Let Love In:

This morning, I was sitting at work taking a break from entering contracts and numbers in the computer, and I decided to log onto Tumblr and scroll on through. I came up the usual posts on my dash of fashion, and jokes, and Glee fandom. Then, I found another post…it was from Dianna Agron, some may know her as Quinn from Glee. Her post was all about why she wore the “LIKES GIRLS” shirt at last night’s Glee Live performance. I sat at my desk and I read this essay like post she wrote and at the end she encouraged everybody to post something or reblog something that shared in the same message. So…here I am, and here is my, I guess you’d say response?:

Dianna is right. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it. And, I admire her for doing what she did, it shows courage and strength.

We are all people and we all have flaws and we all have our weaknesses and our strengths. To not accept somebody because of who they are, is probably the worst thing you can ever do to that person. Who we are is “it”. We walk through life, we have our friends, our families, our jobs, our passions, and all of this makes up who we are. If someone were to judge that or diminish it and who we are, they diminish us, they diminish everything we choose to be, and everything we want to be.

Predjuice is wrong. I’ve never believed in it, and I will never believe in it. I understand, that certain generations feel differently, and certain people say things that others may deem inappropriate. I will be the first to say that I do know people who can take certain jokes too far, or can say certain things that are hurtful or just wrong. But, I will also be the first to say that I know those people on a personal level and I know they are good hearted people, that’s who they are. And yes, while I may not agree with certain beliefs of their’s, I don’t diminish or judge who they are. It is the same with someone who is gay, or bi, or a lesbian. Maybe you don’t agree with their beliefs, but to judge them for who they are…to make them seem like less of a person…that’s unfair and wrong.

Personally, I love the gay community and for people to still be judging and hating on them, in this day in age, in 2011; when we have smart phones with the capacity to tweet,text,call and web surf; when we have airplanes that can get us across the world in less than a day; when we have GPS that can help us when we are lost; to still be judging people, is wrong.

I understand some people believe what they believe and will say what they say, that doesn’t mean I have to agree with it though. Love is love, no matter the person or the situation. While, yeah, I’m straight and I probably don’t understand the attraction any other way, I still respect it.

Recently, I’ve been feeling very “inspirational quote-y”. That’s not a word, but I assume you all know what I mean. Most of my quotes have been about embracing life and doing what you love. But the quotes are also about love and life and who we are, and I think those quotes fit perfectly for this situation. We should love everybody as they are.

I want people to respect me and love me for who I am. I am an Italian girl. But this is just my label. It is not who I am, at my core. I am more than an Italian girl from New York. I have many different layers of who I am, as does everybody else. We should love all the layers of everybody, and not judge them for one part of who they are, but instead love them for the whole package. Someone who is gay, still has many other parts of them, and to judge them for that and not accept that is hurtful.

A song that comes to mind, as ironic as this may be, is “Human” by Darren Criss. The last part on the chorus is the line I am talking about, when he sings, “…that just makes me a dumb human, like you.” I love this line, not only for this scenario, but for my own life, and everyone’s life. We are all human, and that’s it. We all make mistakes, we all have our own beliefs, our own passions, we are human.

In conclusion, I really don’t know if this makes any sense. I just saw Dianna’s post and honestly got inspired to write a little something on my blog. I don’t expect anyone to read this or “like” this or “reblog” this…I just wanted to have my piece out there, in the universe, if you will. Hate is wrong, judgement is wrong, and we should learn to love each other’s perfections and imperfections.

I think Ke$ha said it best, “We R Who We R”, sure the song is about partying and throwing glitter on the floor, but the message is all the same. We are who we are, whether you’re gay, or straight, or any of the other millions of categories we all fit into. Let Love In.