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Company: HYWY Entertainment



Shin Seola

Real Name: Shin Eunbi

D.O.B: 1993.04.16

  • Former Trainee At Music K & Yamam&Hotchicks
  • Former Member Of Girl Goup N-Bulance


D.O.B: 1997.12.16


Real Name: Jeon Minju

D.O.B: 1994.09.08

- Leader

  • Former Member Of The Ark
  • Former Contestant On K-Pop Star 6


Real Name: Lee Soohyun

D.O.B: 1996.09.05

  • Former Contestant On Produce 101 S1 (Finished At 13)
  • Former I.B.I Member


Real Name: Kim Eunbi

D.O.B: 1994.?.?

  • Appeared On ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’

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1. Special: Grips as Songs

[Specific grip] [(MBTI types that can experience this grip)]
[(brief summary of the grip)]
[Most applicable part of the lyrics]
[- “Song Title”] [(Author)]

Se grip (INxJ)

(Distrust of the unpredictability of the physical world. Impulsiveness and recklessness. Mental shutdown, carelessness).

Take my tongue, go have some fun
And take the ears, take them and disappear
Take my face and desecrate
Arms and legs get in the way
Bodies break

“Body” (Mother Mother)

Send me down an angel
And let it pull me up from my own hell
We could float around this space
We’d be above all of the pain in ecstasy

“The Drugs” (Mother Mother)

Si grip (ENxP)

(Distrust of traditions. Lack of enthusiasm, lose of the creative spark. Withdrawnness and obsession)

It feels like I only go backwards, baby.
Every part of me says go ahead.
I got my hopes up again, oh no… not again.
Feels like we only go backwards, darling.
The seed of all this indecision isn’t me, oh no,

“Feels like we’re only going backwards” (Tame Impala)

Ne grip (ISxJ)

(Erratic action, visualisation of sundry negative possibilities and outcomes. Paranoia and lack of control)

They’re coming, creeping from the corner
And all I know is that I don’t feel safe
I feel the tapping on my shoulder
I turn around in an alarming state
But am I loosing my mind?
I really think so

– “Nightmare” (Set It Off)

I can’t decide
Whether you should live or die
Oh, you’ll probably go to heaven
Please don’t hang your head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside

– “I can’t decide” (Scissor Sisters)

Ni grip (ESxP)

(over-analysis is draining. But I can’t stop thinking of all possible most catastrophic outcomes; irrational pessimism and paranoia. Distrust as a result of lacking an identification of connections)

(But things are bound to change)
Sometimes life is altered.
Break from the ropes your hands are tied.
Uneasy with confrontation.
Won’t turn out right. Can’t turn out right.

– “And All Things Will End” (Avenged Sevenfold)

And I’ll watch as all the numbers go
Up in a cloud of dark and dirty smoke
Ya I’m just waiting for the end of the world
End of the whole wide world
End of the whole world
Waiting for the world to end

– “Waiting for the World to End” (Mother Mother)

Fe grip (IxTP)

(anxiety over feelings, inability to moderate them. Feeling entangled by outside influences, especially other people’s feelings.)

Sticks and stones could break my bones
But anything you say will only fuel my lungs
Don’t mind us we’re just spilling our guts
If this is love I don’t wanna be loved
You pollute the room with a filthy tongue
Watch me choke it down so I can throw it up.

“Sarcasm” (Get Scared)

Fi grip (ExTJ)

(Self-pity, lack of control over emotions. Loss of self-confidence. Feelings of being deceived, undervalued and despised)

My feelings ran away
I didn’t know how to treat them
Maybe if I believed them they’d have stayed

– “Love Stuck” (Mother Mother)

I never learned to count my blessings
I choose instead to dwell
In my disasters
Will I always feel this way
So empty
So estranged?

– “Empty” (Ray LaMontagne)

Te grip (IxFP)

(Feelings of failure and powerlessness, difficulty to set into motion. Inability to process certain emotions. Self-blaming for past decisions).

