130330 Han Geng Weibo Update:
Rough Translation:

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the children. Today I saw them all grown up and more open and cheerful. I’m really happy! Ke Mei was sick and could not come. Be good and take your medicine and get well soon. I miss you very much! I wish for the children to be healthy and to study well. Finish your exams and I’ll bring you to Beijing to play! #lovelife# @lovelife公益

Note: These are the 7 (one is sick and not in the picture) children that Han Geng adopted/sponsors. He has been supporting them financially for all their living and education expenses, and will continue to do so through their completion of college.

information on kris' lawsuit against sm

accurate as of 1pm kst, 24th june

  • in the morning of 15th may 2014, a lawsuit was filed by kris against sm entertainment. 

    although initially denied by sm, they acknowledged it a while after. sm: “it’s a very flustering situation. but for the sake of the continuation of exo’s promotions, we will do our best.” (link)

    the seoul district court has acknowledged the lawsuit filed by kris, and it is also searchable on their database. (link)
  • tao, luhan, chanyeol, yixing, sehun, baekhyun have all unfollowed kris on instagram.
  • exo’s stylist posted this on his instagram (link), sehun also updated his with a picture of ‘?’ and the caption ‘…’ (link). the connection between these 2 posts and the lawsuit is unclear.
  • kris’ law firm - which also represented hangeng in the past - said due to the ongoing lawsuit, kris will halt all activities as an exo member.

    kris has also cancelled his flight last-minute on 15th may, and will be staying in beijing for now. (link)
  • exo’s ‘xoxo’ show on mnet will continue to be broadcasted as per normal. (link) exo’s first solo concert on 23rd, 24th and 25th may will go on.
  • clarification: go ara (and not taeyeon, according to some mistranslations) filed a lawsuit in order to repeal the terms in her contract, but did not seek termination. (link) in kris’ case, it is ‘전속계약 무효소송 / 전속계약 효력 부존재 확인’ (lit. nullification of exclusive contract). hence it seems unlikely to be like go ara’s but rather, similar to hangeng and jyj’s cases.
  • the reason for his termination is mentioned vaguely as ‘sm violating kris’ basic civil rights’. not much details are provided - though some are mentioned eg. pay, health - as kris wishes to keep the case as private as possible. (link)
  • (~6pm kst, 15th may) former chinese sm trainees, liu chao and song bingyang, have posted weibos in support of kris. however, they stated that they do not know the reason why he’s leaving. translations can be found here.
  • (~6.30pm kst, 15th may) chanyeol’s instagram update - “권선징악 勸善懲惡” (link) translation to this can be found here. again, the connection between this and kris’ lawsuit is unclear.
  • (8.46pm kst, 15th may) osen met suho in the waiting room at ‘mnet mcountdown’ for an exclusive interview. suho: “our members discussed this together. we still can’t understand kris’ actions. everyone was taken aback and have mixed feelings. (kris’ actions) are inconsiderate and irresponsible towards exo. there are no problems between our members and our company. what kris should do now is cancel the lawsuit and apologize to the company and our members.” (link
  • there seem to be doubts about the legitimacy of many articles, especially those resurfacing kris’ words in the past about his supposed poor assimilation into the korean culture. however, this can neither be proven nor refuted and so I will leave out such articles unless they are proven to be true.
  • (~9.30pm kst, 15th may) tao’s instagram update - “the road’s long, you can go wherever you want to go, and no one else can make your decisions for you. fact is that the truth is always hidden from the public, and perhaps the public will side the minority, but that side’s definitely not the truth. the truth will forever only be understood by those who have experienced this. for example our 11 members, our sm company and our staff. but (people) on the outside may have flipped the good and bad. all of you don’t know how it feels like to be betrayed and even after the betrayal, others are still supporting the betrayer. all of you can have your own opinion and stand, but I still wish to say, the right and wrong is clear, and so is our conscience. if one wishes to leave, no one can stop them, (he) thought of many ways to escape from here, and so he finally succeeded. hiding from us and the company and never came back in the end. ambition will accompany many people, but I hope everyone can use theirs wisely. (we) practiced until (we were) sweating so profusely, yet we suddenly found out that one person will never return again, and we have to re-prepare for the concert with 11 members, it’s so tiring. exo, let’s love~”
  • (~10.50pm kst, 15th may) tao’s weibo update - “(repeated instagram update’s caption) I’m exo’s member tao, instagram and weibo posts were by me. there’s no need to hide anything.” “paper can’t contain fire (the truth will eventually be revealed), what’s right will always be right, and what’s wrong will always be wrong. some people like to twist the truth, some will choose to believe the twisted truth. but smart people will neither twist the truth nor believe the twisted truth.” (link)

