“Free Yourself”

Out in Syracuse, we found this little alley with this spread on the wall. It was quite interesting as it made us remember our first post about freedom. The kite & key symbolizes freedom. (to us at least); “it can be propelled to the top, but slip away just as easily.” What is freedom to you ?

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FlowJoStevo Pt. 1/2

Q: How do you feel about the current state of Hip-Hop?

A: I think that a lot of great new music is being made and a lot of new sounds are being discovered and experimented. It is fun, but it is not as genuine as it once was. The substance is still lacking; but my biggest issue with the current state of hip-hop is the lack of truth in the culture. Death to the posers. 

Q: How do you feel your move to California will benefit you in the long run?

A: I think it is going to help me stand out from other artists much more than out here in NYC. California does not have the crabs-in-a-barrel mentality like NYC. People are about showing and spreading love. It will ultimately increase my value to New Yorkers & the rest of the east coast also. This will be the defining moment in my career, rest assure. 

Q: What is one thing you would change about yourself?

A: Nothing. I love the person I am becoming. If anything, I would change the people around me before I changed anything about myself. 

Q: What motivates you/ inspires you?

A: Everyday life. The trials & tribulations I have faced, as well as the accolades that my peers & I have conquered. The biggest motivation of all is the better life I want to give my mother, my family and my friends. 

Q: Top moments of 2012 so far?

A: Opening for Too Short, recording in Kid Cudi’s studio, and last but not least, the release of my ‘2 Ears 1 Mouth: The Prequel’ EP.

Q: Have you ever been forced to have sex or had to take one for the team… if so tell the story.

A: Yeah. (Laughs) I am a nice guy, which can lead to my disadvantage at times. It was me and two of my homies; we were kicking it with these three hood rat chicks. They were down for the cause, but one of the joints was one of my boys shorty. Out of the remaining two, the ugliest one wanted me & the better looking one wanted my other boy, so I just had to make the best of a horrible situation so my boys could handle theirs. It sucks being the odd man out. 

Q: Longest relationship, shortest, easiest, hardest to get into bed?

A: As sad as this is about to sound, I have only been in two real relationships and they both only lasted a month. (Laughs) I have come to the conclusion that I do not need to be settled down anytime soon. I had sex with both of the first time we had alone time. But I would have to say my first girl was a little harder just cause it took me a longer time to get alone time with her. (Chuckles)

Q: What is the first words that come to mind when I say these following words: God, music, producer, girl, Knicks, aids, money, breasts, baby, Tv show.

A: God - My savior. Music - Life. Producer - The person who lays the foundation. Girl - Sex and plenty head. Knicks - Dallas Mavericks. Aids - No bueno. Money - The bottom line. Breasts - Got milk? Baby - Plan B. TV Show - One of my future plans. 

Q: Favorite thing to do in your past time?

A: Other than make music? between sex, playing basketball or playing video games.

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Stay tuned for a surprise from FlowJoStevo coming later this week. You will like it!

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+ Coming Soon +

Dapper Villain has been in the works for a couple weeks now. We were re arranging a few minor things, canceling out sample choices, began construction on the website and we are now in the early stages of preparing for the production phase. Stay tuned for a upcoming release date & other information.

Above picture is one of six possible samples.


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" Brad Green Media Interview "

Brad Green CEO/Founder of BradGreenMedia was born and raised in Bronx,NY. In high school he realized he enjoyed recording videos when he taped & edited basketball games for practice. After high school he lost interest temporarily. He resumed his craft again in August of 2011 when he made a pilgrimage to California with his new Canon Rebel and never put it down…

Q: When did your career start?

A: Well it depends on which career. Photography/Videos, I would have to say about four months ago. I have been making beats since 2004; started with a MPC 2000 now I use Reason and Recycle. I try to be creative all day everyday. I like to entertain and have a message as well. I feel as if my art speaks for itself. 

Q: Describe your fantasy photograph + production:

A: My ideal fantasy photograph would be me on one of those hang gliders, some where like the Grand Canyon, gliding, snapping everything I see. Then when I get home, make a beat & create a video out of the photos.

Q: In your opinion, what makes photography an art?

A: What makes photography an art to me is that it is a forever captured moment of what you see; all the techniques, effects; its a form of expression.

Q: If there was an opportunity to shoot one person nude. Who would it be & why?

A: One person I would love to shoot nude would have to be Teyana Taylor. Check her out.

Q: Who are 3 people that you would like to work with in the near future?

A: Three people that I would like to work with would have to be, Kanye West, Cee Lo Green and Swizz Beatz.

Q: To sum it up. What can we expect from you this yr + where can the viewers find work from you ?

A: To sum it up, this year I will be focusing more on perfecting my “Art in Motion” craft, along with more instrumentals and pictures. I don’t do much talking.

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Who is interesting to you?
  • We have interviewed a few people here on InkCulture, and we would like the audience to tell us who THEY would like to see on InkCulture. Who do you think fits the profile? Who hasn't the world seen yet? Who does InkCulture need to see? Do you have a talent? If you are an artist yourself and would like to submit something to be on the site then email some material to Inkculture2011@gmail.com . . . Tell us who is interesting to you! We are looking forward to all of the dope submissions. -InkCulture

Anomaly 2012

Art x Music x Fashion Event

Last Friday on March 31, 2012, super talented artist Camille Safiya teamed up with Babylon Cartel to put on a dope sold out show at the Wix Lounge. The atmosphere was filled with beautiful people and positive vibes. The night began with appetizers and drinks then led to the live dance performers and mini fashion show: followed with the very melodic painting session from ms. Safiya herself. As the night continued there were some cool performances by @SenoviaNova who harmonized over some classic 9th Wonder, plus cool smooth sounds from @LeDoubleNY. GianniLee of Babylon Cartel killed the Dj booth and had the crowd rocking for his first ever NYC event. Breezy from @CocoandBreezy also stopped by. Shout out to @BackPackNY for covering the event with us. Email Art@CamilleSafiya.com to inquire about the limited edition winged hoodies that premiered at the fashion show. Also check out CamilleSafiya.com for more on Camille.

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East New York, Brooklyn Artist Yarshall Artz drops some dope knowledge on the Revolutionary Reject Movement. “ Believe in the purpose, don’t believe the hype ” - Yarshall Artz

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes footage from Artz in the future. #Reject

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