I never lived in fear I knew I’d die another day
I never viewed my life as something… slipping away
So don’t be too concerned, you’ve got a lot to learn
Well so do I and we’ve got plenty of time yeah

– “Unbound” (Avenged Sevenfold)

I’m a little tired of walking
Forgive the trite expression
But I’m tired on life’s long road.
Time cruelly goes hour by hour
– “Irony” (Vocaloid).

Ti grip (ExFJ)

(Distrust and critical view of others, unusual difficulty to care about them. Cynicism and pessimism towards humankind)

Cry to god, a boy, no stronger
And in those days he stood, no falter
A summer smile I won’t remember
No, it stays the same forever
“Guess I died. And I’m so sorry”
Goodbye’s too sad and way too lonely

– “Lost Time Memory”

I push my fingers into my eyes
It’s the only thing that slowly stops the ache
When it’s made of all the things I have to take
Jesus, it never ends, it works it’s way inside
If the pain goes on

“Duality” (Slipknot)

Kingkiller Chronicle - Theories - Masterlist (reworked)

I went to look something up on our old list and - turns out - the blog still exists, but has been renamed, the post in question couldn’t be found etc. etc. So I decided to rework this list (original by @frei-rancken). The links to the posts are italic (more than one) or header

This time I’ll goup them by topic:

Content of the thrice locked chest

Adem / Edema Ruh

True Names / Naming

The Lackless Poems - New Meanings

Scrael Biology

The Chandrian

The King to be Killed is:


Kvothe’s sword  

Bits of knowledge


                   -Shikha Singh

Round and round, 

round and round

like a carousel

we go 

round and round

Not once or twice

or even thrice

I tried to catch you

a thousand times.

But every time

I would come

two steps close,

my cheeks glow,

tinted rose.

Oh, how I would 

then realise

that you too, 

went two steps far

from my right.

My cheeks fading

back to pale white.

Up and down

up and down

like a sea saw

we go

up and down.

A million times

I reached for you.

A million times

I’ve tried.

But every time

I thought 

you were close

you went


high up

like a kite.

Until from 

down here

you were again

out of my sight.

Like a 

roller coaster

full of


our life

keeps us

on the run. 

And now it’s

no more fun

being stuck

on a ride

that never


14 blizard group

Saitama is wearing his old suit from his job hunting days and is on his way to meet Fubuki. Saitama is still reeling that genos is pregnant with his kid and the million and one baby things they will need to buy. Then a voice cuts into his thoughts laughing “you look ridiculous. What’s with the hit-man costume?”

Saitama looks over to a slim guy with black hair and purple markings holding a starbucks cup, “sup panic?” His hair was short from when genos ripped it off.

“My name is speed of sound sonic! fight me!”

“Not today, I have a job interview and Genos just got this suit clean. I really don’t want to rip it.”

Sonic was puzzeled, “What? With who?”

Saitama says plainly, “Blizard Goup”

Sonic says in a sarcastic tone, “Those bunch of weeklings? Why waste your time?” Waves hand dismissively.

“I need the money” Sonic makes a face of disbelief, “Im gonna be a dad”

Sonic smiles, “Yeah right. Like anyone would have sex with you besides the toaster.” Sonic started calling genos that after their last battle and Genos’s propensity to scream ‘Incenerate’ with every blast.

Saitama makes a weird face and walks away.

Sonic’s smile drops and yells “Where are you going? Get back here and fight me!”


Fubuki sits there like a mob boss, “So what finally changed your mind?” She pets her coat. An evil accomplished smile on her red lips.

“I needed the money”

“For what? You LIVE with Demon Prince.” She scoffs.

“Well, I’m about to become a dad…”

She cuckles sarcasticly “what’d you do? Knock up one of your teen fans.”

Saitama says nothing but has big eyes and sweats.

Fubuki rises up to slam her hands on her desk and screams “You didn’t!?”

'How can she hit the nail on the head and still miss the mark?’

Fubuki has completly lost her yakuza persona and gone straight for drama queen, “You can’t bring that kinda’ drama into the Blizard group, you’ll give us a bad name!”

