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If requests are still open can I ask for josuke having a s/o who has an eating disorder and its in recovery but its struggling with that and how they look? I hope it isnt something bad, I have been having a lot of trouble with it and I still need to gain more weight, its just overwhelming, sorry ;-;

I don’t think this is bad at all Anon and I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling. One of the reasons I started this head canon blog was to reach out and comfort  people like myself struggling with all sorts of issues. So I’m more than willing to write this for you. if you ever need encouragment feel free to shoot me a PM! TW: eating disorders

Josuke Higashikata helping recovering S/O

- Is right by your side the whole time, being your protective pillar of support and encouraging cheerleader

- Couldn’t be more proud of you and admires your bravery for facing your fears and taking the path of recovery

- On the days you are feeling anxious and/or insecure about your body, Josuke would reassure you that no matter what you may think or feel that you are beautiful 

- But he doesn’t just give you these comments to flatter you, he means them. Believe it, this boy loves you and wants to see you get and stay strong and healthy 

- If you wanted him to Josuke is also a pretty decent cook. So going through several cookbooks, Josuke would help you cook healthy meals for not just you but for the both of you to enjoy together

- Josuke would also have no problem attending any recovery programs or therapy sessions that you may go to, holding your hand reassuringly the whole time

- Seriously he’s 100% 

Stay Strong Anon!

Mod Golden

How to Move Forward and Make the Most of Life

1. Pay attention to what bugs you – it could be telling you something important about yourself.

2. Don’t just live with blah or negative feelings. Decide that you will fight to have a happier life.

3. Don’t change or stifle your personality. You’re valuable and special – so be true to who you are.

4. Pay attention to your physical symptoms. They may be highlighting unresolved frustrations, pain that needs addressing, or deep unhappiness.

5. Notice where your mind goes when it starts to wander. This often gives you insights into wishes, hopes and dreams.

6. Be willing to acknowledge and face your fears as they’re stopping you from going for the life you want to have.

7. Instead of feeling jealous or envious of others ask yourself what is missing from your own life right now.

Be fierce. Face your biggest fears and don’t allow them to scare you. You are strong enough to overcome anything imaginable.
1025. The Marauders' nicknames were pranks on each other. When James first transformed, he had stubby, velvet covered horns and Sirius fell over himself laughing, because "shouldn't there be, whatcha call 'em, prongs on those antlers or something." Sirius earned Padfoot because he was the most graceless, half-grown puppy ever the first few times he transformed, and did not "pad" so much as "crash" everywhere. Peter became wormtail half because he had a deathly fear of worms "you gotta face your fears, Peter. Be a Gryffindor!" and half because the first time he transformed, he scared himself thinking his tail was a worm, and the other boys would not let it go. Moony needs no explanation.

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You just got off work, its late at night, and now youre walking home alone in not the best part of town. Youre minding your business when suddenly you see these six walking towards you acting rowdy and talking loudly about tax evasion. Do you cross the street or face your fears and take your chances?

“I went to Japan this summer and saw Finding Dory in theaters there, but my confession deals with “Piper” that was shown beforehand. For many years I suffered from a fear of flying, thus going to Japan which required 11 hours on a plane was the ultimate test. Seeing how the message of “Piper” was “face your fear and see the beauty/reward that comes of it” it couldn’t have spoken to me more, and made me even prouder for having managed that long plane trip.”


For: Anon

Imagine: Being afraid of Tobias hurting you, and when he sees it in your fear landscape he comforts you.

Trigger Warning: This imagine talks about physical abuse, so be warned.

You transferred to Dauntless from Abnegation a year after Tobias so he was your instructor. The moment you were told that you’d have to face your biggest fears as a part of initiation, you know you’d have to see Tobias hurting you. You had always been afraid of being hurt by someone you love and you’d been in love with Tobias for years as your parents were friends when you two were younger.

Ever since you had found out about the fear landscapes, you had been having nightmares about it, every single night you dreamt about Tobias hitting you. He’d tell you that he hated you and that you were worthless, then he’d proceed to hurt you, just like your family did. You knew he wouldn’t ever hurt you, but you still couldn’t help being scared.

You rush out of the training room after you finished, trying to prevent Tobias from talking to you, ever since the nightmares started; you had pushed him out of your life. You told yourself it was to protect him from being hurt, but in reality, it was to protect yourself.

“Y/N!” He rushes up and grabs your arm, “Talk to me.”

“Tobias, I have to go, please.”

“Why? Y/N, we were best friends for years and now you just keep avoiding me.”

“I don’t want to talk about it Tob-Four. Just leave me alone.”

It was the day of Fear Landscapes, and you were shaking in your boots.

You hear your voice being called, and you go into the centre of the room. Tobias injects you with a serum. Within a minute, you are trapped in a small room, and the walls being closing in. You close your eyes and slow your breathing and the scene changes, this happens seven more times, with bugs, drowning, darkness, and other fears. Eventually the eighth fear comes around, you are standing in your old house, and Tobias comes in, “Y/N.”

“Toby, what are you doing here?”

“You’re worthless you know that!” Your nightmare was coming true, “You don’t belong in Abnegation, you don’t belong in Dauntless either, the only place you belong is with the factionless!”

“Tob-” He then proceeds to hit you and push you to the floor. You feel tears streaming down your stinging cheeks. I need to get out of here, this isn’t real. “Tobias stop! STOP IT!”

Your surroundings disappear and you are back in the room, surrounded by spectators, you quickly get to your feet and wipe your tears away. Tobias walks up to you, takes your arm, and leads you out of the room, you were the last initiate to go, meaning you had an hour before the ranks were put up, meaning an hour with Tobias.

“Where are we going?”

“My apartment.”


“You’re scared of me.”

“I’m not, but you’re scaring me right now.”


“Tobias, I’m sorry, I’ve grown up being hated by the people who were supposed to love me most. You’re the only person left who I love, and I’m scared to lose that!” You blush, realizing what you just admitted.

“You love me?”


“I love you too Y/N, and listen to me when I say, I would never hurt you, and I’d rather die than let anyone else hurt you either.”

“Toby, I-” He leans in for a kiss. You feel ecstatic, and not even the worry of ranks can ruin your mood.

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