I’m reading vintage manga for charity!

Hi guys!  I’m doing everything I can to support my favorite charity, The Time In Children’s Arts Initiative.  Time In teaches opera through hands on art as well as literature through manga with entire classes of kids from 3 of NYC’s most underfunded schools.  Time In happens during the school day for a half-day every week, alternating weeks between studio time and gallery hops to NYC’s most fabulous galleries and museums.  The program keeps getting bigger, and next year, Time In kids will go all the way from Pre-K through the 5th grade, serving 800 kids!

In the pictures above, you can see some of the wonderful Time In Kids’ drawings of characters from Benjamin Britten’s opera of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and vintage-manga-inspired princesses of the sea from Rimsky-Korsakov‘s opera Sadko. 

To help support this incredible organization, I’m doing a vintage manga charity-read!  I’m starting with the 9 manga in the first picture.  To help me out in my charity-reading quest, I would love it if you would donate as little or as much as you can.  I’ll be giving updates on every manga on the list.  Don’t be shy, every dollar counts!


Here are the manga:

Hensoukyoku by Takemiya Keiko

Warui Ko by Kimura Minori

Shiniseru Oujo no Tame no Kujakumai by Satou Shio

Green Carnation by Yamagishi Ryouko

Bara Gensou by Mizuno Hideko

Summer Field by Asuna Hiroshi

Kin to Gin by Kishi Yuko

Lycenne by Matsuzaki Akemi

Lady Guinevere by Naka Tomoko


The Castle City of Mystras / The temple of Peribleptos:

The temple of Peribleptos devoted to the Holy Virgin was built in the 14th century. It was founded by the first Despotes of Mystras, Manuel Katakouzenos and his wife Isabella de Lusignan.

The frescoes were executed in the third quarter of the 14th century and they are the work of four painters. These frescoes are also regarded as the most important group of the post-Byzantine period, since similar groups have not been found, or survived, in the capital of Byzantium, Constantinople (Istanbul). The artistry and unity of the representations are of high artistic value.

It should be noted that the churches of Mystra are still in function as places of religious worship, so please be respectful when inside. It should go without saying that flash photography is absolutely prohibited.

I got a few requests to make my chibi clones available as stickers, so I’m giving that a try! Only have matte paper right now, and looking into glossy.
(websites that make stickers for you were too confusing or too expensive, so printing and cutting these myself)

Thinking about selling them cheaper as a group and and making them available individually as well so you can get more of your favorite clone and any future clones (! <3) without getting the whole lot again.

Adventures in the Nature of Matter

Dr. Darleane Hoffman is among the researchers who confirmed the existence of Seaborgium — aka element 106. She also made a key discovery about nuclear fission.

In the 1950s, women were often faced with stark choices: “At that time, women teachers in the U.S. at all levels were expected to resign if they married, so I proclaimed boldly that I would never teach,” she said. “I vowed to follow Marie Curie’s model, to marry if I wanted and have children if I chose.”

In the 1950s when she sought a research position in the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the radiochemistry goup, she was told, “We don’t hire women in that division.” Undeterred, Dr. Hoffman got the position and became a division leader of the isotope and nuclear chemistry division, the first woman to head a scientific division there. 

For Hoffman, nuclear chemistry is a uniquely fundamental form of research, one that probes the deepest nature of what we call matter. But she adds, “There is also an array of practical issues that require the expertise of nuclear chemists—new and safer nuclear reactor designs, better medical diagnostics and radio-pharmaceuticals, more sensitive techniques for detecting proliferation, safer nuclear waste storage and environmental remediation, to name but a few. The field is wide open—there are many great discoveries yet to be made.”


NAME: Wonho
1. Birthday and blood type: March 1st 1993, type B
2. Attractive points: Voice, music, personality and body
3. Role in the group: Vocals, body, style, music composition!
4. Ideal type: Someone with charming personality and who can converse well with me
5. Favourite foods: Ramyun, protein, healthy foods
6. Something you’re obsessed with lately: Composing, dieting (I’ve stopped right now)
7. Attractive point of MONSTA X: Even from my perspective, our members have cool skills visuals and poses
8. A message to the members: Guys, let’s not get caught up with getting 1st place but let’s become the goup who enjoys being with Monbebes forever~!
9. Main goal: 1st place kekekekekekekekeke
10. A message to Japanese fans: Thank you for everyone’s love. I couldn’t believe it. I love Japan. I love Monbebe.

translated by 몬에기 ϟ take out with full credit.


Ahhhh!!!! Look I got my Traveling Book Project book back!

I love it so much! This was crazy and fun and a little crazy and it REALLY wouldn’t have happened without the AMAZING @youthbookreview and @brittsreadery! Also thanks to @readaroundtherosie
for the idea in the first place!!!

Thank you so much for creating a wonderful memory and I can’t wait to read it! @tornbetweenmusicandbooks @-thebookdragon- @meowlish @abundanceofamy @bookwallflowers I’m sure I’ll post more pictures as I read it 📚❤️