Last long before next week’s Hypo Half. Had a crazy time on the icy paths. Should’ve worn skates finished January running everyday for a total of 182km. Feeling strong. #🏃🏾💨
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After about 2 hours, here is the finished creation! She turned out beautiful! The facilitator said it was the first bowl made out of sweet gum this year! Lots of ooos and ahhhs. Think I found a new passion. #sweetgum #bowlsforgood #feedingamerica #woodcraft #woodturning #woodenbowls #canikeepit (at Morean Center for Clay)

Flint Crisis

“Providing relief for the disaster in Flint” | FeedingAmerica.org                                                    February 9, 2016 by Kelly Belcher 

“Have you ever paid attention to the amount of water you use on a daily basis?” This quote comes straight from the article “Providing relief for the disaster in Flint” (link attached to text above), and it discusses the ongoing issue of the lead corrupting the water in the area of Flint, Michigan. If you are unfamiliar with issue, the water in their tap was tainted and can not be consumed. Unfortunately, there is no viable solution for the near future.

My blog is mainly designated towards Hunger in America, however, I believe that this is a serious issue and relates to this topic. Water is a key source for life, a basic fact that everyone is taught at a young age. Water is used for basic cooking and is indirectly linked to huger. Without this basic necessity, families, especially those who are in poverty, may not be able to afford the substitutes. Being well nourished and healthy is just a small part in fixing the larger problems. This issue is not a small one, it’s a large one that needs to be addressed. People should be getting more involved with this and keeping themselves informed all around. 

My brother and I about to make a bowl for @feedingamerica thanks to @bowlsforgood. The idea is you go to their studio in St. Petersburg and and you learn how to take a chunk of wood and turn it into a bowl using a lathe. The finished creations are donated to charity which are given to people less fortunate. #helpingothers #brothers #woodturning #feedingamerica #wood #woodenbowls #diy #handson (at Morean Center for Clay)

On important topic. My children are my light and life, as I know are yours to each of you. Did you know that 1 in 5 children struggle with hunger in America? We regularly stop by food banks to to donate what we can for those that don’t have much. Anyone can be caught in a struggle. It doesn’t take a big commitment to make a big impact. Even a little bit can be of tremendous help. We collaborated with Feeding America campaign to raise awareness - please, join us and take the pledge to volunteer at your local #FeedingAmerica food bank by visiting FeedingAmerica.org/pledge. Together we can do much. The biggest reward is a smile they give you… 💖@FeedingAmerica#FeedingAmerica #sponsored #life ///////////

На важную тему. Мои детки - мой свет и моё счастье, так же как и для каждой мамы. В Америке , как ни звучит абсурдно, статистически каждый 5й ребёнок голодает. Мы стараемся регулярно помогать местным центрам для нуждающихся , даже если это совсем немного. Любой может оказаться в сложной ситуации - жизнь непредсказуема - но даже немножко может помочь тем, кто в ложной ситуации. На этой неделе мы соединили усилия с кампанией Feeding America с целью собрать средства и помочь , как можно большему количеству детей. Я понимаю, что ко многим это не относится, и люди страдают во многих странах. Но если вы в штатах, и если у вас есть возможность, остановитесь у любого лотка #feedingamerica , они есть повсюду. Просто копеечная баночка консерв для кого-то - ужин. С миру по нитке, как говорят… #помощь #детям #livingnotes

Me with Kevin Concanon, Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services. Department of Agriculture. #feedingamerica #breadinstitute #bread4theworld #hungeradvocate #idahofoodbank by dawncpierce #WhiteHouse #USA