Saitama yells back, “It’s not like that!”

Points and shouts “You’re not denying it either! Who’s this girl I want to meet her!”

Saitama says as cooly as possible, “the mother doesn’t want their identity revealed.” It wasn’t a lie. Genos really didn’t want anyone to know about his condidtion.

Fubuki squints her eyes, hand still pointing “are you being exploited?” No one takes advantage of her members.

Saitama blushes turning the color of a tomato, “What? NO!”

Saitama manages to escape Fubuki and her game of 20 questions. Saitama let it slip. It wasn’t on purpose, but he didn’t see him being a 'dad’ as a big deal. As long as he didn’t tell people about Genos everything should work out. He clearly underestimated Fubuki’s ability to meddle.

He found himself walking the streets of the city, window shopping. A display caught his eye. It was a crib, and the faux room was made up to look like a nusery. It only stood to remind him why he joined the blizard group. It wasn’t a hard choice, joining the Blizard Group ment a better job. Soon genos wouldn’t be working and he would be there only income. This is why Saitama needed a better job, even if it was with the Blizard Group, he could rise in rank and provide something more stable.
It was slowly sinking in saitama was going to be a parent.


Saitama makes it home. Genos is in his pink apron cooking. Saitama smiles and loosens his tie. “Im home”

“Welcome back” genos is freeting with the ladel, “How did it go?”

Saitama sighs, “Im in. Signed the contract, went over benefits, paid leave yada yada… just need to wear my salary-man suit again”

Genos exhales deeply, “This what I ment when I said I didn’t want your life to change”

“change can be good sometimes. Besides I’m still being a hero. It’s just a different suit.”

“But you LIKE your hero suit.” Genos has those sad puppy eyes.

“Genos, it doesn’t matter what I wear. It’s not the suit that makes the hero, it’s the hero.”

Genos grabs his red gloves, “At least wear your gloves. Dont let her take that from you.” Looks down, holds gloves tightly, “Im sorry. I know you didn’t want this.”

Saitama put his hand on genos’s shoulder, “Dont worry about that.”

“I wish you would let me pay for the apartment”

saitama didn’t want to use his money. Genos can’t do hero work till after the baby comes and with all the little expenses that come with a baby they might need genos’s savings. But if saitama didn’t relent on somethings genos would just worry himself, “We still need to buy baby stuff, we can use your money for that”

G-“Master I still want to wait on that… ” eyes look away “It will be easier on returns the less we purchase.”

“Genos” Saitama says more calmly than he feels, “You’re going to have a baby. a baby that needs stuff and parents and time. So I don’t want you saying or thinking stuff like that.”

Genos will not meet his eyes, “But it’s not fiscally responsible.”

Saitama puts both hands on genos’s face and turns it to face him, “It’s gonna be different this time. Genos do me a favor while you’re pregnant, I want you to focus on the positive.”

“I still want to wait…. until we get a new apartment. we need somwhere to put everything.”

“Oh your right, good thinking genos.” head pats, “how’s the baby?”

Genos perks up, “Growing at an alarming but steady rate according to Dr. Kuseno. The baby weighs 15 grams.”

“…” a pause of nothing

“Its the size of a lime” genos was told comparing to fruits would help with understanding.

“So? Good right?”



“Thank you”

“No problem. That’s what I’m here for buddy.” Saitama shifts his weight side to side “Besides” swallow, “I may have let it slip to Fubuki I’m about to be a dad.” Saitama does not want to look at the suprise in Genos’s eyes.


