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Raven and Chelsea looks from the very first That’s So Raven episode. 2003. 

Dumbass 2doc Headcanons

• Murdoc can’t express his love for 2D verbally, so he tries to do little things for him in place of saying “I love you”, like buying him sticker sheets, makeup, or hairclips he’s had his eyes on, or making him tea every night before bed.

• 2D drags Murdoc into candle stores to sniff every damn candle in that bitch. He always forgets that Murdoc’s sense of smell sucks because of his crushed nose and ends up sad that his boyfriend can’t give his opinion on the third vanilla-scented candle he’s waved under his nose that day.

• Murdoc insists that 2D sleep on the side of the bed closest to the wall so that if an intruder ever barged in, he could protect him. 2D thinks it’s dumb.

• Whenever they’re apart for awhile, Murdoc plays songs from The Fall at a low volume so he can hear his lover’s voice and feel a bit less lonely.

• Murdoc loves 2D’s eyes. He thinks they’re beautiful and mesmerizing, surrounded by thick lovely eyelashes that he could just stare at all day. He’s perfect at masking his fondness for Stu’s pretty eyes under his usual aloof expression, but every now and then, a subtle blush will creep up on his cheeks when he looks at him that gives it away.

• 2D will tidy up around Murdoc’s room because Murdoc often gets drunk, slips on some debris, and cracks his head on something and Stu doesn’t want him to get hurt.

• They don’t tell each other “I love you” very often. More accurately, there were a few points in time where one of them would say it, but the other wouldn’t, so they stopped trying to force it. It’s just not something they do.

• Noodle is always trying to get 2D to dump him, but he nervously laughs her off or ignores her for the most part. She gets so insistent on it sometimes that it causes arguments between them, with her upset over seeing one of her fathers in pain and him upset over having his choices questioned. They’re not as close since 2D started seeing Murdoc again.

• 2D’s always crafting new things and he usually gives his first finished pieces to Murdoc. Most recently, he gifted him a mosaic made of glass marbles and hot glue. Murdoc shoved it into the bottom of his “Rubbish 2D Gives Me” box and promptly broke it.

• The two are discussing marriage soon. Murdoc talks a big game about how pointless marriage is, but he’s secretly glad it’s going to happen, and he never thought he’d think like that before he started seeing Stu. 2D loves the idea of marriage, but despite waiting for it his whole life, he’s not as excited as he thought he’d be. They keep putting it off for various reasons, but they plan on having a wedding within the next couple of years.

• In preparation for the wedding, they’re taking couples dancing lessons. Too bad Murdoc’s got no rhythm and keeps dropping 2D or twirling him into walls.

• Murdoc’s hair isn’t long enough in the back to do anything with and Noodle won’t let him touch her head, so he likes to do 2D’s hair for him sometimes. Being Murdoc, he usually breaks out the gel and goes for a faux hawk or similar punk hairdos, but sometimes he’ll just do simple pigtails or buns because he think Stu looks nice in them.


“Pop Cou·ture"✨
Creative Director: Bristeves

Personal Styling: Bristeves

Male Model / Styling: Steven Young

Photography by Rob Simmons 

Behind The Styling

I based the concept behind this shoot around Black fashion today. It’s well known that Black fashion / music / culture heavily influences American Popular Culture. And what’s one of the biggest components of our generation’s way of finding new unique pieces of style?…. THRIFTING. For all those in denial, thrifting was ‘the thing’ before Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” made it socially acceptable to go out wearing someone’s granny’s clothes. Thrifting is my primary way of going about a wardrobe change, and this reflects the ‘black renaissance’ youth in its creativity. Thrifting just shows how creative our generation really is, our ability to take pieces and combine them together to make an influential style full of patterns and one-of-a-kind pieces.

I was lucky enough to have one of my favorite male trendsetters Steven Young  collab on this shoot with me. We both wanted to show creativity / style in the power of layering. An added shirt around the waist or a coat on top of another can speak volumes about your style. I’m not afraid of wearing oversize clothes or a weird one piece, as long as you can own it; do it. I’m all about stepping outside of the comfort zone with styles. Oversize fits are in and they’re comfy, please embrace it. Prints on prints is a YES, saying no to that $2 Tommy Hilfiger shirt is a NO. And the best part about being pro thrift is that it’s inexpensive! So if you see vision in a particular piece that isn’t all the way how you want it to be… cut it, sow it with something else and make your own clothes how you see fit. Me being a college kid myself, I can appreciate getting unique pieces in my closet (30+ pieces at a time) rather than going broke (for only 2 name brand). 9 times out of 10 you can find high end name brands in a thrift store or very similar pieces to something you’d pay an arm-and-a-leg for in a high end store.

