Seeing Paolo at the airport here in the Philippines has got to be the most amazing feeling ever. I finally felt exactly how Paolo did every time I came back home to the US. It was such a great feeling seeing him after 2 months. I wouldn’t trade the feeling I felt once I saw him standing there with his whole family with a huge smile on his face and his arms wide open, waiting for me to just jump in them the second I saw him. It’s crazy,  just thinking about it still gives me butterflies.

Credits to my boyfriend’s brother Gian for catching these moments with my love!

A tad late on this but thanks to this girl for making my birthday weekend a memorable and great one! The surprise party she threw me honestly almost made me cry (but I didn’t lulz). Just the thought of it made it so great to be surrounded by the ones I loved and for her to prepare it on such a short notice makes her even more wonderful. Thanks for making this literally the best birthday out of the 16 years of my life, you are the greatest present I could ever receive. :)

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Hm, I decided to do an early 11 month anniversary video for my boyfriend. Also I thought it would help since we’ve been through a really really bumpy road this week in our relationship.

These clips are just videos/pictures I put together of me and him from our very first to our very last one we took. So enjoy!


“A day I will never ever forget”

Six flags, Great Adventure.

*Fireworks start to explode*

Him: *asks nervously and bluntly* Will you be my girlfriend?

Me: *in shock* wait what?

Him: Will you be my girlfriend?

Me: …. what? *starting to smile now*

Him: Will you be my girlfriend?!

Me: YES YES I WILL! *jumps on him and screams*

*kiss, more fireworks come in, & music plays, Fireworks by Katy Perry (perfect timing right?! lulz)*


Lets lay in bed together.

I want to lay beside you, hear the fast beating of your heart and your steady breathing. I want to smell your sweet scent and feel your soft warm arms wrapped around my body. Being beside you in bed is the most reassuring feeling I can ever find between the two of us. That special moment when we smile and look deeply into each others eyes is more than amazing to me, its breathe-taking. I would do anything to spend each and everyday like that with you. When I’m beside you its as if the whole world stops and the attentions only on us and our love. You are the only one who can see me like no one else can, and love me in mysterious ways. The feeling of being wanted and being safe and secured is how it is when I’m laying in bed with you. I love how I can lay next to you and already be so sure that I’m looking at the person that I know I will be laying next to for the rest of my life. It gives me a little taste of how it will feel like in the future, sleeping next to you and that's what I love so much about it. If I could, I would lay forever next to you, just staring deeply into your eyes. I would make it the daily essentials in my life, for you are my life. My world, and no one is as precious as you. You are the true comfort of a bed. Without you in my life, laying down will never feel as comfortable as it was when I first laid beside to you. Whether it be cuddling or just napping together. You’re the pillow to my bed. I would never be able to sleep well until your by my side because you truly are the definition of comfort in my life.

Lulz I’m a mess and I’m crying so hard, the both of us did. What was cute was once he let go of my hand he ran to his dad’s chest crying, then when I was 1 inch away from going through the gate he screamed out “BABE”, I looked back, and there he was right next to me and told me to kiss him one last time, crying and puckering up like the cutie he is, I kissed him and ended up crying even harder once I couldn’t see him at all, but I’m gonna try to keep a smile for the both of us. I miss him so much already.

Well now here I am, just waiting for my flight.

So, Next stop, college. Wish me luck!


This is how we spent our 4th month anniversary. To be honest, it was quite different than all the other months we’ve celebrated. For each anniversary so far we were able to spend it together, but since we are now more than a thousand miles apart it is completely impossible for us to be able to go out on dates, but you know what, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Sharing smiles and laughs is all we need to get by on our 4th month. It is a lonely feeling I’d have to admit, but just the fact that we know that we’ve made it to our 4th month is what keeps us happy. It turned from picnic baskets and romantic dates to just sitting on the computer and talking about everything all at once, it isn’t much but I still loved every single bit of it. What was cool though is that we both dressed up as if we were actually going out to celebrate it this time, I thought it was pretty cute. I am just so thankful to have my boyfriend in my life and I’m always blessed that he has my back at all times. I could not have been more satisfied with how we celebrated our 4 months today. It was worth it. He is worth it. This relationship is worth it. & I hope for many many more to come.

Happy 4 months babe! I love you :)


“No one else comes close”

I’m not sure why I had the sudden urge to write about us babe, but I’m on such a love high. I’m currently listening to wedding/love songs and this one song really hit me. I ended up tearing up because of how much love is flowing through me at this moment. I heard it when we were webcamming just a few minutes ago, and you were slowly falling asleep, which made it even more cuter for me to look at. You know, even though I’ll be gone for 4 years from you because of college, I believe that our love is very strong enough to conquer that obstacle. I cannot picture myself with anyone besides you, and that's why the song I was listening to made it very relate-able to how I felt. Babe we have been through so much within a matter of just a few months, but somehow it has felt like years of hard commitment, dedication, and love that we have put into this relationship. The way you love me is indescribable and the feeling I get with you is nothing I have ever felt before. You lighten up my life, as I have told you plenty of times, and you are able to do it even with just one smile. Days without you will be hard, but we can do this. After all of this, the wait will be worth it, and I will finally be in your arms again for good this time. We can do this, as long as we put all of our love into it. I know we can. No matter how many thank you’s I will ever give to you, It will never equal to the amount of hardship, love, and commitment you put towards me. You never gave up on me, even at my worse. It’s amazing how you do that. You’re really stubborn, but that’s why I love you so much. That is why your my best friend. That is why you are my Boyfriend. As corny as it may sound, you complete me.

Ps. the song was “Joe - No One Else Comes Close”


I miss your arms around me, seeing you every Friday, or on just random days of the week. I miss our dates together, how we’d randomly slow dance at any place, at any time. I miss your multiple kisses on my cheek that I never get tired of, or when you bite my top and bottom lip and it would hurt alot for a good second but I’d just laugh it off and ask for more. I miss how we’d make fun of each other, I play hard to get and get “mad” and you chase right after me. I miss your scent, your laugh, your big pearly white smile. I miss when our legs touch, arms touch, lips touch, nose touch, and when our eyes meet with each other. The closeness we have is just indescribable. I miss the feeling of just being around you in general, I know I’m only going to be away from you for a month but a month seems like forever in my point of view. But its okay, because you mean so much so me and I’m willing to wait for a life time. We got this babe, right? Its just vacation and sooner or later I’ll be running right back into your arms. I promise you and I will work out, no matter what the obstacle is.