“Eames,” she says, much later on. “Eames is a man and he’s also a woman. He’s also other people. He’s a little of everyone. Maybe now he’s a bit of me.”

“What?” Arthur says, philosophy never having been his strong point and besides, fucking drunk.

“It’s what he does,” she says, by way of explanation. “The forgery – it’s a little of acting and a little of stealing. He forgets himself. He is a little like a hydra, I think.”

“Are you saying that we should chop his heads off?”

—  The Sun Always Shines On TV by sirius

random tv and film au [11/ ]                    inception
min yoongi as cobb  
kim taehyung as arthur
jeon jeongguk as ariadne
jung hoseok as eames
kim seokjin as mal
park jimin as saito
kim namjoon as yusuf


“You meet directors who are extraordinarily strong visually, and you meet directors who are really great with actors and performances, and you meet directors who are phenomenal on script. But Chris has command of everything. Every person’s job on a film set – he knows every single one of them intimately. So, you’ve really got to be on your game when you work on a Christopher Nolan film. Otherwise he can do it better than you.” -Cillian Murphy