#5ers check out our video for “Can’t Stay Away” with Bella Thorne


Yiiiieeeeeep! Can’t wait for this video! Hopefully we’ll get it SOON! :D
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You were having nightmares all night which resulted in no sleep for you. You sighed and rolled out of bed to look in the mirror. Just like you expected, the dark bags sat right under your eyes. “No, no, no!” , you slathered on concelor in attemps to cover them, but these were bad. Perfect timing to. You had a date with your boyfriend, gabe ,today and he would be over in an hour to pick you up. “There is no way I am going to let gabe see me like this”, you said to your self while picking up your phone. You dialed his number and waited for him to pick up. “Hey babe. I’ll be over in a bit. What’s up?”, he said cheerfully. You put on your best sick voice and said, “hey I can’t do today, sorry. I’m not feeling very well.” You could feel the guilt rising in you ,but you felt like crap from the lack of sleep and you thought you looked like it to. “Oh. Alright baby. Feel better soon okay? I love you.” , gabe said before hanging up. You knew you hurt him but you just crawled back into bed to try to sleep. You only got around five minutes of sleep before you woke up screaming again. “Oh my gosh babe are you alright!”, Gabe said, rushing into the room. You looked at him and collapsed into his arms, sobbing uncontrollably into his shirt. Gabe ran his hand up and down your back while whispering to you that its alright. After calming down a bit you finally told him that you’ve been having nightmares and that’s why you cancelled on him. “That’s alright baby I understand. ” “wait why are you here?” , you asked now realizing that he was actually here. “What? Oh I was gonna suprise you with soup and stuff to make you feel better , but I think you need some cuddles and sleep more”, he said while placing me under the covers. You gave him a small nod before yawning. He took of his shirt and pants so he was in nothing but his underwear. He climbed under the covers with you and pulled you close to him. You nestled your head into his shoulder while he sang you to sleep. Finally you were able to have a peaceful sleep with your gabe next to you, letting you know everything was gonna be alright.

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Flashback to my 49th birthday March 28th in NYC for #im5 meet & greet! @coleim5 @danaim5 @gabeim5 @im5band

It’s been exactly a year since I first met these lovely boys. Thank you @carla_kama and Jill for making that possible, it means the world to me. These boys are amazing and to say that I’ve meet them so many times and have basically hung out with them (the breakfast after the stand up tour) is a blessing. It’s been a great year with these boys in my life and I hope for many years in the future I’ll be able to call them “my boys”. ❤️❤️❤️ @danaim5 @coleim5 @gabeim5 @im5band


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Baby put it on me…🎶 I died… Again😳😲😍🔥 #im5 #im5band #ColeIM5 #DanaIM5 #GabeIM5 ColeIM5, DanaIM5, Gabriel Martin