i don't wanna brag, but...

jedij definitely brought me avengers scratch tickets.

(hawkeye is hanging out by himself because he isn’t a ~winner~, and apparently cap was too cool for scratch tickets, so.)

jedij  asked:

We should totally be consultants for the new park. Our Weasley ride idea is perfect. And I'd like to give some input on the shitty food they serve. And how about for the love of everything holy, ALCOHOLIC BUTTER BEER!

WE ACTUALLY SHOULD BE. we have amahzing ideas, legit. the weasley water ride! it’s a real thing, we came up with it in the hog’s head. though the chamber of secrets would be a better water-theme. HMMM. we’ll have to discuss this further…

fun fact, guys - in order to get alcohol into your butterbeer, you have to get super fancy. the people who work there can’t put it in, and you can’t buy a shot and put it in - you have to drink your shot at the bar, where they can see you. so, what you do is: buy the shot, drink it, hold it in your mouth, and then pour it from your mouth into your butterbeer. THAT IS A LOT OF WORK FOR THE MOST DELICIOUS COCKTAIL TO NEVER EXIST.