About the Elektel Dj

To answer your questions: 

I’m working on the Elektel Dj RIGHT NOW.
I scanned it, now I’m cleaning and uncensoring it. 
I received it TODAY. 
The mailman woke me up after I worked on another chapter until 7 in the morning. Guys, I didn’t even go to the damn bathroom, I started scanning immediately xDD
And I’m still at it. I’m doing the best I can to bring it to you ASAP. 
So are my translator and my proofreader. 
We’re working on it like crazy so pleaseeeeee be a little patient. 
And no sorry, no raws. You can wait for 2 days for our version. Or go look for chinese scans. :) 
We’re not raw providers, we’re a scanlation goup. :3 



Update on the kukri build: done. Probably going to heat up the hilt again to distribute the bit of resin I packed in around the blade a little better. Going off a note about the use of a particular Greek mastic gum (Chios gum, roght mix of solidity and flex), shellac being endemic to India, and metal dust being a probable filler around a smithy, we have the resin being:

1 part stick shellac, 1 part Greek mastic (chios mastiha), and about 1.6 parts filler of metal dust, all by weight. Experimentation will determine how much filler you can use, some other cutler’s resins goup to like 2 parts filler.

Cut testing is good. Thing hits like an ax, so I was splitting some wood and thunking it into a log. All positive, no more catastrophic failures.


NAME: Wonho
1. Birthday and blood type: March 1st 1993, type B
2. Attractive points: Voice, music, personality and body
3. Role in the group: Vocals, body, style, music composition!
4. Ideal type: Someone with charming personality and who can converse well with me
5. Favourite foods: Ramyun, protein, healthy foods
6. Something you’re obsessed with lately: Composing, dieting (I’ve stopped right now)
7. Attractive point of MONSTA X: Even from my perspective, our members have cool skills visuals and poses
8. A message to the members: Guys, let’s not get caught up with getting 1st place but let’s become the goup who enjoys being with Monbebes forever~!
9. Main goal: 1st place kekekekekekekekeke
10. A message to Japanese fans: Thank you for everyone’s love. I couldn’t believe it. I love Japan. I love Monbebe.

translated by 몬에기 ϟ take out with full credit.

Under the cut you will find your group assignments. The runners for each goup have been bolded. Keep in mind, as of now this is out of character information. Characters will not know they are making the run until the plot is in progress and it has been played to that point. Feel free to get with your group mates to plot. Runners, make sure to get with each other to plot- your threads will be crucial. Please like this once you have read it!

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ok so smol psa: my draft situation is getting out of hand and it’ll only get worse bc apparently i’m a goup addict whore that can’t stop won’t stop — so i’m gonna be trying really hard to get my drafts below 20 before i set my queue back up to 15. it’s at 10 right now, which is still above my low average for queue but…there’s a lot that i owe. if you’re waiting, i’m sorry. it’s probably in the queue. and idk if i’ve stated before my my queue is ALL REPLIES, ALL THE TIME so i’m trying to keep it low because i know the more that go out, the more will come in and i’m still trying to get more out before they come in. so bear with me, it’s all coming, i’m sorry for the wait. if you think i didn’t get your reply and it’s been a little bit — please please send me the link, my activity has been a bitch lately and as a result it’s hard to keep track of things.

as for ooc messages: i might be spotty replying. either i’m doing homework, doing family time, or i’m trying to plug and chug on the draft situation. it’s not meant for you to take it as offense.

okay. that’s it. i love you guys. i hope you have a fantastic night filled with wonderful dreams. also you should go see beauty and the beat, it’s amazing.

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Ahhhh!!!! Look I got my Traveling Book Project book back!

I love it so much! This was crazy and fun and a little crazy and it REALLY wouldn’t have happened without the AMAZING @youthbookreview and @brittsreadery! Also thanks to @readaroundtherosie
for the idea in the first place!!!

Thank you so much for creating a wonderful memory and I can’t wait to read it! @tornbetweenmusicandbooks @-thebookdragon- @meowlish @abundanceofamy @bookwallflowers I’m sure I’ll post more pictures as I read it 📚❤️


The S4 always tend to use pale and bright colours, maybe so that they could represent the stars, afterall they are the star 4 goup, so in one hand we have those stars boys while in the other hand we have the funtom five which for what we’ve come to see use overall black as their principal color, so what could they represent? They are going against the stars, and also they come out with black outfits.

We’ve seen it before, Blavat told sebas that he’s like a blackasshole that gobles the light of the stars.

So maybe it’s like some kind of revenge from sebas and thus he’s made this boys the representation of those blackholes who will take the light (fangirls) from the stars.


160301 Yibo to participate in the new movie together with Zhang Yixing and Krystal!

“Unexpected Love”, starring Zhang Yixing and Krystal Jung, begins filming!

Directed by Cheng Shiqia, the movie “Unexpected Love” that Zhang Yixing stars in began filming in Seoul today, with boy goup UNIQ’s member Wang Yibo and Park Inhwan joining in as well. Zhang Yixing showed some high levels of “affection” to Krystal on set; the sweetness index is going up! “Unexpected Love” is expected to go on screens in the later half of this year.

On 1 March, fashionable rom-com "Unexpected Love” officially began filming in Seoul. Director Cheng Shiqia and starring lead actors Zhang Yixing, Krystal Jung, as well as main actors Wang Yibo and Park Inhwan were all present. During the starting ceremony, it was made public for the first time that up and coming boy group UNIQ’s member Wang Yibo would be joining the filming of the movie, and the creative producers and investors gathered in Seoul to celebrate the beginning of filming. Zhang Yixing showed some high levels of “affection” to Krystal on set, making the sweetness index shoot past 5 stars.

*Unexpected Love is the official English name, Chinese name is “Shut up! And Kiss me”; the shooting have started today, March 1st in Seoul

Source:  新浪娱乐

Translation by @squarepaca

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