the stitch-and-bitch goups are like a pretty common thing among knitters and it’s like… really touching and powerful to me because it’s a space that’s predominantly (tho def not exclusively!) women where they’re engaging in the act of making while also like, fostering friendship with one another and supporting each other

idk i think there’s something beautiful about women gathering to participate in this task that used to be very necessary gendered labor but is now mostly performed not for utilitarian purposes but for personal fulfillment. like it’s a positive social experience that’s pretty much about women enjoying one anothers’ company while doing this activity that has a really fascinating and rich (cultural, social, and economic) history. and you have women of all ages engaging with passing down knowledge and the act of teaching which is always really cool

and i do think that knitting is kinda punk because it rejects a lot of capitalist ideas about how you’re supposed to spend your time. i’m a super slow knitter and i don’t mind because i like the irony of participating in work that used to be for production in a way that is now just about like, self-fulfillment (it eases my anxiety and i find a lot of personal satisfaction in the act of making things that weren’t there before)

also most compellingly for my motives in wanting to start one: there’s usually wine


NAME: Wonho
1. Birthday and blood type: March 1st 1993, type B
2. Attractive points: Voice, music, personality and body
3. Role in the group: Vocals, body, style, music composition!
4. Ideal type: Someone with charming personality and who can converse well with me
5. Favourite foods: Ramyun, protein, healthy foods
6. Something you’re obsessed with lately: Composing, dieting (I’ve stopped right now)
7. Attractive point of MONSTA X: Even from my perspective, our members have cool skills visuals and poses
8. A message to the members: Guys, let’s not get caught up with getting 1st place but let’s become the goup who enjoys being with Monbebes forever~!
9. Main goal: 1st place kekekekekekekekeke
10. A message to Japanese fans: Thank you for everyone’s love. I couldn’t believe it. I love Japan. I love Monbebe.

translated by 몬에기 ϟ take out with full credit.


The S4 always tend to use pale and bright colours, maybe so that they could represent the stars, afterall they are the star 4 goup, so in one hand we have those stars boys while in the other hand we have the funtom five which for what we’ve come to see use overall black as their principal color, so what could they represent? They are going against the stars, and also they come out with black outfits.

We’ve seen it before, Blavat told sebas that he’s like a blackasshole that gobles the light of the stars.

So maybe it’s like some kind of revenge from sebas and thus he’s made this boys the representation of those blackholes who will take the light (fangirls) from the stars.

Dan’s Livestream // 7.26.16


He had his sunglasses on 

“It’s ya boi DJ Howell”

“I just did it to upset you because you deserve it”

He put on the jacket from his video

He’s still sick

He has a busy week

His sunglasses say #TATINOF gotta get in that spon (they gave them to the crew)

“I feel like Phil’s initials should be ACE”

He has nothing against painting his nails and he would do it right now

He doesn’t check his indirects and doesn’t think anyone should


Sherlock season 4 discussion

“Pain and sadness and edgy blue color correcting” about Sherlock

He went to the doctor because his medicine hasn’t worked very well

They’re going to Australia next week

“I don’t want to snake shame anyone”

Everyone is spamming the chat with dab so he lowkey dabbed disgusting

He hasn’t gotten his haircut yet because he’s waiting for right before they go to Australia 

Phil told him to make the intro him hitting himself in the face

“When you’re Dan and Phil bloopers are content”

Justice League discussion

Eh by Deathgrips is hit favorite song atm

They’re watching Avatar and they really like it 

“DJ Howell it was funny… let’s let it die now.”

“Any attempt to analyze it is just hurting yourself” about his video

He forgot who made tour of my brain #phake

Toilet tag was a flop rip (not as bad as dogalikes though)


That Sweet Goup video that Nerdy Nummies 

“I can’t believe they cut my diss track from Hamilton”

He “doesn’t know” is Phil will do a roast yourself challenge

“Phil on the bed though. I apologize for nothing.”

