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Heyyy love your blog! Do you have any fics where Derek and stiles are in a relationship and Derek starts spending time with Kate, Jennifer, Braeden, or Paige and the pack is mad and stiles gets upset with Derek?

Found these!  -Emmy

It’s Always Been You by bistiles_bilinski 

(1,048 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, high school au

Stiles had rehearsed what he wanted to say for the past hour, had the words down solid until Derek walked in the door. In his defense, how were you supposed to remember anything when he showed up in a greasy tank top with his stupid bulging muscles and those fucking jeans.

Salmagundi by inatshej

(10,054 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, high school au, omega!stiles

Stiles’ life is not just a mess anymore, it’s a fucking salmagundi. Derek flirting with Kate, Stiles’ heat, the confusing bite – none of it makes sense jumbled together.

Multiplied by Seven by 1001cranes

(26,340 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, human au, fist time, underage, pyromaniac

Derek isn’t exactly like other people. Stiles doesn’t say that because he’s in love with him, or whatever. He’s not like Scott, who thinks Allison hung the freaking moon, or was the first girl to ever let a guy under her bra. Derek isn’t like other people. Sometimes he’s not exactly sane.

psychopaths in love - the story from Derek & Stiles’s side.
companion fic to ‘hear his alibis’

Get Your Head in the Game by LillianDeLooney 

(48,286 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, friends to lovers, camp, college au, football players sterek, homophobia

“Let’s watch some porn.”

And that sentence right there is the reason I singlehandedly ruined our friendship.

Or: ‘5 Times they made things complicated and 1 time they finally uncomplicated it’.

Relax, Darling (t.h blurb)

Plot: You had a 9 hour show choir rehearsal, the third of the week, and you’re exhausted. Tom is more than willing to help you relax being the amazing boyfriend that he is

Warnings: exceedingly fluuuuuuffy

Word Count: 501

Quick Explaination: Show Choir is basically a group of people, in this case high school students, who combine singing with dance usually to tell a story or express a certain theme. For example, last year a show choir did “Dreams and Nightmares” where they sang “Enter Sandman,” “Sweet Dreams/Beautiful Nightmare,” “Sound of Silence,”etc. I’m in show choir at my school and that crap is exhausting and no it’s almost nothing like Glee. For an example search “Clinton Attaché” on YouTube (they’re really good, they win nationals like every year)


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I opened the front door to my house, stepping in and seeing Tom sitting on the couch, his attention ripped from his phone and his focus now on me. He walked towards me with a small, sympathetic smile on his face.

“I swear if I have to do one more hair flip, I’m going to explode.” I groan, shutting and locking the door behind me. “You flew out to see me and I’ve barely seen you for all of these stupid rehearsals.”

I walk into the open arms in front of me, resting my head on Tom’s chest. I feel a small kiss on the top of my head and sigh contently.

“I know, darling, I know” Tom starts slightly pulling away, his hand rubbing comforting circles on my back, so he can look at me. “But you know I don’t mind, you have to do what you have to do. Besides, you’re all mine now… no more 9 hour rehearsals or hair flips” he laughs to himself.

“You’re amazing.” I smile up at him before reluctantly pulling away completely and heading up the stairs to my room, Tom following close behind. “I’m tired, my body aches and I just wanna snuggle” I throw myself on my bed, slowly getting up and walking over to my dresser, grabbing a shirt of Tom’s that he left here last time and a pair of leggings.

“I was wondering where that shirt went.” Tom laughs.

“Don’t worry, it’s been in good hands.” I giggle, sticking out my tongue playfully at him. I pull on the shirt and leggings before climbing back into my bed.

I clap my hands, “Okay time for cuddles” I smile widely at the man in front of me who’s looking at me with so much love that it makes my heart flutter.

“I think I can handle that.” He smiles down at me before crawling onto the bed, pulling me towards him, careful of how sore I am. “Do you wanna watch some movies, darling?”

My heart flutters at the endearing pet name, I smile and nod, laying my head on his chest as he grabs the remote. He quickly flips to Netflix, scrolling through the movies, I look up from my position at him. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration, the left one unruly as per usual, his grip tightens on my waist as I trace small circles on his chest not noticing him asking me what I want to watch.

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“Darling,” he grins. “Earth to Y/N.” I snap out of my trance and see that he has chosen Mean Girls. I straighten up a little so that I can see the screen better.

“She doesn’t even go here.” Tom throws his head back as he mocks Damian.

I smile to myself, cuddling further into his chest before feeling my eyelids getting heavier, just as I start to fall asleep I feel a small kiss on my forehead followed by “I love you so much, beautiful”


You, Like a Sunflower, by An Sikui, Ch. 6 p. 1-7 of 19. Translated by me with permission. All currently translated pages here. Updates fortnightly.

This is a NaruSaku manhua but I tagged this part SNS since I thought the shippers might enjoy this scene.