“If Wright is flight, and Edison is light, then Hopper is code.” - President Barack Obama

“On what would have been her 110th birthday, we’re celebrating Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (December 9, 1906 - January 1, 1992).

“Known as ‘Amazing Grace’ and 'the first lady of software,’ Hopper was at the forefront of computers and programming development from the 1940s through the 1980s. Her work helped make coding languages more practical and accessible, and she created the first compiler, which translates source code from one language into another.

She taught mathematics as an associate professor at Vassar College before joining the United States Naval Reserve as a lieutenant (junior grade) during World War II, where she became one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer and began her lifelong leadership role in the field of computer science.” Hopper was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously by President Obama on November 22, 2016.”

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Capt. Grace Hopper, then head of the Navy Programming Language Section of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, discusses a phase of her work with a staff member in August 1976. (U.S. Navy photo by PH2 David C. MacLean/Released)

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Happy 201st Birthday Ada Lovelace! Learn about Ada & her not-so-ordinary life in the final episode of our Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History series. 

Nelly Sachs (1891-1970) was a Swedish poet and playwright of Jewish-German origins who won the 1966 Nobel Prize for Literature. She is best known for voicing her experiences of persecution and terror as a German Jew during World War II.

At the onset of the war, she managed to flee with her mother on the last flight from Germany to Sweden, where she settled and lived for the rest of her life. She received the Nobel Prize for her writing which ‘represented the tragedy of the Jewish people’. In 1961 she was the first winner of a literary prize awarded biannually in Germany, the Nelly Sachs Prize, which bears her name.

As women, we have to start appreciating our own worth and each other’s worth. Seek out strong women to befriend, to align yourself with, to learn from, to collaborate with, to be inspired by, to support, and enlightened by.

I prefer a respected candy. F**k off with your “women are dirty candy” bullsh-t metaphors.

I recently followed United Muslims of America on Facebook because I saw anti-stereotype and anti-Islamophobia content on their page and thought I might come across good content for sharing on this blog. 

Then today I saw this post. This is not to single out one community, as sexism and misogyny are common among many religions and their followers, but I’m sharing because it “bugged” me and it’s yet another reminder of #WhyWeNeedFeminism. 

Many commenters are criticizing the graphic, feel free to join them!

Madonna Delivers Her Blunt Truth During Fiery, Teary Billboard Women In Music Speech
Madonna -- a global icon who extended her record as the highest-grossing female touring artist of all time in 2016 -- was honored as Woman of the Year at Billboard's Women In Music 2016 event on Friday (Dec. 9).

Madonna, unsurprisingly, stole the show the moment she took the stage. Her weapon? Something you can’t contain, fake, reproduce or put a price on: Blunt, personal truth.

After opening with a joke – “I always feel better with something hard between my legs” Madonna said, straddling the microphone stand – she got candid very quickly.

“I stand before you as a doormat. Oh, I mean, as a female entertainer,” Madonna said. “Thank you for acknowledging my ability to continue my career for 34 years in the face of blatant sexism and misogyny and constant bullying and relentless abuse.”

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so sanvers fandom that have a lot of clexa fans is saying that floriana lima is a poc when she is a white italian,but Always are saying that bob morley a biracial poc is white playing a white character,can't relate.

White feminists everywhere ruining my fandoms ugh this is so annoying!  Denying a MoC is a MoC and claiming a white Italian that steals latinx PoC roles is WoC.  So gross.

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The seven-year-old boy that I babysit is obsessed with Ghostbusters - the new one. The other day, after seeing a giant picture of Kate McKinnon on a bus ad, he started to laugh and told me that he thinks she’s one of the craziest actresses he’s ever seen. I replied, “She’s my favorite, I love everything she does.” He just looked at me and goes, “Of course you love her” in a way that I interpreted as like, everyone should love Kate McKinnon.

It’s a Wonderful Life When You’re Married

I’m watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” on TV.  It’s towards the end of the movie and George, realizing he no longer exists, demands of the angel Clarence to tell him where his wife is.

Clarence: You won’t like it!  I’m not supposed to tell!

George:TELL ME!

Clarence: She’s an old maid! She never married!

George: *Shoulders fall*

George: *Look of horrible sadness fills his eyes*

George *Realizes the worst fate that can ever befall a woman has befallen Mary because he was not born to give her life meaning and purpose*

This is right after he realizes his not existing also caused his brother to die young and also caused the death of many men in WWII.  He’s also horrified by this (rightfully so).

His old maid, could have been wife’s image is completed with clunky shoes and glasses… the sign of any unhappy, unloved woman.

The death of many men is equal to a woman growing old alone in Bedford Falls.