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In high school, I was close to this one girl who loved to write stories. I remembered my first impression of her was this quiet nerdy chick in my Ecology class, but later found out that, not only was she kind and considerate, she was also an amazing writer. I fell in love with her stories, even to the point where I offered to draw out all her characters. All she had to do was just describe what she wanted and I was more than happy to provide. I wasn’t really able to keep in contact with her after we have entered separate universities, I’m not sure how she’s doing or what she’s doing, but I do know that I really miss her. I tend to think about her from time to time, wondering if she’s doing okay. I still have her number in my phone and I’m not sure if she still uses it. I’m too nervous to even text her because what if she has a new number or what if she doesn’t remember me? I don’t want my doubts to be a reality if I somehow gain the courage to text her, only to receive no reply in the end. The last time I texted her was around 2013 during finals week, she sounded busy at the time, which is why I wasn’t bothered when she didn’t reply immediately– or a week after– or several month after– But four years passed and I don’t know what happened, and now I’m too scared to text her again. Instead I went on with a roundabout method. I found out that during 2013 she released a book filled with short stories and sold it through Amazon. I bought her book and I’m planning on leaving a very lengthy and heartfelt review. I hope she reads it and hopefully remembers me. If not, then, maybe I’ll try texting her again haha.


helloooo!!! it’s Friday!!! sadly the ‘Friday high’ is sort of anticlimactic as it’s now SUMMER!! I did very well on my final exams and I’m quite pleased and enjoying the time to relax :))

here is my weekly spread for this first week of summer! + some cute space themed stickers and washi tape I got for my birthday a couple weeks ago


bellamysfreckle  asked:

Hi! I'm so sorry, but I've been searching for so long. I'm looking for a fic where Octavia and Clarke are best friends when they're little. They go to different high schools etc. but stay friends. Octavia gets diagnosed with bipolar disorder and aurora kicks Bellamy out. I'm pretty sure Bellamy also makes out with Jackson at one point!

I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend (i wanna kiss your neck)

im already graduated but the fact that normal majors have you take a series of short classes throughout the day that you attend multiple times a week instead of 6 hour weekly classes still blows my mind. every time i read a college AU fic and they go “he sat through all his classes absorbing nothing” (its always this phrase) im like … all …………… his classes … all his classes … all his …… classes ………… because ive never had more than 2 classes in a day but those 2 classes would stack up to 12 hours of work

here is a list of some fonts that one of my teachers from the past school year said we weren’t allowed to use

please help me make a “lazytown characters as cursed graphic design fonts” list (the above picture being a possible reference)

bonus option:

*Me, on a train, accidentally meeting that girl who bullied me viciously at school* (We were both, um, 19 or 20 at this point.)

*Me* “Hi, there.”

(I really did detest her)

Her: “Oh, hi. So you’re at ____ collage. And (she looks at my books) you’re reading ‘King Lear?’” 

(You miserable cow. You only hated me because I was thinner than you)

*Me* “Uh-huh. Over-rated play. Um, what are you up to? Do you still play the violin?”

Her: “No. I’m studying sociology at _____”

*Me* “That’s nice. So you didn’t get accepted into _____. We all knew music wouldn’t really work out for you as a career. It’s just one of those things.”

*Her* “Do you have a boyfriend, yet?”

The most passive aggressive exchange in history. 

ID #10099

Name: Sanne
Age: 17
Country: the Netherlands

Hi, I am Sanne and I live in the Netherlands. I am still in high school but I hope that I can go to university in about 1 year.

My hobbies are reading, playing volleyball, listening to music, photography, watching tv shows or movies and learning new stuff.

My favourite music is mostly everything that is super popular because the music will get stuck in my head and I will sing it out loud everytime and I am pretty sure we all do that so that’s not weird at all.

My favourite tv shows are how I met your mother and the librarians. How I met your mother I just like because of the humor in it and the librarians because it is all about old legends and smart people who try to solve something.

It doesn’t matter we send emails or letters but I kinda like the idea of letters because you can send real photos and see the handwriting of the people you get the letter of. Also I don’t actually speak any other languages than Dutch or English but I would like to improve my English because the grammer is really not my thing. (as you probably can tell by this text)

Preferences: Around my age would be nice :)

Tormented & Loved (Dean Winchester High School AU x Reader) Part 24


There’s only one part left after this…

Part 24

Two months passed and it was Valentine’s Day. I still haven’t heard from Aria. But I’ve left her plenty of messages. A “Merry Christmas, Sweetheart”, and nightly “Goodnight I love you’s” but still nothing. I pulled out my phone and typed, “Happy Valentine’s Day Arianna. I love you.” I hit send and put my phone back in my pocket. I stared at the front door of my house waiting for Sam to join me in the car.

“Ready to get hit on all day?” Sam joked as he climbed in.

“Yeah. I don’t really care.” I shrugged. Sam patted my shoulder and pulled out a notebook. “What’re you doing?” I asked.

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