They bought a kangaroo onesie and cork hats for an AUS TATINOF video that he didn’t use

He’s ditching TATINOF for a DJ Howell tour #confirmed 

Princess Productions is producing their documentary 

“Reflecting those moon beams back from my giant face”

He hasn’t listened to Hamilton yet because he wants to see it first

“I invented rap”

His favorite childrens’ book is either the Winnie the Pooh or the illustrated Chronicles of Narnia

He literally just punched his computer Dan what the fuck 

New gaming video will be either Undertale or Pokemon

DJ Howell will probably be gone by tomorrow

Phil can’t wink in case you were wondering 

The Phil bit took about 10 minutes to film because he can’t wink flop

He showed us a video of him recording the rap he was in the weed sweater

Life as a baby discussion (don’t ask idk what he’s on about anymore)

He doesn’t have a favorite cereal

He can’t wait for the new iphone to come out because “this brick is ruining me”

They played a card game at the barbecue they went to that was way too aggressive for his liking

“Don’t get Phil started on the dog breeds”

They did a photoshoot with Stand Up 2 Cancer today which involved painting and jumping

The Outfit is on his doorknob

“Flabby dabby ding dong”

Phil was in all black today which was just “wrong”

Talked about his favorite roast videos

They had to get their makeup done for the photoshoot

His Australia collection will be “offensive hats” like Phil’s magnets

Shoutout to Shitty Watercolors

Whisper swear

Pastel edits irl is a maybe

He promises that if either of them ever get their wisdom teeth out he’ll film it

It’s already been an hour wtf

He almost got emotional because he didn’t know if there would be a liveshow next week (there will be don’t worry)

“Sit on tumblr all day. You deserve it , You’ve made it through another year.”

“You beautiful nuggets.”

Mentions of Phil: ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||

Dog Walk
  • Someone mentioned how Rover isn't used as much, so I decided to make another Saigenos Household comic with Rover. ^ w ^
  • Genos: Make sure to stay on the route we showed you guys. Don't forget to disintegrate Rover's waste, and stay together.
  • Mini Genos': Kaay~!
  • -Genos called to the Minis as they trotted along together, with their dog, Rover leading the front. As they turned the corner into the next block, about halfway through-
  • Rover: [-pees on the guy's leg that begins to melt away. His urine apparently is super acidic.-]
  • -The Minis torch the sucker with their blasters until he is nothing but ash and melted goup on the floor. They continue onwards.-
  • -Rover poops right behind him. His feces contain a noxious gas equivalent to a health hazard rating of three.-
  • Dr. Frog: UGH!! GEH-HNNK!!...HACK~!!...C-CAN'T...TAKE THI--BWAAARGH!!!
  • -Three of the Minis take him out; one following up on the others blow. After disintegrating Rover's feces and burying it, they move on.-
  • Scootz: I AM-GYAARGH!!
  • Duke Onion: I--NAAARGH!!!
  • -A few blocks later-
  • -The kids come back into the apartment, Yon cleaning Rover up as Genos comes greets them and helps them out of their winter gear.-
  • Genos: Welcome back. Did you enjoy your walk?
  • Mini Genos': Yuup!
  • Saitama: Hm?...Seems to be a lot of smoke outside[-looks up from the TV-]...you kids better be careful on your next walk. You might run into some nasty monsters out there...

160301 Yibo to participate in the new movie together with Zhang Yixing and Krystal!

“Unexpected Love”, starring Zhang Yixing and Krystal Jung, begins filming!

Directed by Cheng Shiqia, the movie “Unexpected Love” that Zhang Yixing stars in began filming in Seoul today, with boy goup UNIQ’s member Wang Yibo and Park Inhwan joining in as well. Zhang Yixing showed some high levels of “affection” to Krystal on set; the sweetness index is going up! “Unexpected Love” is expected to go on screens in the later half of this year.

On 1 March, fashionable rom-com "Unexpected Love” officially began filming in Seoul. Director Cheng Shiqia and starring lead actors Zhang Yixing, Krystal Jung, as well as main actors Wang Yibo and Park Inhwan were all present. During the starting ceremony, it was made public for the first time that up and coming boy group UNIQ’s member Wang Yibo would be joining the filming of the movie, and the creative producers and investors gathered in Seoul to celebrate the beginning of filming. Zhang Yixing showed some high levels of “affection” to Krystal on set, making the sweetness index shoot past 5 stars.

*Unexpected Love is the official English name, Chinese name is “Shut up! And Kiss me”; the shooting have started today, March 1st in Seoul

Source:  新浪娱乐

Translation by @squarepaca