@id mma

ok but seriously like back in 2010 or whatever when those photos of Tom anD JGL surfaced of them shadow boxing on the inception set, thats that moment i just knew if Tom seriously got into martial arts/MMA that id be destroyed bc ive been doing martial arts since i was 6 and i LOVE sparring people and the sport overall theres nothing like it, and he did!!!!! He did seriously get into it and it kills me bc i want to fight with him and share in that joy of training and i /cant/ and its like…way to make me love you even more…taking serious interest in the ONE sport thats really worth investing any energy or love into and not only physically demanding but spiritually too and all around a rejuvenating activity like u couldnt have picked a boring activity like golf or something???? Nah u had to be exactly the kinda person im into fuck u tom