    the weibo posts have since been deleted.
  • there also concerns over whether the posts were made by the members themselves. but since it’s on their verified personal accounts, their posts are included.
  • (~4.50pm kst, 16th may) sina updated their weibo with kris’ medical report from last year - kris’ good friend song bingyang revealed that due to high levels of stress and fatigue, there are problems with his heart. after that, sina retrieved kris’ medical report during a check-up in the new year period from a certain guangzhou hospital. after consulting a doctor, it is understood that kris has abnormally high creatine kinase and isoenzyme levels, and thus kris suffering from myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) remains a possibility. (link)

    there are many isoenzymes and high levels of an isoenzyme actually an indication of muscle damage in a certain part of the body, not just the heart. as such, myocarditis is merely one of a few conditions kris may possibly suffer from.
  • (~6pm kst, 16th may) kris updated his instagram biography - “darkness in my eyes but lights up in the sky”. the connection between this and the lawsuit is unclear. kris’ instagram update - “螳臂当车 (when you do something without sufficient ability, you are bound for failure), I’m still doing well. to all those who wished me well (t/n: inference here, what he said did not make much sense), I wish the same for you. thank you for all those who support me, thank you for your voices. wu yifan is always here! 2014.5.16” (link) kris also updated his weibo with the same picture.
  • (~6.15pm kst, 16th may) kai ko, a taiwanese actor/singer, has posted on his weibo in support of kris - “no matter what happens (you) must remember there’s definitely an overwhelming strength supporting you from behind. believe in yourself! no matter what the outcome is! please remember to believe in yourself! there’s a lot of us here (with you). don’t worry everything’s going to be amazing” and jaycee chan, a hong kong actor/singer, reposted it on his weibo and added “jia you! please get well soon! tomorrow will be a better day” (link)
  • on 17th may at 6.10pm china time (7.10pm kst), the broadcasting of the exo-m episode of ‘音乐风云榜’ will go ahead. this was pre-recorded and so kris is in it. the show updated their weibo, and called it a “‘big reunion’ during a sensitive period”. (link)
  • (12am kst, 17th may) tao updated his weibo - “what many people see is not the truth. and many like to support the minority. many aren’t willing to believe the truth. many hope that a certain person can be with us until the end, and be with our silver ocean, but it has to be that that person left us. I wish you well. exo jiayou~ we love all of you, to us there’s nothing impossible in this world. no matter what. (we’re) together” (link)
  • (7.30pm kst, 17th may) kankan obtained an exclusive interview with exo-m re: kris’ lawsuit - 
    chen: “this kind of thing happening before the concert we’ve all dreamt of since a long time ago was to begin, everyone’s very upset.”
    tao: “it is such a terrible action that caused people to lose faith.”
    lay: “we exo members have no problems with the company, we are still working.”
    xiumin: “we will do our best so the concert will remain unaffected.”
    luhan: “all 11 of us think the same, we will do our best in preparing for the concert, and hope that we no longer receive malicious attacks.”

    all members promise and reassure fans that the preparations for the concert will go on. (link)
  • (10pm kst, 17th may) many fansites have lost access to their weibo/baidu accounts, please be wary when you read or repost anything from them.

    the search results of the other 11 members are being maliciously manipulated, fans are currently trying to bring back the top searches. (link)
  • yixing updated his weibo - “I don’t care who you are, don’t curse my family, don’t touch my fans. they’re everything that’s most precious in my life.” 

    both tao and luhan liked the update. (link)

I realized that this post is getting too long to be updated any further. from 18/7 onwards, all updates will be collated at bit.ly/lawsuit-updates. important updates will still be included in this post. please bookmark and spread the information. thank you!

