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Not to be rude, but have you ever even TRIED heart soaked rice??? Like it's so good??? How dare you say that soaking a broken heart in rice is a waste of rice??? Like what the actual fuck?? I am so???? (I'm so joking is actually it haha)

ye thats right hand me some broken hearts so i can try, i havent eaten for houRS

Sometimes I’m just like: I don’t care, I really don’t.

Don’t tell me about it,
I don’t need to know,
Don’t talk to me,
I want to be alone
But I don’t want to be alone
I want you to care enough to see that I need someone there

Sometimes I don’t know what I want
I want to punch the wall,
But I don’t want to hurt my hand.
I want to open up and talk,
But I refuse to be vulnerable .

Please stop talking to me.

Leave, please.
Make it easy for me.

I don’t know why I’m being emotional
Maybe it’s the PMS-
Or everything just caving in and taking its toll
But it’s something I’m used to
I hate this feeling of “I don’t know”
Please, just tell me what to do.

It Was Only A Kiss (1/?)

The school was quiet, only a few students still awake. Kurt was nestled into a corner of the couch, watching as a woman on the television talked about making a complex set of fruit tarts. There was a familiar sound of air whooshing.
“Hey Blue, whatcha doin?” Peter smiled.

Kurt smiled softly.
“Ah, hello Peter. You can not sleep either?”

“Never do. Usually knock out for an hour or two when I crash.”

Kurt nodded and the two sat quietly for a few moments. Peter grabbed the remote and started flipping channels, finally landing on some romance-noir show. The actors on screen held one another close, the man speaking strongly while the woman replied breathlessly. Peter waited, biting his lower lip before speaking up.

“Hey Blue can I ask ya somethin?”
“Ja? Was ist das?”
Kurt’s eyes were glued to the television, his knees curled up to his chest.

“When ya like someone- and I mean, you /really/ like ‘em… What do you do?”
“I am not really sure. I think it is best to tell them. Even if it means they don’t feel the same…”

Peter inched closer. He’d been crushing pretty hard on Kurt for nearly three months now. Spacing out in the Danger Room watching him, bothering him with tons of questions and asking to race, trying to speak German and butchering  the pronunciation (which luckily always made Kurt laugh).

“How do you know if they like you or not?”
Peter edged his hand closer to Kurt’s.

“There’s no way to tell unless you ask them..” he mumbled, turning to look at Peter.

Peter’s eyes darted down, watching Kurt’s lips. They were parted slightly, as if he wanted to say something more but couldn’t find the words. He moved closer. Kurt bit his lip.

“Kurt… Is it okay if I…”
Peter moved a hand to Kurt’s cheek, brushing his thumb over the angelic marks that lined the other mutant’s face.

Kurt paused. Peter mentally kicked himself. Kurt was always religious and as a result he was rather reserved. Of course he wouldn’t want to kiss another boy. Before he could apologize Kurt answered, his voice barely above a whisper.

“I-i said yes..? You were asking to kiss me, weren’t you..?”

Peter smiled and felt his heart skip a beat. He leaned forward and closed the space between them, pressing his lips softly against Kurt’s.

I get easily frustrated

Especially when
1. People are rude
2. Anyone I consider close in my life doesn’t help me with making a decision because I literally cannot think straight sometimes
3. When people wake me up so abruptly but I wake them up like an angel on a cloud
4. When people underestimate me because I’m nice
5. When I feel powerless to change my circumstances or surroundings
6. I’m hungry, sleepy, irritated or excluded
7. When people assume that because I am nice to them and smile that I enjoy doing that all the time

unlike many other dhampirs, the laurens children grew up with both parents around - or at least until their mother died. after that, rather than dealing with raising five kids on his own, their father was quick to ship them all off to st. vladamir’s academy where they have remained ever since. but john doesn’t mind, in fact he much prefers staying at the school than with his father - their differing political views, both in the moroi and human worlds, having put a strain on their relationship for john’s entire life. it was tough leaving his “squad” but he still keeps in contact with them as best as he can. for the first few years living at the academy, he spent the majority of his time outside of classes/training with his siblings or arguing with strangers on the internet about politics and anarchy, but now that he’s finally been given a charge he’s finally decided that maybe making a few more friends around the academy wouldn’t be too bad.


  • jill dragomir  ►  charge / thinks of her as a little sister
  • lissa dragomir  ► friend / slightly intimidated by her
  • more tba