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I hate going to school hearing all the bullies and rude kids peach about 13 Reasons Why and how its important to be kind when they are all guilty of doing similar terrible things everyone did to Hannah Baker

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Just out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in starting a Descendants Network? Anyone even slightly interested could join, and we could meet other people that share interests (such as ships or character tropes or anything rly tbh) and have a place for people to have discussions over different things, new head canons, complaints, etc.,

I’m probably the only loser who ships Carlos and Jay from Isle Of The Lost/Descendants
They’re always wrestling and Carlos jumps into Jay’s arms like 24/7 in the movie and they don’t end up with anyone so it isn’t iMPOSSIBLE
point is them? Gay af? I think yes.

Send a me a number! Chicago Fire & Chicago P.D
  • 1: Chicago Fire or Chicago P.D?
  • 2: Which Dawson sibling do you like best?
  • 3: Would you rather be a police officer, a firefighter, or a paramedic?
  • 4: Would you rather have Shay (RIP, god bless her soul) or Severide as your roommate?
  • 5: Favourite crossover between CF and CPD?
  • 6: Favourite relationship (romantic or friendship) between which two characters?
  • 7: When did you start watching Chicago Fire/Chicago PD?
  • 8: A character you'd grown to love?
  • 9: Favourite episode in Season 1 of Chicago Fire/Favourite episode of Season 1 of Chicago P.D?
  • 10: Favourite guest star?
  • 11: Where do you think Rebecca Jones would be right now on the series, if her character hadn't committed suicide?
  • 12: Do you think Severide and Renée would have gotten married if the baby was his?
  • 13: What scene has made you cry the most?
  • 14: Dawson & Casey or Lindsay & Halstead?
  • 15: What do you think of Chicago Med?
  • 16: Who would you cast as the doctors on Chicago Med, and what would their stories be?
  • 17: Do you want Severide's sister Katie or the Darden boys to return?
  • 18: What character would you like to have more screentime/deeper story?
  • 19: Which character do you want to know more about?
  • 20: Who would you be most scared of, Voight or Boden?

“We’re all trapped. I’m as trapped as they are.”


I just absolutely love the way the actors filmed this scene. If something like this would’ve happened to anyone else, they would’ve handled it totally different. We’ve already seen Voight shoot that man who had Casey of Chicago Fire, so he has no problem doing that. Only this time it’s Erin. It’s his daughter (sort of). And Jay and Adam would’ve been right up there with they’re guns, yelling at him to put it down, but instead they stood back with Antonio and stayed calm and tried to keep Vaughn calm. Voight never even took his gun out. Neither did Alvin. I’m assuming he’s known Erin since Hank took her in, so she’s also like a daughter to him. He was right there next to Vaughn and he simply and calmly told him to ‘take it easy’. And Mills and Cruz. They were the real heroes in this scene. They’re quick thinking got Erin to safety. Then Voight immediately grabbed Erin and asked if she was okay. That was his first priority. Her safety. Half of me wonders if that was one of the main reasons he took Vaughn in that room and nearly killed him. And when Adam and Jay cuffed him, the sound in their voices were pure hatred. Firs this guy blows up a hospital and then threatens the life of a detective THEIR detective. This scene really shows how great this cast is. This situation immediately changed everyone. They dared even taking a shot and moving any closer out of fear he would hurt Erin. I bet y'all hate these analysis things I do from time to time, but no one else will listen to me at home. haha!