  • (11.30pm kst, 20th may) I’ve clarified several rumours regarding the lawsuit on the google doc. please do take a look.
  • (12pm kst, 22nd may) mk posted an article - “exo, press conference prior to concert… what will they talk about” - link
    “kris’ contract nullification lawsuit previously had caused much disruption to exo’s preparation for their solo concert in seoul. exo is to hold a press conference before their concert on the last day (25th may). questions from the reporters that are kris-related seem to be unavoidable, thus this press conference has been garnering much attention and interest.”
  • (12.30am kst) nate posted an article - “war of words - kim heechul: “kris situation - not being respectful to fans” - source
  • (~2pm kst) exo’s press conference was held
  • (2.06pm kst) osen posted an article - “exo’s lay: “(about) kris, felt hurt and disappointed… upset at fans’ misunderstandings” - source
  • (2.17pm) star today posted an article - “exo - without kris, choreography and arrangement modified (for) 11 members, (there was) confusion” - source
  • (2.25pm kst) osen posted an article - “chanyeol - tvxq’s uknow yunho gave one-to-one advice to each member… thankful” - source
  • (2.32pm kst) star news posted an article - “exo opens up regarding kris incident: “more united, today’s exo’s new beginning” - source
  • (1.12pm kst, 30th may) it was first published by sports world that kris’ mum was in contact with yuehwa music. - source
    however yuehwa responded to those claims, saying there is no such thing and is unheard of. - link
  • @VioletDream had updated her weibo with a picture, allegedly spotting kris at moscow airport on 6th june, in transit for prague. the original weibo was subsequently deleted. - link
  • there are rumours that kris has joined director xu jing lei’s movie “there’s a place only we know”, for which filming has begun in prague on 1st june. however, they remain as rumours as nothing has been officially confirmed by kris’ side or the media’s side. - source
  • (10.47am kst, 11th june) wang yi entertainment news posted a similar article - “lawsuit between wu yi fan and sm sent for arbitration, endless roles offered upon his return to china” - source 

    “seoul central district court expressed that on june 9th, they confirmed that this lawsuit will be sent for arbitration. arbitration is the procedure that occurs before the trial, where both parties communicate in order to resolve the issue on hand. the aim is to give both parties time to communicate. if the judge believes there is a possibility that both parties will eventually be able to come to a compromise, the case will be sent for arbitration first, and wu yi fan’s case falls under this situation. 

    the arbitration will be held in a given time period. arbitration held in a mediation room will allow both parties to communicate more freely, as opposed to in court. when both parties come to an agreement, they will draft an agreement document. this document will have the same effectiveness as a judgment in court. [note: this is currently a temporary translation. I’m not too familiar with legal jargon but I will try to find an apt translation for this.] however, if both parties fail to come to an agreement, the court will then decide to carry out either forceful mediation or proceed to trial.”
  • (10.44am kst) renminwang posted an article - “guo jing ming appears at press conference, reveals he is to work with wu yi fan” - source translation to be found here.
  • (6.30am kst, 24th june 2014) director xu jing lei updated her weibo with pictures from ‘there’s a place only we know’ filming - link
    “#there’s a place only we know# after playing around for two years, (I’m) back to film a movie~ some have been waiting for a long time~ let me brief (you), director: me. main cast: wu yi fan, wang li kun, myself, zhang chao, re yi zha. @mr_凡先生 @王丽坤 @张超Juck @热依扎. the first day (of filming) successfully ended, the team’s reliable, everybody’s amazing, a new journey has begun, everybody I ask for your help! it’s all about: LOVE.”
  • (6.55am kst) kris updated his weibo profile picture, reposted director xu jing lei’s weibo - link
    “#there’s a place only we know# there’s a director only we know, there’s a place with dreams and stories, do you want to know (where)? let’s soar together!”
  • (8.00am kst) sina released official stills from ‘there’s a place only we know’ - link

note: the above information has been compiled, verified and translated by me - but I am not here to instigate a debate regarding this lawsuit. as a translator, I only seek to provide reliable information for everyone who’s unable to keep up with the mayhem and overwhelming rumours surround this debacle. I stand by the accuracy of the content of this post.