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Every so often I talk about how I used to paint. Oil paintings were my thing. I did murals for a while at one point, too.

Usually in response to this information I get, “Really?” Yes, really. This is one of mine. Pardon the weird angle. It hangs on the gallery wall in my house along with five others of mine.

Then people ask me what I prefer, painting or writing. I always say writing.

I loved painting, still on occassion sit down and whip something out for a project to help settle my mind, but where painting gave me the opportunity to snap an image, to catch a moment in time, writing allows me to create entire worlds in the same span of effort.


Ampersand House, Brussels.

After living in Sydney, San Francisco, London and Luxembourg, Kathryn Smith and Ike Udechuku moved to Brussels and created Ampersand House, a home-gallery where public and private meld together. The neoclassical house (where they really live) is located in the vibrant Saint Gilles district, and the interiors are in constantly changing as containers of art and design, vintage and contemporary furniture, objects and prototypes. Almost everything is on sale and used by the owners in everyday life as well as by visitors and collectors who can experience these design pieces in situ. Often, they invite gallerists and artists who present artworks and rare and unique furniture in their home. Kathryn and Ike still works in law and finance, but they now mostly operate as design advisors: they supports clients in purchasing art and design pieces and help them to create their own eclectic style.

Source: Ampersand House- Elle Decor Italia. Ph Mark Seelen


October 13, 2017

Beyoncé updates her website - SWEET SADIE

Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Blue view Sadie Barnette’s “Compland” (Compton and Oakland) exhibit at Fort Gansevoort Art Gallery in NYC (Sept. 13)

They got a preview of the exhibit before it was open to the public.

Harry Styles, 23


Prospects: One of Sony’s biggest artists of 2017, his forthcoming album is expected to shift millions.

He is about to make his acting debut in Hollywood film Dunkirk, alongside Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh.

Assets: A £4million mansion in Los Angeles and a £5.5million home in London.

Fleet of cars includes a £155,000 Ferrari, a Porsche 911, a Jaguar E Type, a Mercedes Benz and a Range Rover Sport. Has an art gallery housing around £300,000-worth of originals.

The Little Things

Summary: I’ve had a bunch of anons for some fluffy “How Dean and Cas got together”. So here you go. If Destiel isn’t your ship, skip this one :)

Word Count: 1200ish

Warning: Too much fluff, like two sentences of smut

When Cas became human, he had trouble adjusting.

Dean found him one day, frustrated and throwing anything within arm’s reach, breaking down because he could no longer fly instantly from one place to another.

“I feel so trapped,” he had gasped, wide-eyed and panicking, staring at Dean desperately.

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