing. with the help of arvin, @jeffbernat, and @chelseababy.. they made this video possible.

My Dear
  • My Dear
  • Jeff Bernat
  • The Gentleman Approach

I can listen to this album all day but there’s just something about this song…. Mr. Bernat you are a genius. 

“When the days get long, I long to be right next to you. When the nights are cold, the thought of you pulls me through. But right now I’m just glad you’re here, my dear. Don’t ever leave my side.”  

Finally met @Jeffbernat ahhhhhh:)

It was a great night! So many talented people nd amazing songs :) Pretty packed and fun! Met so many people tonight and saw familiar faces!lolol it was sooo funny seeing Jeff and @justinancheta fangirl over each other! “you’re Justin…Ancheta!” “ohhhhh shhiiitty” “hey guys this is the guy from @fuckyeahslowjams” “oh mann you are the man” dada spo crazy!Good day and night

October 5, 2012.

Woke up. Dressed. School. Gross.

Apes test, Japanese weirdo stuff, English: cried during dead man walking, brunch, psych, apush, lunch: ran around forever then ended up in kossivers and chilled with some cool peoples, 7th period hit and chilled with Veronica in the library. Freaked out about my plans.

Drove Kamaile home, then Shannon and I left for her house than mine. Waited a bit and watched this old ep of glee before skipping out to the station. Argh I’m sorry @boomgranada.. We were calling and calling.. Idk what happened :(

Met Alex at the station and took half hour to get there, amazingly. Met this incredibly sweet man and his dad from Orange County talking to us about how the old man went to Berkeley then moved to SoCal and how they were back for a wedding this weekend. The guy was so cute.. He spoke Russian or some type of euro language and it was really attractive. Lmao. Conversations were loud and funny, the car we were in probably hated us for being loud, but people seemed to get a kick out of our weird convos. Raved some about this really cute freshman at school.. Oh my gosh. He is such a cutie. Deepest dimples and hazel brown eyes.. Lol. More talktalk.. I was planning on taking a nap, but I was spazzing out about Jeff bernat I could not.

Got off, took VTA to sjsu, but not before missing our stop. We ended up walking back but it was a nice walk. Got to La Vic’s, such good burritos. But the second I walked in, he himself was standing there by the soda fountain machine and I freaked. Lol Shannon nor Alex knew who it was, but I was spazzing out. Lmao I introduced myself and he talked about the special sauce, argh. It was awesome. I took a picture with him and we said we’d be at his show and then we got our burritos and carne asada before skipping out to quicklys. We ate our stuff then walked around sjsu completely lost.. Asking practically everyone where to go, we got to the ballroom at 7 and downed our drinks before going in, show.. Blahblah. Good good. I heard a lot of music I haven’t heard of.

Check out soulful obsession if you haven’t heard of them. I’m definitely getting back into that r&b soul again.. Tokyo tease is awesome.

Watching hungry bumz makes me wish I was into dance.. The passion you see on people’s faces.. It’s crazy. I feel like if I started up now, I wouldn’t get anywhere. Gah, dancers are so attractive.. Lol.

I met The co-founder of project pearls, the person I have been in contact with for something I pray will come out successful mid next year.. It was kind of awesome meeting someone who is dedicated to working with kids in the Philippines.. :) I bought an empire in the air shirt, which I have always really wanted, but I ended up turning down the one I wanted for a project pearl shirt, which I find really cute. Argh.

Jeff Bernat came on and I swear.. Ahhh it’s different listening over headsets vs live performance. Hm, you can see the difference in how much someone is really into music versus someone who is really good but does it for game and fame and whatnot.

We had the meet and greet tickets so we met up with alla performers after. We were last of general audience in line. When we got to Jeff bernat, he was all “la Victoria fam!” And I got this awesome high five and a hug. Lol I got so excited when he (an his girlfriend?) recognized our FACES. That was awesome. Lol more pictures and autographs before we left and got picked up.

That’s pretty much the end. I’m pooped. I felt really crappy this afternoon but it turned out kind of awesome.

I said awesome a lot.

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