My message? Be creative, be bold and thrift your heart out. Creativity is what makes you unique. Fashion in a nutshell to me is putting something together that no one has ever seen before. You’re not born with style but it can surely be learned over time. Each outfit is unique, and luckily today it is affordable. Express yourself. 

*Outfit pieces available at Value Village in Silver Springs, MD.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day 2: First Date

Not The Worst

As first dates go it’s not the worst she’s had. If it was anyone but Sherlock it wouldn’t be nearly as high on the list as it is, but hey, she never expected roses and candlelight and dancing.

Except there is dancing, if you want to call it that. Thrashing around in a mosh pit at a punk club isn’t exactly what she would have expected, but the call from Lestrade had been frantic and she’d said why not when Sherlock asked if she wouldn’t mind accompanying him and here they were. Sweaty, half deaf, bruised up…and grinning at each other like a couple of idiots.

Idiots in love, that’s what they are, and that’s why this is close to the top of the list of best worst dates ever. Sherlock looks devastating with a fake nose ring, black eyeliner (’guyliner’ she’d heard one of the other clubbers call it admiringly), torn black t-shirt and black jeans so tight they look painted on. Sin on a stick…and all hers, no matter how many others might try to catch his attention.

The suspect is caught half-way through the second song, the club is shut down for the night, and they spill out onto the pavement with the rest of the disgruntled crowd, giggling and making cow-eyes at each other. A woman with bright red lipstick and short, spiked blond hair tries to pry Sherlock away from her, but he deduces her unhappy marriage (”Go home to your husband, let him see you like this and he just might surprise you”) and hugs Molly closer.

They duck into the alley between the club and the tattoo parlour and Sherlock peers down at her in the near darkness. “You’re okay?” he asks. “We’re okay? I know this was supposed to be our first date, and technically I suppose it still counts, but I can try again. I’ll shut my mobile off and…mmph!”

His other, anxious words are cut off when Molly lunges up to capture his mouth with hers. When they part many long moments later, she smiles and (gently) flicks the nose ring. “My mum warned me about blokes like you,” she says with a smirk.

“Oh?” he asks, raising an eyebrow and smirking right back at her, his arms still wrapped snuggly round her waist. “And what did she say?”

Molly shrugs. “No idea, I never did listen to her when it came to men.” She tiptoes up to kiss him again. “But I can tell you this much: if you take me home right now, I can promise you you’ll get lucky. Very, very lucky.” She slides a hand down his chest and grabs his belt buckle, giving it a bit of a shake in case he’s inclined to mistake her meaning.

His mobile rings; without even glancing at it he shuts it off and shoves it back into his pocket. Dragging her by the hand, he pulls her back onto the pavement and flags a passing taxi. She giggles as he all but pushes her into the backseat and barks out her address to the driver.

The next morning she wakes up with her faux-punk boyfriend sprawled out in her bed, snoring peacefully, and decides that not only was it not the worst first date she’s ever had, but it’s actually the best.

What’s even better is that it’s also the last first date either of them will ever have.


The past few years, I’ve been wanting to do a self-portrait with full face make-up, but the struggle to do the things I love and I’m passionate about (because of depression) is so bad. I end up posting old stuff that I’m eager to do again.

I’m just proud of myself for finally making it even just for a couple of hours. My makeup skills didn’t improve, obviously, and I don’t even know how to do these new makeup methods like contouring and highlights. Nonetheless, I love how this turned out.

Hope I can fully cope up with this so I can go back to my passion. I wanted to draw and make clothes and crafts again. I wanted to do shoots where I can express my emotions with. I wanted to be happy again. Been suicidal for as long as I can remember, even when my life is good. Depression and anxiety have been consistent for the last 5 years, unlike the years before it where I can somehow manage to have some fun and divert myself from the being suicidal.

that whole mic forgetting hes a teacher comic thing is so fucking funny. the comic itself is really hilarious but also the fact that op drew art of a sidecharacter in an anime, but then over 100k people reblogged it, most of which have NO IDEA that the subject is some nerdy faux-punk 30 yr old dweeb… too muhc

yall hate faux ~edgy~ white punk bands until it’s 2am and u’ve been working on ur gay emo oc’s pinterest board for the past 6 hours and suddenly “it’s on my sleeve my skin will scream reminding me of who I killed inside my dream ” is the deepest sentence u’ve ever heard in ur entire goddamn life