@faux punk

Here’s a double review, because the same can pretty much be said about both of these albums.

Jay Som
Everybody Works

Infinite Worlds

What we have here are two indie rock albums featuring female vocals that aren’t bad in their own right, but both have the same underlying issue: There is nothing original about them.

Basically, what we are getting is some slightly punk-y garage rock sounds with breathy vocals, something straight out of a mediocre indie-teenage-romance film. 

Mostly what I’m hearing from both these records are stale versions of ideas from tUnE-yArDs, Modest Mouse, Courtney Barnett, etc. The entry-level indie rock are unsurprisingly loving both these albums, because they contain all of the things that entry-level indie rock albums should contain. 

For me, both of these records don’t really do a whole lot. They are somewhat inconsistent, moving wildly between ballads and faux-punk rock, attempting to cover every facet of textbook indie. But when you’ve listened to enough of those albums, they all pretty much sound the same.