What a minute...

So you’re telling me that they sent the EQ to be with Hood 2.0 in the wish realm EF?? Are these writers high when they write these episodes? Is it that hard to remember what they wrote a few episodes ago???

I’ll buy they can’t remember season to season (even tho it’s not that hard to go back and watch previous seasons with websites like Netflix that upload whole seasons within, the latest, six months after the finale and Hulu that uploads each episode with 24 hrs of its premiere and keeps those episodes up until the next season airs) but they can’t remember what they wrote within the SAME SEASON!?

They sent they the EQ to a land where everyone is either terrified of her, hates her, or wants her dead, including that realm’s Henry, to be with a that realm’s RH. The RH that would more than likely sell her out to Henry to make a quick buck.

Good job A&E and co, just when I thought you guys couldn’t get any more nonsensical you go and prove me wrong.

Hopefully in future episodes they’ll follow up with her in the EF. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

“I want a mainstream comedy show that doesn’t resort to homophobia/transphobia/racism/sexism/ableism for its jokes and is actually funny”

“I want a show where a gay, black person is in a position of power and is good at what they do” 

“I want a show that addresses racism, homophobia, and sexism in a respectful manner while also being funny and lighthearted overall”

“I want a show with a diverse cast and characters that aren’t cheap stereotypes” 

“I want a show that addresses the issues with our justice system, including high incarceration rates, police brutality, and racism.” 

“I want a comedy show with actual plot and characters that I’ll get attached to.”

  • Disney: might cancel gmw
  • Gmw Fandom: makes twitter campaign's about renewing gmw and saving the show trending multiple times
  • Disney: uses gmw fandom for publicity by posting about gmw on their social medias to bait us with hope even though they intend to cancel the show
  • Gmw Fandom: fills comment section up with the save gmw campaign
  • Disney: calls MJ and tells him about the cancelation and plan to tell everyone in possibly a few days...
  • MJ: beats them to the news and alerts everyone immediately the show is over while dissing Disney
  • Gmw fandom: starts arranging a Netflix campaign and start to call them that night
  • Disney: posts a half assed goodbye to gmw announcement on instagram
  • Gmw fandom: fills up the comment section telling Disney how exactly stupid they are for canceling their best show
  • Rowan Blanchard: the star of gmw disses Disney in her rant/goodbye about the show angering Rowan supporters
  • Disney: the next day they accidently like a tweet saying that Disney are idiots
  • Gmw: literally gets nominated for two awards
  • Gmw fandom: now expanding to Hulu
  • Gmw fandom: live chatting and calling Netflix 24/7 to the point where they make a tweet about it and get two articles written about the campaign
  • Disney: posts a picture of gmw reminding everyone the show has been canceled
  • MJ: is a genius and the picture that Disney posted is from World Meets Girl which is an one hour special that literally shows just how STUPID Disney is for cancelling gmw and Disney is airing it on their own channel
  • Gmw fandom: continues campaign
  • YouTubers: start making videos about the news and Netflix alerting the YouTube fandom about what's going on
  • The Writers: show that they are all for gmw changing networks and support the campaign without even saying it.
  • Netflix: has been getting requests all around the world and the representatives think we might actually have a real shot at this
  • Disney: tries to post something
  • Gmw fandom: floods them in all social media begging them to hand over gmw rights
  • I'm crying
  • @netflix @hulu plz save this show


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Samira Wiley as Moira

The former Orange is the New Black star will be featured on the upcoming Hulu series, The Handmaid’s tale. The actress plays Offred’s (Elisabeth Moss) college friend and fellow handmaiden who rebels against the totalitarian theocracy she is forced to live under. The character is a lesbian, that has resisted the homophobia of the new society.